Chapter 52: I Just Came To Get Rid Of A Few Flies

Wang Teng followed Lin Chuhan all the way and noticed that she was just going home.

He saw her entering her house from afar.
Just as he was planning to leave, Wang Teng noticed a bunch of people walking over.

The leader of the group was a bald man wearing a black suit.

There were a few youngsters following him.
They looked like gangsters.

Wang Teng stopped in his tracks and lit a cigarette.
He stood at the side of the road and started smoking.

“What are you looking at? You little brat!” The bald man wearing a black suit saw Wang Teng staring at them, so he scolded him fiercely.

Wang Teng didn’t say anything.
He turned his head away.

The bald man wearing a black suit didn’t pester him, either.
He just walked into Lin Chuhan’s house angrily.

Lin Chuhan’s house was a three-floor apartment.
It looked really old.
The first floor was the shopfront, where they had opened a small convenience stall.

The bald man had barged into Lin Chuhan’s family stall.
He grabbed a bottle of coke and took a swig.

The middle-aged lady in the shop should be Lin Chuhan’s mother.
She stood at the side fearfully, not daring to say a single word to stop the man.

After burping, the bald man turned and looked at the middle-aged woman.
He said, “How is it? Have you prepared the money?”

“Boss, my girl is already borrowing money from our relatives.
Please spare us a few more days,” the middle-aged woman pleaded.

“Spare a few more days? I’ve already spared you three.
Is that not enough? Huh?”

The bald man wearing a black suit glared at the woman and kicked a box filled with candies beside him.
The candies instantly flew and scattered everywhere.

“I think that you don’t plan to return the money, right?”

“Boss, we really have no such intentions.
We just haven’t gathered all the money yet.
Please give us two or three more days.
Please!” The middle-aged woman got frightened and shrank in a corner.
Her eyes were red as she spoke.

“Stop spouting nonsense.
If you don’t give me the money today, I’ll destroy your stall!” The bald man didn’t show any intention of softening his attitude.

“This… you can’t do this.
Our entire family relies on this convenience stall for a living.
My daughter still needs to take her university entrance exam.
If you smash our shop, how are we supposed to live!” The middle-aged woman was so anxious that she started tearing up.

“Who cares about your lives! It looks like you can’t return the money today.
Do you think I’m doing charity? Hey, destroy this place!”

The bald man wearing a black suit arrogantly sat on the chair and waved his hand.
His lackeys were about to smash the shop on his order.


A voice came from upstairs.

Lin Chuhan ran down the stairs.
Upon returning home, she went to the bathroom.
The moment she came out, she heard the commotion below and came down in a flurry.
As expected, those people were here to look for them again.

“Hey!” The bald man’s eyes lit up when he saw Lin Chuhan.

“Why did you come down?”

The middle-aged woman panicked.
She hurriedly pulled Lin Chuhan behind her and said to the bald man wearing a black suit, “Boss, my daughter is still young.
This matter has nothing to do with her.
Don’t mind what she said.”

“I don’t think that she’s young anymore.” The bald man stood up, and his gaze roamed Lin Chuhan’s body, as if a wolf was looking at its prey.

Lin Chuhan didn’t back down at all.
She stood out from behind the middle-aged woman and said, “My family owes you 150 thousand, right? I can return it to you now.
Take the money and get out of my house.”

“Haha, you’re quite bold.
How can you have 150 thousand?” The bald man wearing a black suit gave a contemptuous smile.

“You little girl, we don’t have so much money.” Lin Chuhan’s mother frowned.
She thought her daughter was fooling around, so she wanted to pull her behind her again.

Lin Chuhan’s mother understood the bald man’s gaze too clearly.
They weren’t kind people.
Her daughter was just a high school student.
She couldn’t fight with them at all.

Lin Chuhan wasn’t moved.
“Give us the receipt for the loan.
I will transfer you the money now.”

“Did this young lady really manage to get the money? She’s so pretty, so there might really be someone willing to lend her money,” the bald man wearing a black suit muttered to himself softly.

He looked at Lin Chuhan’s beautiful face that was full of vitality.
His heart was burning with desire.
He immediately thought of an idea and sneered.

As long as you return the money to us, we will leave.
However, 150 thousand RMB was three days ago.
Three days have passed.
Let me calculate.
Now, you owe us… 200 thousand!

“What do you think, little girl? Do you have 200 thousand?”

“200 thousand? It’s been only three days.
How did it increase to 200 thousand?!” Lin Chuhan’s mother’s face turned pale.
It was hard to tell if it was because of fear or anger.

“You’re despicable!” Lin Chuhan’s body trembled in anger.

At first, they had only borrowed 100 thousand from these people.
Then, they told them that the interest for three months was 50 thousand.
Their family couldn’t afford to offend these loan sharks, so they bowed down to fate and went around asking for money.

But, after so many years, they had already borrowed money from most of their relatives.
All of them knew the condition of Lin Chuhan’s family.

Lin Chuhan’s father was paralyzed in bed and didn’t have the ability to work.
Her younger sister was down with a strange illness.
Only Mother Lin had opened a convenience stall to support the entire family.

Lending money to their family was like throwing it into a bottomless pit.
They might be able to return small amounts of money, but no one dared to lend them a huge sum.

A while ago, when Lin Chuhan took so much effort to put down her ego and borrow 150 thousand from Wang Teng, she thought that she could finally clear this bad debt.

She didn’t expect the other party to be so despicable.
Now, they wanted to add another 50 thousand RMB because they had delayed payment for three days!

“Little girl, don’t talk nonsense.
I’m such a righteous person.
How can I be despicable?” the bald man said nonchalantly.

“This is illegal.
I can sue you,” Lin Chuhan gritted her teeth.

“Go ahead.
I won’t stop you.
However, it might be hard for you to continue opening your shop in the future.” The bald man sneered.

“You!” Lin Chuhan pointed at him.
She was so angry that she couldn’t speak.

“It looks like you still can’t pay us back.
This is difficult… How about this? I don’t have a girlfriend.
If you’re willing to be my woman, I can forfeit this loan for your family,” the bald man sniggered and said.

“That’s impossible.
Don’t even think about it.
Even if I can’t open my shop anymore, don’t even think about touching my daughter.” Mother Lin was like a tigress exploding in anger.
She blocked Lin Chuhan behind her and glared at the bald man wearing a black suit.

Lin Chuhan’s expression had also turned ugly.
There was a hint of anxiousness in her eyes.
She didn’t expect the other party to have this intention.
She had underestimated the evilness of a person’s heart.

“In that case, we won’t be polite anymore—”

The bald man gave a sinister smile.
However, before he could finish his sentence, a voice sounded behind him.

“What do you want to be impolite for?”

The bald man turned his head.
“Brat, it’s you!”

“Wang Teng!” Lin Chuhan also saw the newcomer.
For some reason, she found a sense of reliance in her heart.

“Hmph, you know each other.” The bald man wearing a black suit squinted and sized up Wang Teng.
“Are you trying to save the beauty?”

“Save the beauty? Not really,” Wang Teng thought for a moment before replying.

“Hahaha, look at how timid he is.” The bald man burst out laughing.
His lackeys started mocking and jeering at Wang Teng too.

“I just came to get rid of a few flies,” Wang Teng continued calmly.

The bald man’s face turned black.
He was actually looked down upon.
The indifferent expression on this brat’s face irked him tremendously.

“You are courting death!” he said word by word.

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