Chapter 524: Uncle Hei, This Isn’t Like You!

“Cough, cough!”

Li Hei pushed himself up from the deep hole, blood dripping down the edge of his lips.
His expression was dim and desolate!

Looking up at the sinister-looking man in the sky, he felt frustrated, but he could only sigh in his heart.


He was getting old!

“Old Hei!”

General Shen’s expression changed when he saw the situation here.

“Where are you looking?” Liao Cha’s cold voice sounded beside his ear as a golden sword ray shrouded General Shen.

General Shen squinted and immediately retreated.


However, a few sword rays still slashed his clothes, leaving behind bloody wounds on his body.

General Shen glanced at the wounds, and his expression clouded over.
He felt grave.

Li Hei was already defeated, but he didn’t have a high chance of winning either.
Would Yong City really land in the hands of the Zhenli Clan?

If that was the result, he would be a sinner!

The next moment, General Shen’s gaze turned vicious.
The aura on him surged violently, and his power was forcefully pushed up a level.
With his face turning red, green veins popped out beneath his skin.
At the same time, steam rose from his head.
He had used some method to forcefully increase his strength.

Liao Cha’s gaze turned serious.

“I will come and help you after I kill Li Hei!” The sinister-looking man glanced at his partner before dashing towards Li Hei.

“Old Hei, run!” General Shen shouted in anger.
He wanted to reinforce Li Hei.

“Take care of yourself first.” Liao Cha didn’t let him go.
Sword glow exploded and cut off his path of retreat.


On the other side, the sinister-looking man appeared in front of Li Hei.
His gaze was cold as he slashed his sword down.

“I didn’t expect to die in the hands of a human!” Li Hei didn’t close his eyes.
He stared directly at the blade glow as it came down on him.
There was no fear in him, only regret and exasperation.

He regretted not being able to die on the battlefield.

He was exasperated because he couldn’t kill dark apparitions anymore.

In that instant, the scenes of his past battles appeared in his mind.
At that time, he was filled with aspirations and determination.
Now… everything was gone!

“Old Hei!” General Shen’s eyes almost popped out in anger.


Force exploded.
A frightening aura swept through the area.

Li Hei didn’t die.
Instead, the sinister-looking man in front of him was thrown back.

“Who is it?”

The sinister-looking man’s expression turned ugly.
He was thrown back by a powerful force before he could see who it was.
He found this unbelievable.

“The man who will kill you!” A cold voice suddenly sounded above his head.
An instant later, a glaring blade glow erupted!


The sinister-looking man’s pupils constricted into needle points.
He was submerged by the frightening flaming blade ray.

Along with an agonizing scream, the sinister-looking man’s body was chopped into two, falling to the ground lifelessly.
Flesh blood spurted everywhere.

The sinister-looking man was chopped at his waist, but he didn’t die right away.
His eyes widened in surprise as he looked at the young man gradually appearing above him.
There was disbelief on his pale face.

“How is that possible!”

Wang Teng’s face was expressionless.
He held Mo Que and stabbed it right into the other party’s heart.
He didn’t waste any time on his opponent.

The sinister-looking man was filled with frustration.

He was supposed to be the winner, but he died in the end.

His vision turned black.
He couldn’t accept his death!

Everyone turned eerily silent, including Li Hei, General Shen, and Liao Cha… All of them looked at the young man who had suddenly appeared at the scene.
They were shocked.

“Who on earth is this? He’s so strong!” Liao Cha’s gaze flickered, feeling afraid.

“Wang Teng!” Li Hei shouted with uncertainty.

“Uncle Hei, this isn’t like you.
Why are you in such a bad state?” Wang Teng walked towards Li Hei and pulled him up.

“It’s really you.
You…” There was a strange glint in Li Hei’s eyes.
Although he was filled with doubt, he didn’t say anything.

“Uncle Hei, I’ll get rid of these rats from the Zhenli Clan first,” Wang Teng said.

“Rats? Young man, you’re too arrogant!” Liao Cha was triggered.
His face turned black.

The Zhenli Clan claimed that they had grasped the truth, so they were above everyone else.
They looked down on ordinary people and normal martial warriors.
Yet, Wang Teng called them rats!

Wang Teng glanced at him.
He pointed Mo Que at the ground.

General Shen recognized Wang Teng too.
He was astounded and puzzled, but most of all, he was elated.

His strength was unexpected.
He had killed a general-stage Zhenli clansman the moment he appeared.
This was appalling.
However, it was a good result.

Now, there was only one general-stage Zhenli clansman left.
If he collaborated with Wang Teng, they would definitely be able to kill him.

“Wang Teng, let’s work together.
We mustn’t let these Zhenli clansmen escape so easily,” General Shen said.

Wang Teng didn’t say anything.
He just nodded.

Realizing the situation, Liao Cha’s expression changed.
He turned and escaped into the sky.

There was a chance of him succeeding if there was one general-stage martial warrior, but with two general-stage martial warriors as his opponents, he would be seeking death if he stayed here.

“Stop him!” General Shen stomped his feet and turned into lingering shadows as he chased after Liao Cha.

Unfortunately, Liao Cha had increased his speed tremendously and left without any hesitation.
His speed was astonishing.

Wang Teng snorted.
He shifted his body and disappeared on the spot.

Li Hei’s eyes popped out in surprise.
Wang Teng had vanished before he could see what happened.
His speed and footwork were amazing.

Liao Cha was confident about his speed.
When he noticed that General Shen couldn’t catch up with him, he heaved a sigh of relief in his head.
Scanning his surroundings again, he realized that he had lost sight of the young man.
His heart skipped a beat.

Damn it, where did this monster come from? Liao Cha cursed in his heart.
His speed increased a little more.

At this moment, the space in front of him distorted, and Wang Teng’s figure appeared out of nowhere.
He slashed his blade at him.


“Move!” Liao Cha squinted and bellowed in anger.
He waved his battle sword and wanted to force Wang Teng away.

“Big Dipper Flaming Blade!”

“Massacre Blade Conscious!”

Wang Teng didn’t show any mercy.
He released his sky-rank battle technique, as well as his massacre blade conscious.

His strength had increased exponentially from the past.
With his 9-star soldier-level ability, he was able to jump levels and kill a 10-star general-stage martial warrior.

Waves of massacre blade conscious invaded his enemy’s head.

Liao Cha saw a hill of corpses swarming towards him.
He was bewildered, his gaze filled with fear.
By the time he regained his senses, the flaming blade glow had already landed on him.


A shrill cry resounded in the air.
Liao Cha was killed by the blade glow.
His body smashed onto the ground.

The scene turned dead silent.

General Shen looked at Wang Teng as if he was seeing a ghost or a monster.

What happened to their collaboration?

In the end, you killed the enemy yourself!

And all you took was one move.
You killed a general-stage martial warrior in one move!

How was he supposed to feel?

General Shen highly suspected that his general-stage ability was fake.

At first, he thought that Wang Teng had succeeded in killing the first general-stage warrior easily because it was a sneak attack.

But now, it was a face-to-face fight, yet he still killed his enemy easily.

How powerful was Wang Teng now?

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