Chapter 521: Dead, Dead, Dead!

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The martial warriors were speechless.

Couldn’t he see how dangerous the situation was? How could he be so relaxed and still ask for directions?

Where did this idiot come from??

The person on top of the 8-star star beast frowned.

What was wrong with these people?

He was just asking for directions.
Was it so hard to answer?

This person was of course Wang Teng.
He had just come back through the dimensional rift.
He managed to find the coordinates of the Xingwu Continent through his spiritual pet contract with Little White.

However, the coordinates were for the entire Xingwu Continent.
It wasn’t the exact location where Little White was at.

Thus, even though he was transported back by the space array, he couldn’t confirm where he would land.
He wasn’t sure which corner of the Xingwu Continent he would be sent to.

Naturally, the martial warriors didn’t know this.
They just wanted to survive!

Unfortunately, the six-eye poison spiders around them didn’t give them a chance to continue the conversation.
They charged towards the martial warriors.

The 8-star six-eye poison spider king below Wang Teng almost turned depressed.

What the hell are they doing?

Do they think that I have lived for too long?

Don’t they know how frightening this person above me is? Fighting now is the same as seeking death!

I knew that these bastards had no kind intentions.
They want me dead so that they can change to a new king!

Why are there always people who want to harm me?

The six-eye poison spider broke down in despair.
He felt that this batch of subordinates was so hard to handle.
All of them wanted to usurp his throne.

Damn it, damn it, damn it…

It couldn’t care about its dignity as the king anymore due to its extreme fear.
When you should admit defeat, do it!

The six-eye poison spider shivered in fear.
It immediately gave a weak screech as it begged for Wang Teng’s mercy.

Boss, this has nothing to do with me!

They did it on their own.
Please don’t kill me!

Wang Teng felt the six-eye poison spider’s fear below him.
His expression turned a little strange.

It hadn’t entered lord-level, but it was the king of this bunch of six-eye poison spiders.
How could it be so timid?

On the other side, the martial warriors were appalled.
They executed all their skills and released all their Forces.
Their retaliation was powerful.

For a moment, all the six-eye poison spiders that pounced on them got thrown back.
Green blood and broken limbs splattered everywhere.

There were members in both teams that used guns.
The sound of gunshots echoed through the swarm, and rune bullets enveloped a huge area.
Holes formed in the bodies of the six-eye poison spiders.

The other members were in charge of covering them.
They killed the six-eye poison spiders that managed to dash out from the coverage of the gunfire.

Their chemistry was amazing.
As expected of a high-rank elite martial warrior team.

They had obviously decided to give it their best.
There were too many six-eye poison spiders around them.
Two fists were no match for four hands.
Besides, they had a limited number of rune bullets.
They had already used up a lot of their reserves during their hunt for star beasts, so there wasn’t much left.
They were running low on ammunition.

The six-eye poison spiders were hard to deal with.
Their spider webs were strong and there was mucus on it, which was extremely sticky and poisonous.
Once it got stuck onto you, it would be difficult to remove.

Hence, no martial warrior liked to meet this star beast.

The martial warriors had black faces.
They felt unlucky.

As for Wang Teng, who suddenly appeared, they didn’t think that he would be of any help.
His face was pale, and he looked weak.
How could he be a general-stage formidable warrior?

Wang Teng furrowed his brow when he saw this scene.
He needed to ask those people for directions and news of this world.
If they were killed by the six-eye poison spiders, he would need to search for other people.
That would be even more troublesome.

“Stop pretending to be dead.
Ask them to stop!” Wang Teng kicked the six-eye poison spider below him and shouted angrily.

“Screech!” The six-eye poison spider kind didn’t dare to disobey Wang Teng.
It hurriedly screeched at the other six-eye poison spiders.

But the other six-eye poison spiders were immersed in the killing.
They didn’t want to listen to their king.

There was more than one six-eye poison spider king.
The other two 8-star six-eye poison spiders had the same status as this spider.

They screeched angrily as they urged the six-eye poison spider below Wang Teng to stop lazing around and help them.

The six-eye poison spider below Wang Teng got furious.
It couldn’t command the spiders!

Those bastards wanted it dead!

As expected, it felt a frightening aura above it.
That human must be infuriated.

Wang Teng looked at the situation and knew that the six-eye poison spider below him was of no help.
He scolded it, “Useless!”

The six-eye poison spider shrunk its neck and felt wronged, but it didn’t dare to retaliate.
It was afraid that the human would step it to death in his anger.

Wang Teng didn’t waste any time.
He released his Imperial Realm spiritual power and covered the entire area.
Then, he pressed it down.

All the six-eye poison spiders felt an invisible force pushing them down.
They couldn’t resist at all.

All the six-eye poison spiders, including the other two 8-star six-eye poison spiders, lay flat on the ground.
They were unable to withstand the huge pressure.

Some weaker six-eye poison spiders even died on the spot.
Their hard shell burst and green flood oozed out.

A large patch of attribute bubbles appeared.
Wang Teng scanned them and felt slightly shocked.
He picked them up.

These six-eye poison spiders were poison-element star beasts.
Wang Teng received many poison Force attributes from them.

After he picked up all the poison attributes, he received more than 500 points of poison Force in total.

He also gained a poison Force skill, Poison Web!

This skill… Wang Teng’s expression turned weird.

Was he going to become spiderman?

Fortunately, the spider webs wouldn’t form inside his body.
The poison Force copied the traits of a poison web and congregated into poison webs.
This was a useful skill.

Wang Teng shook his head, finding it regretful.

His poison Force was only at the 4-star soldier level.
It was lagging too far behind.

Poison Force: 850/2000 (4-star)

He turned and looked at the six-eye poison spiders around him.
A huge number of them hadn’t died.
If he killed all of them, his poison Force could increase tremendously!

At first, he just wanted to save those people.
But this was a pleasant surprise.

When he thought about this, his gaze turned dangerous instantly.
The rest of the six-eye poison spiders trembled with fear.
This human was so frightening!

Suddenly, they felt a strong evil intention gushing towards them.
All the six-eye poison spiders started shivering even more.

The two teams of martial warriors were puzzled by this sudden change.

What on earth was going on?

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