Chapter 520: I’m Finally Back!

Normally, in the wilderness of the Xingwu Continent, their martial warriors’ wristwatches wouldn’t be able to receive any message.

But there was an exception.
If an important and emergency situation occurred, the headquarters of the different factions would activate the wristwatch terminal and use a special method to let all the martial warriors receive the message.

“Leader, what should we do?” one of the martial warriors in the Flying Eagle Team asked.

“Something big must have happened.
We must hurry back immediately!” Their leader was a middle-aged man.
He gave his order instantly.

“What about this star beast?” The other team members hesitated.

“Leave it.” The middle-aged man gritted his teeth.
“The emergency call has appeared.
We can’t waste any time.”

“Alright, we’ll listen to the leader.”


“Let’s go!”

Although they were a little unwilling, they still chose to give up.
They turned and rushed out of the forest.

The earth-element python was a lucky survivor.
It was puzzled and confused, though.

What is this?

They aren’t fighting anymore? Am I saved?

It shuddered and quickly scurried deep into the forest.
The outside world was too dangerous.
It should find a place to hide and stay alive!

At the same time, the other martial warrior teams in the Dark Mist Forest received the emergency call too.

All the martial warriors, whether they came from the top three martial arts academies or other factions, gave up their prey and rushed towards Yong City to gather.

They didn’t know what happened, but emergency calls were extremely important.
No one dared to neglect it.

The Flying Eagle Team met another martial warrior team along the way.
This was the Soaring Dragon Team from the Leiting Martial House.

They knew each other and were competitors during normal times, but currently, none of them had the effort to argue with one another.

The leader of the Flying Eagle Team asked, “Guo Long, you received the emergency call too?”

“Wu Feiying!” The leader of the Soaring Dragon Team, Guo Long, was stunned.
“It looks like you received the message too.
Do you know the reason?”

“We’re not sure yet.” Wu Feiying’s reply was short and sweet.

“Let’s hurry to Yong City first,” Guo Long said.

The two team leaders stopped speaking and dashed out of the forest together.

They were high-rank martial warriors, so they needed to enter deep into the forest if they wanted to kill 5-star and above star beasts.
Hence, it was a hassle for them to leave.
They had to travel a huge distance.

Also, they were rushing for time, so they wouldn’t be as careful as they were normally when they were killing star beasts.
This meant that it was easier for them to attract the attention of all the star beasts in the forest.

Of course, if the two teams collaborated, they would be able to get rid of the star beasts quickly.

“I know a shortcut, but it’s harder to travel,” Guo Long said.

“Let’s not waste any time and lead the way,” Wu Feiying glanced at him and said instantly.

Even though he didn’t fully trust the other party, in this emergency situation, he believed that the other party wouldn’t cause trouble.

After some time, they reached a swarm.

“Be careful.
This is the territory of the six-eye poison spiders.
Don’t alert them,” Guo Long reminded.

No one dared to put down their guards.
They immediately slowed down and tried their best not to make any sounds.
They also hid their auras so that the star beasts wouldn’t notice them.


However, things never go as planned.
One of the martial warriors stepped on something and gave a loud and crisp sound.

The martial warrior lowered his head and realized that he had stepped on a black… spider leg!


A strange cry rang out abruptly!

Everyone’s expression changed.
Guo Long cursed instantly and shouted, “Damn it, move!”

No one hesitated.
They instantly raised their speed to the max and charged out of the swamp.


More and more screeches came.
Then, many pairs of green eyes appeared in the swamp, coldly staring at the two teams of martial warriors.

Poof, poof, poof…

Hideous star beasts started jumping out of the swamp.
They pounced on the martial warriors.

“Six-eye poison spiders!”

Everyone was flabbergasted.

“Guo Long, is this how you lead the way? These six-eye poison spiders aren’t easy to deal with,” Wu Feiying scolded as he ran with all his might.

“F**k, if your man hadn’t stepped on the legs of the six-eye poison spider, we would have passed this swamp safely.
This path could shorten the time by a third.
What do you know?” Guo Long refuted instantly.

Wu Feiying felt a little embarrassed.
He knew that it was his mistake, so he didn’t continue the conversation.

The six-eye poison spiders waved their eight sickle-like sharp legs as they dashed towards the martial warriors.
They seemed to be walking on leveled ground.

The two teams of martial warriors had no choice but to retreat.
Amid Force explosions, the broken limbs of the spiders flew everywhere.

As experienced martial warriors, they cooperated well with one another.
The six-eye poison spiders might be hard to deal with, but in front of them, they didn’t have an advantage.

However, very soon, their faces turned black entirely.

More and more six-eye poison spiders swarmed up from the swamp.
They were everywhere, and they surrounded the martial warriors from all corners.

There were many six-eye poison spiders, and some of them were even 8-star and 9-star spider kinds.


Guo Long, Wu Feiying, and the other martial warriors swallowed their saliva.

We’re dead!

The same thought flashed through their minds at this moment.

“Guo Long, you put us in this dangerous situation! If we can survive, I’ll force ten bottles of liquor down your throat.
This isn’t what you should do!” Wu Feiying said furiously.

“F**k, ten bottles? Even if we can go back, I will die from all the alcohol.” Guo Long felt speechless.

“Leaders, stop quarreling.
We should think of how to escape,” their team members said bitterly.

“What else can we do? Fight!” Wu Feiying’s face turned grim.

“That’s right.
Fight!” Guo Long nodded sternly.


Everyone shouted.
Force surged out of their bodies as they prepared to welcome all the six-eye poison spiders surrounding them densely.

“I’m finally back!”

Right then, a sudden shout rang in their ears.

Then, a pitch-black crack appeared out of nowhere in the sky.
A figure crawled out from it and landed on top of an 8-star six-eye poison spider.

The scene froze for a second.

Whether it was Wu Feiying, Guo Long, or the bunch of six-eye poison spiders, everyone went eerily silent.

The martial warriors raised their heads and noticed that the person was actually a young man.
His hair was extremely long as if he hadn’t cut it in a long time, and his face was a little pale.
He looked weak and frail.

He was sizing up his surroundings with a look of happiness.

Huh? Yes, he honestly seemed elated!

The martial warriors were confused.

What is this?

This fellow suddenly appeared in this dangerous place, so he hasn’t grasped the situation yet, right?

What was with that look of happiness?

They didn’t notice that the 8-star six-eye poison spider below him had fear in its eyes as if it felt a terrifying presence.
It didn’t dare to move at all.

“You seem busy.
Am I interrupting you?” The figure opened his mouth at this moment.

Wu Feiying: …

Guo Long: …

Everyone: …

“Oh right, do you mind telling me where I am?” the figure asked them once again.

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