Chapter 519: Emergency Call

In the forest, a giant scorpion was fighting with a crimson male lion star beast.
When the scorpion heard the sudden caw in the sky, it was shocked.
It shouted, “Little creature, I don’t mind if you don’t help me, but why are you cawing?”

“Caw!” The crow in the sky cawed once again.

“What? You’re saying you felt his presence?” The giant scorpion was shocked.

This giant scorpion was the metal armor flaming scorpion and the crow in the sky was undoubtedly Little White.

Its appearance was extremely different from before.
Its body had grown much bigger, and its feathers had turned from pure black to red and black.
It looked divine.
At the same time, the aura it gave off was stronger than before Wang Teng left.

After swallowing the small Emerald Glazed Flame, Little White’s growth became frightening.

Wang Teng left Little White to watch over the metal armor flaming scorpion before he left, but he probably never thought that they would start working together in the end.

“Roar!” The crimson lion was furious when it saw the metal armor flaming scorpion ignoring its presence and even had the gall to talk to its companion.
It pounced on the metal armor flaming scorpion.

“You lion, how dare you sneak an attack on me when I’m not paying attention.” The metal armor flaming scorpion got a scare.
It moved its huge body to the side and swept its tail.
Green flames exploded, lunging at the crimson lion.


The crow in the sky launched its attack too.
A black flame engulfed its body and soared down like a frightening fighter jet.

Soon, a lord-level giant flaming lion died unwillingly under their combined attacks.

The metal armor flaming scorpion laughed.
“I have disliked this lion for a long time.
It always created troubles for me in the past.
I finally managed to kill it today.
Look, what did I say? With our combined strength, we’ll be able to rule this mountain ridge!”

Little White flew down from the sky and gave the metal armor flaming scorpion a look of contempt.

“F**k, little guy, what’s with that look!” The metal armor flaming scorpion was infuriated.

“Caw!” Little White spurted out a black flame from its throat and glared coldly at the metal armor flaming scorpion.

The metal armor flaming scorpion seemed afraid of that black flame.
It took a few steps back and said awkwardly, “I’m kidding, kidding.”

Then, it hurriedly changed the topic.
“Oh right, you said that you sense that brat?”

Little White glared at it and spat a mouth of black flame at the scorpion.

The metal armor flaming scorpion screamed in pain the moment it got hit by the black flame.
It rolled on the ground, but the black fire wouldn’t extinguish.

The black flame seemed scarier than the small Emerald Glazed Flame it had sucked.

“My mistake.
He’s my master, my master,” the metal armor flaming scorpion shouted.

Little White opened its mouth and sucked the black flame back.

The metal armor flaming scorpion’s body was burnt.
It looked a little disheveled.
A chill invaded its body, and it kept sucking in cold air.
Fortunately, Little White didn’t use its full force.
If not, this wouldn’t be all.

The metal armor flaming scorpion glanced at Little White and muttered, “He’s not here.
Do you have to do this?”


“Alright, alright, I’m keeping quiet.
I’m really keeping quiet.” The metal armor flaming scorpion had a thick health bar.
After some time, it was alive and kicking again.
It inched towards Little White and said, “Didn’t our master fall into a dimensional rift? I heard that place is extremely dangerous and all Forces and spiritual power are blocked there.
How did you sense him?”

Little White replied, “Caw caw!”

“The spiritual pet contract!” The metal armor flaming scorpion was enlightened.
Its gaze shimmered as it continued, “That means that he’s coming back soon!”

“Caw!” Little White was overjoyed, cawing happily.

“Alright, alright, since we can’t help him, let’s just wait here and not go anywhere.
Now, let’s talk about splitting this lion,” the metal armor flaming scorpion said.

Little White cawed.

“What? No, no.
You ate the star core the last time.
It’s my turn now.” The metal armor flaming scorpion shook its head furiously as if it had heard something unacceptable.

“Caw, caw, caw.”

“I don’t care.
If that’s the case, I won’t work together with you again.
I’m getting bullied.”

The crow spoke in its language while the scorpion spoke in its own.
However, they managed to converse quite well.
If Wang Teng saw this, his jaws might drop.

At this moment, in the void, Wang Teng sat on the giant rock with a hint of happiness in his eyes.

He felt it!

He really felt it!

Through the connection of the spiritual pet contract, he managed to sense a weak conscious like an extremely thin thread.

Wang Teng shuddered.
Almost instantly, he caught the coordinates.

He almost cried.

This was great! He could finally leave this damn place!

Wang Teng jumped up and circled the giant rock a few times.
He didn’t want to stay a second longer here.
He immediately started carving the space rune array.

His spiritual power surged out as he drew the lines on the huge rock beneath his feet.
Pieces of Force stones were buried too.

The complexity of the space array exceeded Wang Teng’s expectations.
Even though it was just a small array, its difficulty was on par with the large arrays he had created in the past.

However, Wang Teng’s spiritual power was in the Imperial Realm, and his rune mastery wasn’t low either.
Hence, the space array didn’t pose much difficulty to him.

Time passed slowly.
Runes started appearing, and the space array was gradually formed.

One day, the space array shone glaringly, forming a dimensional rift gradually.

Behind the dimensional rift was a path that led to the unknown.

Wang Teng stood in the array and looked at the completed space tunnel in front of him.
He took a deep breath unconsciously.

Go home!

The next instant, he stepped through the rift without any hesitation.

On the Xingwu Continent, near Yong City where the Donghai dimensional rift was, in the Dark Mist Forest.

The Flying Eagle Team was a high-ranked martial warrior team from the Jixin Martial House.
The six members of the team were all at the 5-star soldier level and above.
Not only were they strong, but they were also experienced in actual combat.

There weren’t many teams like theirs in the Jixin Martial House.

They had been in the Xingwu Continent for more than ten days and had killed many advanced-rank star beasts.
The harvest was good.

Currently, they were facing a 7-star earth-element giant python.
After a few rounds of fighting, it had suffered some serious injuries, and they would be able to kill it soon.

They searched for a long time before they found this earth-element star beast.
There was a high chance of it having a star core and star bone.

If they killed it, they might earn two to three billion.

However, at this moment, all of them received an emergency call on their wristwatches suddenly!

Their expressions changed slightly as they noticed the message on their wristwatches.

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