Chapter 51: The Interest Of The Two Bosses

While Fu Tiandao and Qin Hanxuan were chatting casually, the computer in the office gave off a sound.

“What’s the matter?” Fu Tiandao looked at Qin Hanxuan.

“Let me take a look.” Qin Hanxuan got up and walked in front of the computer.
He saw a message pop-up on his screen.

He scanned the message and felt astounded.

“Old Fu, come over and take a look!” he shouted at Fu Tiandao, who was at the side.

Fu Tiandao got up and walked over.

“This person became a martial warrior at 17 years old.” Fu Tiandao was also slightly shocked when he saw the message on the screen.

Upon reading Wang Teng’s name, he frowned.

“Wang Teng.
This name sounds a little familiar.”

“Oh, do you know him?” Qin Hanxuan asked in surprise.

Fu Tiandao thought for a moment before continuing abruptly, “I remember him.
A few days ago, one of my staff handed me a data report.
If these two don’t share the same surname and name, I think the report I received was about him.

“Open the surveillance camera to take a look.
We will know if it’s the same person.”

Qin Hanxuan operated his computer, and within a second, the scene in Wang Teng’s room was projected on the opposite wall.

“That’s right; it’s him.
He looks the same as his picture.” Fu Tiandao immediately recognized Wang Teng.

“Oh, right, what report were you talking about just now?”

“The report shows that this fellow rose from a normal person to an advanced stage in less than a month after he joined our martial arts academy,” Fu Tiandao replied.

“Haha, Wang Teng must have started his cultivation before he joined your martial arts academy.
Look at his background.
He’s the third generation of Donghai’s Wang family.
His family probably doesn’t lack resources and can let him practice martial arts,” Qin Hanxuan smiled and said.

“I think so too.
At first, I wanted to observe him for a while more, but he has already become a martial warrior.
It looks like he’s really a genius,” Fu Tiandao exclaimed.

It was rare to see a 17 years old martial warrior.

“Seems like there will be a black horse in the martial arts exam this year.” Qin Hanxuan smiled.

“Shall we take a look?” Fu Tiandao tried his best to remain calm and indifferent, but he did seem very interested in this young lad.

“Sure, let’s go together.”

Wang Teng didn’t know that the moment he became a martial warrior, he had received the attention of two bosses.
It was really scary!

Ten minutes later, the printing of the martial warrior identification was completed.

Looking at the black booklet in his hand, he smiled in glee.

Wang Teng wore his 3D Ultraman mask and left the martial arts association.

When he returned to the school, the last morning lesson hadn’t ended yet.
Everyone was still in class, so Wang Teng didn’t disturb the teacher’s lecture.

He arrived at the little forest and logged in to his Taobao.
He entered his martial warrior credential and placed his order.

This ‘Master Lu’ was quite interesting.
He didn’t allow his customers to place orders if they didn’t have a martial warrior credential.
You could be stubborn with anything, but when it came to money, one must be flexible!

Forget it.
Looking at the other party’s tone, he probably doesn’t lack money.

After placing the order, Wang Teng sent a message to hurry the stall owner: I’ve already placed my order.
Please send the item as soon as possible!”

Master Lu: Alright dear ε=( ́ο`*)))

The other party responded with one sentence.

After some time, the lesson ended.
Wang Teng met Xu Jie and his other friends in the cafeteria for lunch.
He also saw Li Rongcheng and Yuan Zhenghua, whom he hadn’t seen for a few days.

The moment Li Rongcheng saw Wang Teng, his face turned black.

After that day, Zhou Baiyun actually came to ask him about Wang Teng.

At first, Zhou Baiyun viewed Li Rongcheng with high importance.
He felt that he had a chance to win the heart of this third young lady from the Zhou family.
He had his whole life ahead planned.
He would marry a rich beauty and proceed to the peak of his life.

The Zhou family would definitely be a great help to him.

At that time, he, Li Rongcheng, would be a famous figure in Donghai City.
He wouldn’t just be a rich second generation relying on his father.

However, Wang Teng, it just had to be Wang Teng again.
This fellow had stolen the limelight that was supposed to be his.
Even Zhou Baiyun got interested in Wang Teng.

Damn it!

Li Rongcheng felt annoyed in his heart.

“Young Master Li, are you here for lunch too?” Wang Teng casually greeted Li Rongcheng when he saw him.

“Hmph!” Li Rongcheng scoffed.
He walked straight ahead.

“What’s the matter? How did I provoke him again?” Wang Teng asked Xu Jie, who was beside him, with a confused expression.

“Who knows!” Xu Jie shrugged.

During the afternoon rest time, Wang Teng went to practice in the small forest.
He only returned to the classroom when the lesson started.

It was the last day of the week, so he should give some respect to his teacher.

Three lessons ended quickly.

After school, Wang Teng got up and prepared to go home.
However, Lin Chuhan stopped him.

“You, wait for me.” She bit her lip and seemed a little embarrassed.
But, in the end, she still plucked up her courage and called Wang Teng out.

Wang Teng had already noticed that she was a little absent-minded.
Hence, when he saw her calling him, he stopped in his tracks.
He wanted to know what she had on her mind.

Lin Chuhan finished packing her bag and went out of the classroom with Wang Teng.

The two walked to a secluded spot with no one around.

Lin Chuhan started hesitating again, and her expression kept changing.
One moment, she seemed helpless, while the next, she looked resolute.

“If you have any difficulties, you can just tell me,” Wang Teng said in a soft voice.

Maybe Wang Teng’s gentle attitude had caused Lin Chuhan to cement her resolve.
She took a deep breath and said, “Can you… lend me some money?”

After she said this sentence, Lin Chuhan seemed dejected.
A hint of helplessness and bitterness flashed past her eyes.

“How much do you need?” Wang Teng suddenly felt something touching his heart when he saw her expression.

This girl had a hard life!

He believed that Lin Chuhan must have reached a state of desperation to look for him to borrow money.
If not, with her high self-esteem, she wouldn’t talk to him about this at all.

“150… 150 thousand!” Lin Chuhan found it hard to speak.
She hurriedly continued, “I know it’s a little too much, but I’ll definitely return the money to you as soon as possible.
After the university entrance exam, I will work part-time.
Once I have the money, I will…”

Wang Teng was a little dumbfounded.

He was a bit curious about the reason why Lin Chuhan needed such a huge sum of money.
However, Wang Teng didn’t probe further.
He took out his phone and said, “Give me your Alipay account.
I will transfer the money to you now.”

“…return the money to you!” Lin Chuhan heard what Wang Teng said before she finished her sentence.
Her eyes turned red, and she took a deep breath to calm down.
Then, she forced a smile on her face and said, “Thank you!

“I will return the money to you as soon as possible.”

She emphasized this once again, as if this was the only way she was able to keep the remnants of self-esteem left in her heart.

“There’s no hurry.
Just do what your strength allows.” Wang Teng nodded.
He scanned her Alipay account and transferred the money over.

Many things were different in this world.
For instance, Alipay supported transfers of large sums of money.
There was no limit to the sum.

Lin Chuhan thanked him once again and held her phone tightly.
The 150 thousand RMB felt extremely heavy in her hand.
Their family didn’t even have this much savings during their prime.

To a family like Wang Teng’s, a few hundred thousand might just be their pocket money.
However, many normal families might not be able to save this amount of money even after many years.

“I wonder what difficulty she’s facing.”

Wang Teng looked at Lin Chuhan’s back view as he wondered to himself.
He felt a little worried, so he followed her secretly.

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