Chapter 511: Space Rune Array!

“Oh my, so many rare treasures!” Wang Teng’s eyes were shining.
He was so amazed that he cursed uncontrollably.

He was rich!

He scanned the area with his spiritual power and realized that there were no dark apparitions guarding this place.
They didn’t seem to care about these treasures.

Wang Teng moved forward unconsciously.

He saw many different element energy stones of different sizes in that pile of treasure.

Metal, wood, water, fire, earth.
The energy stones for these five elements were the most common.

Then, there were green stones, purple stones, ice-blue stones, and many more.
They were lesser in numbers, though.
Even rarer were wind, lightning, and ice element energy stones.

These energy stones were giving off different intensities of light, meaning that their purity was different.

Besides energy stones, there were piles of star beast star cores in different colors and attributes.
The Force fluctuations were different too.
Some were strong while others were weak.

Wang Teng even saw star bones.
There was a small pile of it giving off a glittering shimmer.

Then, there were ores, spiritual flowers, spiritual herbs…

How much money were they all worth!

Wang Teng’s hands trembled unconsciously.
His breathing got heavy, and he took a deep breath to calm his emotions.

He would be disappointing his goddess of luck if he didn’t take these treasures in front of him.

He glanced around him before taking out a different space storing gadget.
He stuffed the treasures on the ground continuously into the space gadget.

At this moment, Wang Teng suddenly felt fortunate that he kept his opponent’s space gadgets whenever he killed a formidable warrior.
Normally, he wouldn’t need to use them, so he wouldn’t wear them on him.
He would throw them in his space ring.

By right, a space gadget couldn’t be kept in another space gadget.
However, Wang Teng had space talent, and he was a runemaster to boot.
Hence, he had his ways of solving this issue.

He created a rune box that could block off all space fluctuations.
He placed the space gadgets in the box before storing them in the space ring.
This way, there was compatibility between the space gadgets, and they wouldn’t reject one another.

Wang Teng was rushing for time, so he didn’t count the treasures.
He just swept them over with his spiritual power into the various space gadgets.

Finally, all the space gadgets were full to the brim.
He almost couldn’t keep all of the treasures.
Looking at the empty stone room, he clapped his hands in satisfaction.

Nothing was left!

This was a sense of satisfaction for cleaning a place so thoroughly.

Wang Teng didn’t linger any longer and turned to leave.
This wasn’t where the dimensional rift was.

He circled to another tunnel and continued searching.

After some time, Wang Teng frowned.
His expression turned serious.
“Strange, it’s around here.
Why can’t I find it?”

Time was tight.
If he didn’t find the dimensional rift, the three general-stage vampires might catch him when they came back, like catching a turtle in a jar.

Wait, he wasn’t a turtle!

Wang Teng scanned the underground space with his spiritual power, inch by inch.
However, the spatial fluctuations were too scattered, so he couldn’t find a gathering point.

Hence, he couldn’t confirm the exact position of the dimensional rift.

I searched everywhere, but there’s nothing.
Could there be a hidden space? Wang Teng thought to himself.

Hidden space, hidden space… that’s right, it’s runes!

Suddenly, a thought flashed through his mind.

He stepped on the ground and turned into lingering shadows, dashing towards the huge stone room where he found the treasures at the start.

There were signs of runes there.
At first, he thought that they were protective runes.

After all, no matter how unconcerned the dark apparitions were regarding these treasures, they would have some protection after piling them here.
If not, once the energy in the treasures disappeared, they would lose their purpose and become real trash.

Thinking back about it, the treasures might be a decoy.

The next moment, Wang Teng’s figure appeared in the stone room suddenly.
He shifted his spiritual power to his eyes.
A ray of holy light shot out of his eyes abruptly as he scanned the room.

The ground, the walls, and even the roof… he didn’t miss a single spot.

Found it! Wang Teng suddenly smiled.

He went to a corner of the stone room and found some traces on the floor there.
With his experience as a runemaster, he finally found another hidden layer of runes within the protective runes.

The person who carved these runes must be an expert!

Wang Teng was astounded.
He stopped wasting time and came in front of the runes.
Frowning, he pondered for some time before he found the solution.

His rune mastery wasn’t just for show.

The carver of this rune was an expert, but his rune mastery was obtained through the collection of attributes.
Hence, his knowledge had no boundaries.
He was more skillful than normal runemasters.

He fixed his gaze and congregated his spiritual kinesis on his fingers.
Then, he stabbed his fingers forcefully at the center of that rune array.
The two fingers turned gradually in the rune like a key.

Suddenly, a mechanical sound resounded in the quiet stone room.

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
The ground in front opened up, revealing an entrance.
Dim lights could be seen underneath the ground.

“Indeed, it’s here.” Wang Teng’s eyes brightened.
He carefully entered the hole and climbed down the stone stairs.

The stone stairs were long and didn’t go straight down.
There were many turns.

Wang Teng was extremely careful.
He completely merged with the darkness and didn’t make a single sound as he walked.

Very soon, he arrived at the bottom.
A faint light shone ahead of him.

He saw a pitch-black and endless dimensional rift pasted against the stone walls.

Wang Teng was elated.

However, when he saw the extremely complicated rune array beneath the dimensional rift, as well as three old vampire dark apparitions sitting cross-legged around the array, his emotions changed.

“This dimensional rift is formed from an array!”

There were many kinds of rune arrays.
Hence, Wang Teng guessed that certain runes were able to create space power.

However, he had never seen it before.
There weren’t many runes that could form space power.
Also, very few runemasters could control them.

But the rune array in front of him managed to form space power and even created this huge dimensional rift.
It was astonishing.

He mustn’t look down on these dark apparitions!

Wang Teng’s gaze flickered, feeling emotional.

The dark apparitions’ history was too long, and they had destroyed many worlds.
The amount of civilization knowledge they obtained was frightening.

Most of the elite races valued their own old broomsticks, so they wouldn’t let the real profound knowledge leak out.
However, there would definitely be a bunch of dark apparitions that possessed this knowledge.

At this moment, Wang Teng was pondering to himself.
He scanned the three dark apparitions, and his gaze gradually became dangerous.

If he wanted to go through the dimensional rifts, he must get rid of those three dark apparitions.

The three dark apparitions might reverse the array after he went through it.
As a result, he would be crushed into pieces by the unknown in that space.

The last time, when Black Incubus Devil Lord pushed him into the dimensional rift, he didn’t know what happened.
All he knew was that he was seriously injured when he woke up.
It was pure luck that he didn’t die.
He didn’t want to experience it again.

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