Chapter 50: Congratulations To My Country!

Donghai martial arts association.

Wang Teng stood at the huge entrance and looked at the building in front of him.
The size had left him amazed.

This was a high-rise building with a sharp octagon tower.
The exterior was unique and iconic.
From afar, among all the buildings in this area, the first noticeable thing was definitely this huge octagon building.

A large crowd was walking back and forth in front of the building at this moment.
Many people left and entered the building too.

Wang Teng looked around him.
These people were all exuding a faint sense of extraordinary…

Most of these people are martial warriors! Wang Teng was flabbergasted by his guess as he exclaimed in his heart.
He was mostly sure of it.

This was the first time he had seen so many martial warriors.
Wang Teng got a little nervous.
He took a deep breath to calm his nerves.
After exhaling, he walked into the huge building.

When Wang Teng took a step in, many people focused their gazes at him.
There was astonishment in their eyes as they sized him up.

However, they couldn’t see Wang Teng’s face.
This was because he was wearing an Ultraman mask…

Everyone’s gaze was a little strange.
Some people indeed wore masks to apply for their martial arts credentials.
After all, everyone had secrets.
They didn’t want to expose themselves.

But, this was the first time they saw someone so strange.
He was wearing an Ultraman mask.

This person must be a joke!

Fortunately, they knew that no one dared to create trouble at the martial arts association.

Also, from the aura that Wang Teng released purposely…

They could discern that he was a martial warrior!

Thus, no matter how weird he seemed, no one would be so bored to create trouble for themselves.

“Hello, I came to apply for the martial warrior certificate,” Wang Teng came to the front desk and said to the staff opposite him.

The staff member raised her head.
It wasn’t difficult to imagine her fascinating expression when she saw the Ultraman mask right before her eyes.

She forcefully controlled her laughter and nodded sternly.
“Alright, follow me.”

Under her guidance, Wang Teng arrived outside another room.

“Please go in.
You just need to follow the instructions on the wall and operate the machine.
If there’s no problem, the system will enter your particulars into the system, and your martial warrior credentials will be out in less than ten minutes.” The staff raised her hand to signal to him as she explained the procedure to him.

Wang Teng nodded while listening intently.

After he entered the room, the staff closed the door behind him.

Wang Teng scanned his surroundings and saw a machine right next to the wall.
It looked like an ATM.

A sense of familiarity rose in his heart.

Beside the ATM-style machine, there was another machine that looked like the sleeping pod in fantasy movies.

Wang Teng had used the physique inspection device at Jixin Martial House before.
However, this machine looked much more complicated than the one in the martial arts academy.

Still, he knew that this was a physique inspection machine.
It was just a machine that was designed for martial warriors.

As compared to martial disciples, the physique of martial warriors would undergo huge changes.
Thus, their physical inspection was far more complex.

The production cost of this machine should be at least a few million.
It was more than ten times the cost of the physique inspection machines for martial disciples.

Wang Teng took off his Ultraman mask.

Based on the procedure, he came in front of the ATM-style machine and placed his identification card in the sensing area.

“Please scan your fingerprint and retina.”

Wang Teng listened to the instruction and pasted his hands on the two palm drawings in front of him.
At the same time, he looked right into the camera in front.

“Fingerprints collected.”

“Beep, retina scanning completed.”

“Verifying identity…”

Approximately three minutes later, the voice sounded again.

“Identity verified—Wang Teng, 17 years old.
Citizen of China.
No criminal records.
Clean background… Meet the 108 requirements to become a martial warrior.
Verification passed.”

“Please enter the physique inspection device for your physique inspection.”

Even though he knew that there was nothing wrong with his identity, Wang Teng was still a little nervous.
He only let out a small breath of relief when he heard that he had passed the verification.

He stepped into the physique inspection device next.

The device’s door closed slowly.
It started scanning and inspecting his entire body.

Wang Teng didn’t know if it was his illusion, but he felt as though there was an invisible hand touching him from head to toe.

At the same time, he felt his Force nucleus tremble slightly for a moment.
The Force inside received some stimulation and got a little restless.

The inspection ended very quickly.
The automated voice rang in his ears again.

“Inspection ended.”

“Wang Teng, congratulations on becoming a martial warrior.”

“The martial warrior credential is being printed.
Please wait patiently.”

At this moment, outside the entrance of the martial warrior association, a black sedan stopped slowly.
A man with spiky hair that looked like steel spikes came down the car.

It was the principal of Jixin Martial House, Fu Tiandao.

A refined middle-aged man came forward and welcomed him.
He smiled and said, “Old Fu, you’re really hard to meet.
I invited you multiple times, but you only agreed to come today.”

“There are many things to take care of at the martial arts academy.
I can’t leave as I want,” Fu Tiandao replied concisely.

“Seriously.” The refined man felt a little helpless.
He raised his fingers and pretended to tap the spiky hair man.

“Didn’t you say that you have prepared top-quality Jade Dragon Tea from Xingwu Continent? Hurry up and lead the way,” Fu Tiandao looked at the refined man sideways as he said.

“Come, come, come, I’ve already prepared it.
I was just waiting for you to come.” The refined man laughed.
He raised his hand and walked into the huge building first.

While the two of them were chatting and walking, there was an uproar around them.

“Isn’t that the principal of the Donghai branch Jixin Martial House, Fu Tiandao?”

“To see him once is better than to hear about him a hundred times.
His aura is overwhelming!”

“Of course.
Do you know how powerful he is? He’s able to represent the Donghai branch of Jixin Martial House.
Donghai City is a huge and important city.
This proves how powerful his ability is.”

“Who is that refined man? He’s actually able to invite Fu Tiandao over!”

“Idiot, that is the president of the Donghai branch martial arts association, President Qin Hanxuan.”

“Oh my god, I’m blind.
The real person is right in front of me, but I didn’t recognize him.”

“He is a powerful figure too…”

Discussions rang out in the vicinity.
Even after Fu Tiandao and Qin Hanxuan had left for a long time, everyone was still indulged in talking about their achievements.

Everyone knew about their achievements, but as the iconic figures of Donghai City, the citizens of Donghai City never stopped pursuing and flattering them.

Fu Tiandao and Qin Hanxuan chatted with each other as they took the lift to the building’s highest floor.
They arrived at Qin Hanxuan’s office.

The moment they entered the office, they could see an entire wall of floor-to-ceiling windows.

It was right in front of the entrance.

From this office, one could get a bird’s eye view of the entire Donghai City.
It felt like standing on the highest peak and looking at the smaller mountains below.

The coffee table was placed beside the floor-to-ceiling window.

“Have a seat,” Qin Hanxuan said casually.

“Your place is not bad,” Fu Tiandao said calmly.
He walked in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and gazed at the busy streets below.

Qin Hanxuan sat down and started making tea in a natural and graceful manner.
The faint fragrance of tea wafted in the room.

He said, “Sigh.
It’s lonely to be in a high position.
It doesn’t feel good to stay in this office every day.”

“Pretentious.” Fu Tiandao sneered.

“Nothing good comes out of your mouth.
Have some tea.
Have some tea.” Qin Hanxuan felt helpless as he poured tea for Fu Tiandao.

Fu Tiandao sat down and took a sip.
He savored it with closed eyes.
Then, he opened his eyes and said, “Indeed, this is a good tea.”

“Of course.
I had to put down this old face of mine before I could take some tea from the governor,” Qin Hanxuan said proudly.

“Where is Governor Jiang now?” Fu Tiandao raised his eyebrows and asked.

“The last time I saw him, Governor Jiang was preparing to break through to the general stage.” Qin Hanxuan turned serious.

“Oh? Is he confident?” Fu Tiandao’s expression changed, and he asked anxiously.

“Based on what he said, he’s around 60% confident,” Qin Hanxuan replied.

“60%? That’s too low.
Why didn’t he wait for a while longer?” Fu Tiandao frowned and took a deep breath.

“I heard that Governor Li of Jinlin has already reached general-stage half a month ago.” Qin Hanxuan suddenly dropped an atom bomb.

“What! Are you serious?” Fu Tiandao jumped to his feet.

“Sit down; sit down.
Of course, it’s real.
Do you think I will make such a mistake?” Qin Hanxuan rolled his eyes.

“We have another general now.
Congratulations to my country!” Fu Tiandao’s eyes were shimmering.

“It’s indeed a matter worth celebrating.” Qin Hanxuan nodded in agreement.

“However, Governor Jiang is too reckless.
How could he act on impulse?” Fu Tiandao changed the topic back.
He seemed a little worried.

“You know that those two have been arch enemies since they were in university.
They fought for their entire life.
How could Governor Jiang take this matter calmly?” Qin Hanxuan explained with a bitter smile.

“That is true.” Fu Tiandao couldn’t do anything either.

“I hope that Governor Jiang will be able to get through this obstacle smoothly.
At that time, Donghai will be able to have another general-stage martial warrior…”

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