Chapter 508: Vampire Race Ciphertext And Shadow Merging Secret Skill

Luck: 36 (Limit of a normal person: 10)

Heart Of Zhongyan: 35/10000

After sending the mixed-bloods from the Zhongyan clan away, Wang Teng took a look at his attributes panel and felt extremely satisfied.

Sometime later, Kun Shan came back.
His face was a little swollen and he was looking at Wang Teng as if he were a devil.

His clansmen were bruised and swollen just like him.

Was it worth ten dark Force stones?

It was worth it!

The status of mixed-bloods in Darkland was very low.
It was very hard for them to earn dark Force stones.

Even if these mixed-bloods possessed strong abilities, they wouldn’t be able to get the treatment they deserved.
It was normal for some pure-bloods to catch these mixed-bloods and turn them into slaves.

Hence, to them, the seemingly ‘brutal’ request by Wang Teng wasn’t that hard to accept.

Some mixed-bloods even thought that this vampire was a fool.
If not, why would he do something so stupid?

In summary, both sides felt that the other was stupid, and both sides got what they wanted.
It was a win-win situation.

At night, in the hotel room, Wang Teng experimented with the effects of the Heart Of Zhongyan after his points had increased.
He was gathering rocks and soils around his body.
At this point, he was able to cover all his limbs, and the power was naturally a few times stronger than before.

But that was it.
With his current ability, this level of stone armor wasn’t of much use.
It might not be able to withstand a blow from a 9-star soldier-level warrior.

Little Zi Ye looked at him with interest at the side.
She felt curious and wanted to learn it too.

Wang Teng looked at her expression and smiled.
Waving at her, he asked, “Do you want to learn?”

Little Zi Ye nodded.

“I’ll teach you.
However, I won’t teach you this one.
I’ll teach you other skills,” Wang Teng said.

Zi Ye had been following him for the past few days.
Wang Teng noticed that she seemed reliant on him and also discovered her luck talent.
Thus, he decided to groom her properly.
He believed she would offer great help to him in the future.

Wang Teng was never stingy towards the people he trusted and who followed him.

“Let’s start from the basics.
We’ll take one step at a time.” Wang Teng started guiding Zi Ye.

Zi Ye’s talent exceeded Wang Teng’s expectations.
She understood most of the things after learning them once, and her progress was astonishing.
It wouldn’t take long for her to cross the martial disciple gate and become a martial warrior.

Two hours later, she was in deep sleep.
Wang Teng looked at her and smiled like a father.
Then, he closed his eyes and immersed himself in his own cultivation.

The sky was pitch-black.
The pale red moonlight shone in through the window.
Suddenly, a shadow started moving in one of the dark corners.

The shadow created by the moonlight suddenly elongated and expanded.
It started baring its teeth and brandishing its claws…

Everything happened silently.

Wang Teng’s eyes were closed.
His expression was calm, and he seemed focused on his cultivation.

Suddenly, the shadow on the ground stood up and pounced on Wang Teng.

Wang Teng opened his eyes instantaneously, a sharp gaze shooting out from the depth of his eyes.
His spiritual power stabbed out like a real dagger.

The black shadow froze for a second.

The next moment, Wang Teng acted at the speed of lightning and punched the black shadow.


The black shadow flew out instantly.
However, when he slammed into the wall, he merged into the darkness and disappeared.

Wang Teng stood up and scanned the calm surroundings.
Little Zi Ye woke up in shock, staring at him in a daze.

“Wait here,” Wang Teng said.


The shadow lunged at him from another corner.
The sharp claws formed from shadows glimmered with a red glow.
It was aimed at Wang Teng, wanting to tear him apart.

Wang Teng looked at him intently and activated his Eight Level Devil Scripture.
His entire body was covered with black light, mysterious black patterns dotting his entire skin.
In the Darkland, he could finally execute his dark skills to the fullest.

Then, he released his fist.


A frightening power exploded instantly.

“Ah!” The black shadow gave a shrill scream.
It exploded, and a figure fell out from within, slamming heavily onto the wall.

It was an old vampire!

Flabbergasted, he looked at Wang Teng in disbelief.
“You’re not at the 9-star soldier level.
You’re at the general stage.
Who on earth are you?”

“You have so much bullshit.” Wang Teng strode forward and clawed at the dark apparition’s throat.

The expression on the vampire’s face changed.
Black light shimmered around him.
He wanted to sneak away.

“Trying to escape?” Wang Teng sneered.
He appeared in front of him and grabbed his throat.

The black light around the dark apparition dissipated and couldn’t congregate again.
The vampire’s face turned red, and it made a gagging sound because it was suffocating.

“Who sent you?” Wang Teng asked him coldly.

The vampire’s throat was clenched tight, so he couldn’t make any sound.
He could only look at Wang Teng pleadingly.

“Oh, I’m sorry.
Am I grabbing a little too hard?” Wang Teng showed no signs of letting go.
His tone was insincere too.
About to pass out, the vampire was rolling his eyes.

The old vampire felt exasperated.

Don’t you want to know who the mastermind is?

Why are you grabbing my throat so hard!

He felt that he was about to die.
His vision turned black, and he was starting to lose consciousness.

This ‘Viscount Snow’ was ruthless.
He was going to strangle him to death!

Suddenly, a strange red light shone in Wang Teng’s eyes.
It shot right into the vampire’s eyes and controlled his consciousness.

Finally, Wang Teng let go, allowing the vampire to fall to the ground.
The guy started belching.

After some time, Wang Teng knew the identity of the mastermind from his mouth.
It was the ex-master of Kun Shan.

The other party bore the grudge and found a 9-star soldier-level elder in his clan who was skilled at assassination.
He wanted to kill Wang Teng to take revenge for what had happened in the morning.

“He’s seeking death,” Wang Teng muttered to himself.
A cold glint appeared in his eyes.

He thought that those vampires wouldn’t dare to find him again, but it hadn’t been a day and someone had already come to take his life.

At this moment, the old vampire regained his consciousness.
He asked in bewilderment, “Did you just use Bewitch on me?”

“You have no value anymore!” Wang Teng’s gaze was indifferent.
He slapped the vampire’s head.

Unwillingness appeared in the vampire’s heart.
Regret and other complicated emotions wafted up too… His vision turned black, and he went unconscious permanently.

A few attribute bubbles floated up.

Dark Force*260


Vampire Race Ciphertext*60

Shadow Merging Secret Skill*1

Wang Teng kept the bubbles, his eyes shining brightly.

Vampire race ciphertext!

Shadow Merging Secret Skill!

These were two extremely rare attribute bubbles!

In an instant, many memories of words surged into Wang Teng’s mind.
They were an ancient ciphertext belonging uniquely to the vampire race.

Wang Teng immediately remembered the treasure map he received that was said to belong to one of the vampire’s ancestors.
The words on it were similar to these vampire race ciphertext.

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