Chapter 502: What Should I Do When I’m Surrounded By Dark Apparitions? This Is Very Urgent! I Need An Answer!

Wang Teng’s face turned darker as he read the content on the warrant.

Damn it, what’s wrong with her? She’s forcing him to a corner!

On the other hand, the dark apparitions were excited.
They started discussing happily.

“There’s a human in our world!”

“Hahaha, as long as we catch that human, we can get a reward from the devil lord.”

“That’s the reward of the devil lord.
If I get it, I can definitely become a formidable character.”

“Hmph, find that human first if you want that reward.”

Greed appeared in the eyes of all the dark apparitions.
Their eyes turned red, and they dispersed instantly.
They had decided to start looking for Wang Teng.

How would they feel if they knew that the human in the warrant was just standing beside them at this moment?

It was dark under the lamp.
No one would have thought that Wang Teng would come to Blackcrow City blatantly.

When Wang Teng looked at the crazy dark apparitions around him, his head suddenly turned numb.

F**k, these dark apparitions were mad!

Their eyes were like a beggar who suddenly saw a piece of fat meat.
It was horrifying.

Wang Teng couldn’t help but shiver.

What should I do when I’m surrounded by dark apparitions? This is very urgent! I need an answer!

He was on the brink of tears.
He felt like a sheep that had entered a pack of wolves.
He was going to get torn into pieces and eaten soon.

It was so frightening!

“Lord, are you alright?” Rodney asked cautiously.

“I’m fine.
I just want to have a moment of silence for that human.
It’s a tragedy that he landed in the Darkland,” Wang Teng sighed and said in a pitiful tone.

“That’s right.
This is an order given by Black Incubus Devil Lord personally.
That human’s fate is ominous,” Rodney shook his head and replied.

“Cough.” Wang Teng coughed and glared at Rodney with a dangerous look.
“Old Rod, you should be careful with your words.”

Feeling an evil gaze landing on him, Rodney shivered uncontrollably.
He was confused.

Did he say something wrong?

Why was Lord Zi Wang looking at him like this?

“Lord, did I say something wrong?” Rodney asked carefully.

“Old Rod, don’t you think mixed-bloods like us are similar to that human? In the Darkland, we have no command over ourselves.
We are pathetic,” Wang Teng said.

“Yes, you’re right.” Rodney nodded, but he was still puzzled.

What was the link?

“Thus, don’t say that his fate is ominous.
That is inauspicious.
We should pray that he will escape soon,” Wang Teng said in a meaningful tone.

“Yes, you’re right.” Rodney was stunned for a moment.
The lord’s point of view was strange.
However, he still nodded in agreement and continued smoothly, “That human will definitely get out of his desperate circumstances and leave this place safely.”

Wang Teng patted his shoulder in satisfaction.

This man is worthy to be taught.

Zi Ye glanced at Wang Teng strangely from the side.
She was the only one who had seen Wang Teng’s true appearance, but this young girl was smart.
She didn’t say anything when she saw his drawing on the warrant and only asked him to take a look.

Wang Teng winked at her and said, “Come, let’s visit the lord of the city.”

He brought the two of them to the gates of the city lord’s manor.

Before they came, Rodney had introduced this place to him.
Blackcrow City was a ‘sacred city.’

A ‘sacred city’ meant that there were at least three general-stage formidable warriors guarding this huge city.
Multiple towns were built around the sacred cities, depending on them for survival.
Together, they formed a district.

Every ‘sacred city’ had different dark apparition races controlling it.
This Blackcrow City was controlled by one of the 13 vampire races, the Gangrels.

The Gangrels were an extremely ancient vampire bloodline.
Their history went a long way back, and they had multiple indomitable ancient devils supporting them.

However, those presences rarely appeared in the world.
They were normally in hibernation and would only wake up when their race was facing annihilation.

Of course, this was what Rodney said.
No one knew the exact situation.

Wang Teng highly suspected that the power of these ancient vampires had exceeded the general stage.
They must be terribly frightening.

But he had no evidence.

The strongest martial warrior of the human race was a 13-star high-tier general.
He wondered if anyone had gone further than that?

As he was thinking about this, they had arrived at the gates of the manor.

“Who are you?” the vampire guard shouted.

“Please inform the city lord that Viscount Snow from Graystone Town will like to meet him.” Wang Teng took out the emblem that represented his identity as a viscount.

“Please wait for a moment.” The guard turned and entered the manor.

After some time, the guards opened the door and led the three of them in.

“Follow me.
The city lord is waiting for you at the drill ground,” the guard said.

“The drill ground?” Wang Teng was puzzled.

The guard didn’t reply to him.

Wang Teng’s gaze flickered.
He glanced at Rodney.

Rodney was a smart person too.
He immediately understood Wang Teng’s intention and stuffed a few dark Force stones into the guard’s hand.

The guard weighed the stones and smiled.
He said, “You came at the right time.
The city lord has gathered all our fellow vampires and is preparing to send them to search for the human.
If you can earn his favor, you might gain many benefits.”

Wang Teng asked more questions regarding the city lord until they arrived at the drill ground.

The drill ground was at the back of the ancient manor.
It was the size of a stadium, and many powerful vampires were gathered here.

The guard brought the three of them in front of a podium and said respectfully, “Sir, Viscount Snow is here.”

“You can leave.” A calm voice came from the podium.

A handsome middle-aged vampire with a pale face was leaning against a large comfortable chair.
He appeared relaxed and had the arrogance and indifference of a vampire.

Wang Teng felt a strong presence from his body.

This city lord was at the general stage.

“City lord.” Wang Teng had already hidden his ability as he greeted the middle-aged vampire with the formalities of the noble vampire races.

“You must be a descendant of a side family, right? I have no impression of you,” the middle-aged vampire said.

“Yes.” Wang Teng nodded.

The vampire had already checked Viscount Snow’s status and knew that he was from a side family.
He had no background or foundation, so he was already lucky to be able to be a carefree viscount in the remote Graystone Town.

There were many vampires around him.
When they heard that he was from a side family, a flash of disdain appeared in their eyes.

“Why are you looking for me?” the middle-aged vampire asked.

“My lord, I’ve heard that a human has invaded our world, so I came to see if you have any orders,” Wang Teng replied.

“You’re smart.” The middle-aged vampire smiled slightly.
“Since you’ve come, you can stay.”

“Thank you, my lord.” Wang Teng appeared elated.
He retreated to the side respectfully.

The other vampires looked at him with hostility.
Everyone wanted to take their share of the loot when it came to looking for the human, including the city lord.
They wanted to get some benefits from following the city lord, but they didn’t want a fellow from the rural areas to join them.

“Lord, we don’t know how powerful Viscount Snow is.
If he’s too weak, he might drag us down.” A 7-star soldier-level vampire went up to the city lord directly, disregarding Wang Teng who was at the side.

“Oh, what do you think we should do?” the middle-aged vampire asked with interest.

“How about he has a duel with someone here? We can see his ability then,” the vampire replied.

“What do you think?” The middle-aged vampire looked at Wang Teng.

“I have no objections.” Wang Teng raised his eyebrows and glanced at everyone intently.

“Alright, let’s have a duel then.” The middle-aged vampire chuckled.

“In that case, I’ll have a test of the viscount’s ability.” The 7-star soldier-level vampire smiled.


Naturally, Wang Teng agreed.

The two of them stood in the middle of the drill ground.
The 7-star soldier-level vampire said, “I won’t show any mercy.
It’s not too late for you to admit defeat now.”

“I won’t show any mercy either.
Pray for yourself,” Wang Teng said.

The 7-star soldier-level vampire’s face turned dark.
He remained silent and moved instantly.
Black light shone around him as he disappeared on the spot.
He soared down on Wang Teng like a huge bat.

Wang Teng raised his head, meeting the vampire’s cold gaze.
He curled his fingers into a claw and pushed it up.

Nether World Ghost Claw!


A ray of black light appeared and caught the vampire’s body, tearing him in half.

One move and the vampire was torn into two.
Blood splashed on the drill ground.
Wang Teng took a few steps back, and not a drop of blood landed on him.

All the vampires present froze.
They stared at him in astonishment.

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