Chapter 501: The Secret Of Combining Forces

The mixed-bloods stared at the figure covered in the black cloak.
They were bewildered.

Based on the attack just now, the ability of this formidable character had exceeded all the mixed-bloods present.
But they didn’t know when this unknown formidable character had appeared in their race.

He was extremely powerful, so he shouldn’t be unknown.

Everyone stared at Rodney curiously.
He was the one who brought this figure here.
No one knew this mixed-blood better than him.

Seeing everyone’s gaze, Rodney suddenly felt proud and self-satisfied.

Hmph, how dare you look down on me!

Now you know who’s the smart one.

A sense of pride appeared in his heart.
He was the one who had discovered Lord Zi Wang and went under his wings.

Erm… although the process wasn’t smooth.

He ignored everyone’s gaze and lowered his head to look at Dale.
He felt relieved and invigorated.

Dale noticed Rodney’s gaze, and a flash of embarrassment appeared on his face.
He didn’t think that the ‘lord’ Rodney brought was truly a powerful character.
After the exchange of blows just now, he knew that this warrior was formidable.
He was in no way ordinary.

Wang Teng scanned his surroundings.
All the mixed-bloods took a step back unconsciously.

“Can you prepare a room for us?” A calm voice came from below the cape.

“Yes, yes!” The red-nose elder behind the counter replied hurriedly.
He took the keys and quickly walked out from the counter, leading the three of them to the second floor personally.

The crowd only dared to hold Dale up after the three of them left.

“Dale, are you fine?” someone asked in concern.

“I’m fine.” Dale shook his head and wiped the blood off the corners of his lips.
His expression was ugly.

“Where did that formidable warrior come from? I’ve never seen him before.”

“Who knows? Maybe he came from another city.”

“Rodney is lucky.
He managed to find such a powerful leg to hug.”

“Hmph, who knows how long his luck will last? We used to have one or two formidable warriors, but they got caught by the pure-bloods and became their slaves.
That man might not escape a similar fate.”


Everyone started discussing but still ended up sighing.
They felt dispirited.
The room turned silent.

On the second floor, the red-nose elder led them outside a door and said respectfully, “This is the best room we have.
Sir, please don’t mind it.”

“It’s alright,” Wang Teng replied nonchalantly.

“Sir, Dale had no bad intention.
Please don’t mind him.” The red-nose elder hesitated before he opened his mouth.

“As long as he doesn’t come and provoke me, I won’t look for him.
But if this happens another time, I might not hold back,” Wang Teng glanced at him and said.

“Yes, yes.” The red-nose elder nodded fervently.
A drop of cold sweat dripped down his forehead.

“Hmph, my lord is benevolent, so he doesn’t want to haggle over this issue.
Tell him to understand the situation before he acts next time.
Don’t offend people he shouldn’t.” Rodney scoffed.

“You should understand his situation and know why he’s so sensitive to the word ‘lord.’ Don’t squabble with him,” the red-nose elder said.

Rodney snorted again but kept quiet.
The red-nose elder sighed before leaving.

Wang Teng disregarded their conversation and brought Zi Ye into the room.

Rodney opened his mouth behind him but didn’t say anything in the end.

After they entered the room, Wang Teng scanned the place and said to Zi Ye, “We’re outside, so we will sleep in the same room.
Erm… you can take the bed.”

Zi Ye looked at the only bed in the room and tilted her head.
She suddenly asked, “Aren’t you sleeping with me?”

Wang Teng had taken out a drink.
When he heard the question, he suddenly spurted out his drink.
“Pfft… cough, cough, don’t talk nonsense.
I need to cultivate.
Right, I need to cultivate.”

“Oh.” Zi Ye looked at him strangely.
She didn’t understand why he had such a huge reaction.

This person was weird!

Wang Teng sat down cross-legged on the sofa and closed his eyes.
He focused on his attributes panel.

Earth Force*50 (dark)

This was the attribute bubble he picked up from the mixed-blood called Dale just now.
It wasn’t a pure dark Force or a pure earth Force.
It was a mixed Force.

Is it because he’s a mixed-blood? Wang Teng thought to himself.
He found this interesting.

However, after the mixed Force entered his body, it naturally split into dark Force and earth Force.
It didn’t exist as a compound.

When the two Forces split, Wang Teng caught a hint of the magic of mixed Forces.
He believed that he would be able to grasp the concept after picking it up a few more times.

Wang Teng immediately remembered the move he had created called the Flaming Sword Tornado.

It was a combination of different attributes too.
He succeeded in using it once, but there was a high chance of failure.
He almost failed during the martial arts competition the previous time.

If he could grasp the secret of mixed Forces, he could raise the success rate and grasp this concept completely.
This meant that he would need the help of those mixed-bloods.

Those poor guys didn’t do anything, yet trouble came looking for them!

The mixed-bloods might not know that Wang Teng had his eyes on them.

Wang Teng touched his chin and gave an evil smile.

However, he retracted his smile immediately because he found it a little sinister.
He coughed awkwardly and stopped thinking about this matter.
He started cultivating.

The next day, the three of them left the hotel.
Wang Teng had turned back into Viscount Snow.
He brought the other two to the manor of the lord of this city.

The city lord manor was a majestic ancient building covering a huge area.
The sun was in the sky, but it still gave off an eerie feeling.

As they were walking, Zi Ye suddenly stopped.

“What happened?” Wang Teng asked in surprise.

Zi Ye pulled Wang Teng’s sleeve and pointed at a stone wall outside the manor.
There was a notice posted there, and many people were looking at it.

Wang Teng was curious.
He brought them over and used his power to disperse the crowd.

Feeling his strong power, the dark apparitions had no choice but to clear a path for him.
Although furious, they didn’t dare to speak up.

When Wang Teng saw the content of the notice, his face turned black.

F**k, that Black Incubus Devil Lord is so troublesome. Wang Teng cursed in his heart.

This was a warrant for Wang Teng.
His painting was pasted on the notice as well as some descriptions.

This warrant had already spread to all the cities in the Darkland, meaning that almost all the dark apparitions knew that a human had entered their world.

The warrant also said that if someone found Wang Teng, they would receive a reward from Black Incubus Devil Lord.
Whether they wanted power or wealth, they would be able to get it.

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