At first, Wang Teng had come to the Jixin Martial House to cultivate.
But now, he was busy picking up attributes.

He felt like a rubbish collector, working hard to pick up what others dropped.


He observed the bubbles for some time and noticed that the transparent bubbles on the ground were dropped during the disciples’ cultivation process.

Many students were practicing in the martial arts academy, so quite a few attribute bubbles had dropped.

One thing made Wang Teng’s heart ache, though.

There was a time limit for the existence of the bubbles.
They would disappear after a few minutes.

Just now, when he was in a daze, a few bubbles had already disappeared.
He felt a pang of pain in his heart, as if he had lost a few hundred million.

The disciples continued practicing; attribute bubbles kept dropping.

As Wang Teng collected the bubbles happily, his attributes started surging.

When an instructor saw him running around the arena aimlessly, he couldn’t take it anymore.
He called him loudly.

“Hey, student, why are you not practicing diligently? Why are you running around?”


“Teacher, this is my first day, so I’m looking at how other people practice.
As the saying goes, there’s something you can learn from everyone.
I’m learning things from other people first.”

Wang Teng looked at the instructor and smiled as he spouted nonsense.

“Today is your first day? Come over here.
I will teach you the ninth set of radio exercises first.
Since you don’t know anything now, you won’t be able to understand what they are doing.
Lay your foundations first,” said the instructor.


Wang Teng thought for a moment and felt that the instructor made sense.
This guy was quite responsible.

He looked at the attribute bubbles that had just dropped in the training lobby.
The feeling of losing a few hundred millions struck him again.

“Teacher, what kind of exercise is the ninth set of radio exercises?” Wang Teng walked over and asked curiously.

“It is a set of exercises created by the country to train your body scientifically.
It uses the basic physical training exercises from the Xingwu Continent.”

The instructor turned to the sound system after he finished speaking.

“The ninth set of radio exercises, Martial Spirit, starts now.”

Wang Teng froze.

He could recognize the music.
The starting actions were familiar too.

“Watch carefully.”

The instructor was taller than 1.8m, and his muscles were bulging out of his shirt.
It was frightening, yet he was getting ready diligently.


Wang Teng was stunned.

The instructor started doing the exercises along with the music.

“The first stance, stretching exercise.
One two three four, two two three four…”

“The second stance, chest expansion exercise.
One two three four, two two three four…”

“The third stance, kicking exercise.
One two three four, two two three four…”

Wang Teng looked at the instructor in astonishment as many crows flew past his mind uncontrollably.
He was speechless.


Oh my god!

The names of the exercises were the same as the radio exercises he knew in the past, but the actions were more complicated.
Some of them even had high physical demands.

It seemed like… the exercises could truly train one’s physique.

But, this music, this tempo, and this familiar feeling were really embarrassing.


“How is it? Have you seen everything? If you didn’t, I could show you again.”

The music stopped, and the instructor slowly ended the exercise.
He let out a long sigh.
Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead and his body.
The effects of the ninth set of radio exercises were astounding.

“Instructor, I saw everything clearly!” Wang Teng nodded in a hurry.
He was really afraid that the instructor would do it again.

Looking at his unsatisfied expression, the guy might really do it again.
He wasn’t kidding.

“Oh, it looks like your memory is not bad.
I had to watch it three times before I managed to memorize it,” the instructor said with disappointment.

Why do you look so disappointed!

How can you get addicted to a radio exercise?

Wang Teng sent the instructor off with all his might by persuading him to harm other students.
After all, they would be delighted to listen to him.

I will never practice the ninth set of radio exercises! I will never do it even if I die!

I will only rely on picking up attributes to become stronger!


When the instructor wasn’t looking at him, Wang Teng continued his collection business.




Basic Fist Skill*5

Wang Teng was thrilled.
He had picked many strength and speed attributes, but he hadn’t tested them.
Hence, he didn’t know where his strength was at.
However, while running around, Wang Teng felt his speed increasing.
He accidentally dashed a few meters further than expected.

There weren’t many Enlightenment attributes.
Most of them were less than one point, so they only added up to one point.

Will I become smarter if my Enlightenment attribute increases? Why don’t I feel anything? Wang Teng thought to himself.


Basic Fist Skill*5?!

Wang Teng had absorbed an attribute bubble that he never saw before.
Suddenly, memories of him practicing fist skills, which didn’t exist earlier, appeared in his mind.

“I’ve learned the basic fist skill?” Wang Teng was in disbelief.

As martial disciples couldn’t absorb the Force, they weren’t able to practice Force battle techniques.

Hence, the country summarized many basic fighting skills, including footwork, fist skills, sword skills, blade skills, etc.

They popularized the skills and allowed everyone to practice them.

Wang Teng looked at the 20-years-old youth who was practicing the basic fist skill not far away from him, and his eyes lit up.

Although he had learned the basic fist skill, he wasn’t well-versed in it.
He just knew it roughly like an ordinary person who had practiced it for five days.

Was he able to increase his proficiency if he collected more basic fist skill attributes?

Bang, bang, bang!

The young man punched the sandbag forcefully, swinging it right and left.
Every punch formed a dent in the sandbag.


“Indeed, you can only be successful if you become a martial warrior.

“Why isn’t it dropping…? Hey, it dropped! It dropped again!”


Wang Teng was feeling over the top.
He secretly crept in from the back and picked up the attribute silently.
Then, he sneaked away.


Basic Fist Skill*7


“This young man is amazing! He’s good!” Wang Teng exclaimed.

The proficiency of his basic fist skill had increased once more!

He waited for a while, but the other party didn’t drop any more attribute bubbles.
Wang Teng had no choice but to turn his attention to the other students.
He mustn’t neglect the other attributes while waiting for this one.

Only children made decisions.

Adults took everything!


He, Wang Teng, was an adult!

Basic Footwork*2

There was a running track outside the training lobby.
It was like a stadium.

A fat man was dashing across the track like a gust of wind.
Standing by the side, Wang Teng’s hair flew up.
Still, a bubble dropped from the fat man.

This was an agile fatty!


“Huh? Basic footwork!”

Wang Teng was astounded when he picked up the attribute bubble.
This was another basic technique.
He was really lucky today.

As the fat man kept running assiduously, bubbles dropped behind him like a hen laying eggs.

“So many bubbles!”

Wang Teng was flabbergasted.
He didn’t want to waste anything, so he ran behind the fatty and collected the bubbles.


The speed attributes he had collected earlier started showing its effects now.
Wang Teng was able to follow behind the fatty without breaking a sweat.




Basic Footwork*3


“Hah, hah, hah… why are you following me?” The fatty stopped and glared at Wang Teng while sticking out his tongue.

“No one is following you.
I’m just practicing my footwork.
Don’t flatter yourself.” Wang Teng glared back at him.


“What about me?”

“Damn it, I’m not running anymore.
You can run alone.” The fatty was frustrated, but he couldn’t do anything to Wang Teng.

“Hey, don’t do that.
You can run a few more rounds.
I think that you have a bright future.
Don’t give up easily,” Wang Teng immediately persuaded the fatty with all his heart.


The fatty: …

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