Chapter 498: Bluff!

Wang Teng didn’t want to explain anything, but something flashed across his mind, and he had a change of mind.

His body underwent a transformation, and he was back to his human appearance.

However, this was not his real face but another look.
Furthermore, his ears were a bit pointed, having an appearance very similar to a mixed-blood.

Seeing his unfamiliar appearance, there was a hint of confusion in Zi Ye’s eyes.
She didn’t know what he was planning.

Wang Teng winked at Zi Ye and sent her a signal.
He didn’t care if she understood what he meant, but he turned to the mixed-blood elder.
“How’s this?”

“You, you…” The mixed-blood elder was flabbergasted.
He couldn’t utter a single word.

“We have already eliminated Viscount Snow.
I have disguised myself as him as I have a bold idea,” Wang Teng said mysteriously.

“No, if you’re not Viscount Snow, why do you know the Bewitch skill?” The elder couldn’t believe it and sneered.
“Don’t lie to me.
No matter what you’re plotting, I’ll not fall for it.”

“This is naturally because half of my blood is from vampires,” Wang Teng calmly explained.

“A half-vampire.” The mixed-blood elder was taken aback and frowned.
“Why should I believe you?”

“You are in my hands.
Your life and death depend on my words.
Why should I make you believe me?” Wang Teng said coldly.

As he spoke, he transformed back into Viscount Snow and turned over to Zi Ye.
“How about we just kill him? He’s too much trouble!”

Zi Ye froze for a moment.
She looked at the elder, looked back at him, and nodded.

“How obedient!” Wang Teng caressed her head, and his gaze suddenly turned hostile.


And I was here to save this young girl!

The mixed-blood elder regretted once again.
He shouldn’t have come here!

Wang Teng took out Mo Que and started measuring the elder’s neck as if he was trying to find a suitable spot to start.

Drops of cold sweat started flowing down the mixed-blood elder’s forehead.
He quickly shouted, “Wait, wait!”

“Any last words?” Wang Teng asked, but he didn’t put down Mo Que.

The mixed-blood elder glanced at the huge weapon on his neck and swallowed a mouth of saliva unconsciously.
“Well then, let’s talk nicely.
The truth is… I believe you!”

“…” Wang Teng looked at him, dumbfounded.

This old man was so quick to give in that he didn’t even feel any sense of achievement at all.

Zi Ye tilted her head.
She looked at the elder strangely, wondering why he had changed so quickly.

The mixed-blood elder was embarrassed, and his face became hot.
Fortunately, his complexion was so dark that no one could tell.

“Don’t tell me you’re trying to pretend to believe me so that you can escape when I let you go,” Wang Teng said in suspicion.

“You can keep me by your side.
I believe with your strength, I won’t be able to escape,” the mixed-blood elder said helplessly.

“I’ll believe you for the time being.” Wang Teng withdrew his spiritual kinesis.

The mixed-blood elder suddenly felt his body become loose.
The invisible force had dissipated.
He glanced at Wang Teng in surprise and lowered his head, revealing a faint smile.

Wang Teng opened his hand, and a jade bottle appeared in it.
Inside was a black spiritual dan sitting quietly.

This was the poison dan that he had made when he was bored.
It was initially just something he made for fun, but he didn’t expect it to come in handy now.

“Take this and eat it!” Wang Teng smiled.

Looking at the black dan on his palm, the mixed-blood elder’s eyebrows twitched.

This spiritual dan didn’t look like any ordinary one!

However, one had to bow to the circumstances.
He felt an inexplicable chill when he faced Wang Teng’s smile.

He knew that if he didn’t eat the spiritual dan, the ‘Viscount Snow’ in front of him would not let him off easily.

After the mixed-blood elder swallowed the black spiritual dan, Wang Teng nodded in satisfaction and patted his shoulder.
He then said earnestly, “I made this dan from many toxic substances.
Giving you such an item of great value shows how much I value you.”

“…” The mixed-blood elder couldn’t even curse.
Even though he was frustrated, he could only show a flattering expression.
“My lord, do you have any other orders?”

Wang Teng sat back down on the sofa and beckoned to Zi Ye for her to sit by his side.
He asked lightly, “I want you to find out about the towns that exist in the dimensional rifts.”

“Dimensional rifts!?” The mixed-blood elder was stunned.
He didn’t know what Wang Teng was planning to do.
He looked him carefully in the eye.
“My lord, that is a very confidential matter.
I’m afraid that… it’s hard to find out more.”

“Hmm?” Wang Teng let out a cold snort.

“I’ll go, I’ll go.
I know all the mixed-bloods in every town, I can definitely get some information.” The mixed-blood elder’s heart jumped.

“That’s good.” Wang Teng smiled and waved.

“Ah yes, remember to come back here every seven days, or else… you will die very miserably without the antidote.”

The elder’s body shivered all over.
Thinking about the consequences, he couldn’t help but feel the numbness in his scalp.
He bowed and saluted Wang Teng before turning around to leave.

At the window, he turned back and carefully asked, “My lord, are you really a mixed-blood?”

“What do you think I am?” Wang Teng smiled meaningfully.

“I understand!” The mixed-blood elder nodded and jumped down the window, disappearing into the night.

“What did he understand?” Wang Teng was a little confused.

Zi Ye curiously looked out of the window and into the direction that he disappeared, but she couldn’t see anything.

“Do you want to go with him?” Wang Teng walked over and stood by her side.

“Hmm…” Zi Ye thought about it for a while and shook her head.

“Why?” Wang Teng probed.

“He’s too weak!” Zi Ye replied seriously.

“Heh, you sure are cheeky.” Wang Teng knocked on her head and laughed.

At this time, the mixed-blood elder was darting through the dark alleys as though he was an erratic shadow.
He was concealed and extremely fast.
It was obviously some kind of concealment technique.

Soon, he was at a remote corner of Graystone Town.
He looked around and made sure that he wasn’t being followed before he felt relieved.

He then walked towards a house and knocked on the door rhythmically.

The door opened slightly, and a pair of eyes peeked through the gap.
Seeing that it was the mixed-blood elder, the person let him in.
“You’re back, Rodney.
You didn’t get the girl out?”

I made a mistake!” Rodney walked into the house and nodded with a solemn expression.

There were a lot of figures in the house, and they were all mixed-blood.

The one who opened the door was a mixed-blood that looked like a middle-aged woman.
She asked anxiously, “What happened?”

“That Viscount Snow is not simple,” Rodney replied.

“According to the news we heard, Viscount Snow is lustful.
Although he’s at the 7-star soldier level, he doesn’t have any combat power.
Why wouldn’t it be easy? Did you make a mistake?” the middle-aged mixed-blood woman asked curiously.

“That Viscount Snow was changed to someone else.” Rodney laughed bitterly.

“Ah!” Everyone in the room exclaimed.

“How is that possible!?” The female mixed-blood could not believe it.

Rodney recounted what had happened without hiding anything before sitting down solemnly.

After everyone heard it, they fell into silence.

“You’re saying a mixed-blood was disguising himself as Viscount Snow?” The female mixed-blood confirmed again.

“You have already asked this several times.
I saw it with my own eyes.
How could I be wrong?” Rodney said impatiently.

The female mixed-blood was a bit embarrassed, but she still frowned.
“But it’s really incredible that there’s such a powerful and mysterious person amongst us mixed-bloods.
If we can get him on our side, it would be great!”

“Maybe we can go for it.” Rodney had something on his mind.
“Considering his attitude towards that young girl, this person is somewhat trustworthy.”

“He’s looking for towns that exist in the dimensional rifts.
We can find out more and see what he plans to do.”

The others hesitated for a bit before agreeing to his decision.

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