Chapter 496: Graystone Town

Zi Ye’s eyes widened as she looked at Wang Teng, who had completely changed his appearance.
With eyes filled with curiosity, she circled Wang Teng several times.

“Alright, alright.
You’re making me dizzy.” Wang Teng grunted.

“Oh.” Zi Ye stopped in front of him.

“Address me as Viscount Snow from now on, alright?” Wang Teng nagged again.

“Yes!” Zi Ye nodded.

Wang Teng patted her head with satisfaction.
He turned over the four vampire corpses and removed a scarlet ring from Viscount Snow’s hand.

By using the Bewitch skill, he discovered that these vampires were not just here to simply hunt.
Instead, they were here for the secrets left by a certain vampire ancestor.

It was important to note that most vampires had a habit to hide all kinds of treasures in dark corners.
They were passionate about hunting for the ones that were left behind by their predecessors.

Of course, almost all biological creatures loved the excitement and thrills of treasure hunting.

Wang Teng’s eyes flashed, and he focused on the scarlet ring that no longer had an owner.
He then swept his spiritual power and took out an aged scroll made of animal skin.

He flipped it open and saw complex ancient words, which looked elegant yet complicated.

The problem was that Wang Teng didn’t know a word.
This was not the common Dark Language.

He shook his head and kept it away, planning to have it translated when the opportunity came.
As for the vampire secrets, Wang Teng wasn’t very interested in that.
Well, he was not a vampire after all.

Finding the path back home was the most urgent thing right now!

He started searching the vampire corpses again.
Besides a few black gems, there was nothing valuable.
The other three vampires didn’t even have a space ring.
Poor souls.

“This should be the dark Force stone.” Wang Teng muttered as he fiddled around with the few pieces of black gems, feeling the dark Force in them.

He lost interest after a few glances.
After he was sure that he didn’t leave anything, he snapped his fingers, and a cyan flame engulfed the corpses.
Not even ashes were left behind after a while.

Divine Fire is so awesome!

“Let’s go!” Wang Teng held Zi Ye’s collar and rushed into the sky, flying in the direction the vampire, Snow, gave them.

In less than half an hour, a town appeared in their vision.
This must be the Graystone Town that Snow had mentioned.

The walls and buildings in the town were all clad in a unique style of gray stones, which was probably how it got its name.

The houses in the town were basically stone forts.
Wang Teng glanced over and didn’t see anyone.
It felt desolate.

He landed outside the town and wandered towards ‘Graystone Town.’

Although the town was sparsely populated, there were still dark apparitions guarding the gates.

A few dark apparitions saw Wang Teng, who had transformed into Viscount Snow, and were surprised.
However, they still stroked their chest and bowed respectfully, “Viscount!”

“Hmm.” Wang Teng already understood Snow’s personality.
He nodded coldly, showing the majesty of a viscount, and passed the vampires confidently.

Zi Ye was like a slave, following closely behind with her head down.

When she first left the forest, she didn’t have any fear.
However, after being in such a foreign environment and having encountered dark apparitions, she was feeling uneasy.
As a result, her current appearance was not a pretense.

Seeing that the two had walked far away, the vampires started talking softly.

“The Viscount just left not too long ago.
Why is he back so soon?”

“I remember that the Viscount brought along three guards.
Where are they?”

“Alright, alright.
The Viscount’s matters are beyond us.”

“By the way, the Viscount brought a young mixed-blood back.
I don’t know what he’s planning, unless… Hehehe!”

Wang Teng picked up their conversation.
The corner of his mouth twitched as he glanced at Zi Ye from the corner of his eye.

I’m innocent!

I should have gotten rid of all of them!

With the information he obtained during the questioning, Wang Teng looked for Viscount Snow’s residence while sizing up the situation in Graystone Town.

In the Darkland.
even the towns felt eerie.
While he was walking over, Wang Teng felt as if he had entered a dead town with no signs of life.
Coupled with the dim sky, it was as though everything was dull.

One or two ragged figures would appear occasionally in the alleys on both sides of the street.
When they saw Wang Teng disguised as the Viscount, their eyes would be filled with fear.
Their gazes would then fall on Zi Ye.

One by one, the gazes were fixated on Zi Ye.
It felt like their eyes were trying to say something.

Zi Ye’s sharp senses caught on, and she stopped to look into the alleys.

“Go!” Wang Teng didn’t look back and shouted coldly from the front.

“Oh.” Zi Ye responded and caught up to him.

Before long, the two of them reached the largest castle building in the middle of the town.
Graystone Town was Viscount Snow’s manor, and it was not difficult to find where he lived.

Wang Teng took out a token from the scarlet ring.
The door slowly opened after the token was swiped.

He was the first to enter.

“My lord, you are back!” In the dark castle hall, two rows of servants in black and white bowed respectfully under the leadership of a housekeeper vampire.

Oh my, Snow does know how to enjoy life. Wang Teng glanced through the room and was deeply impressed.

The vampire servants in front of him were all exquisite beauties.
If they were on Earth, countless geeks would regard them as goddesses.

Has my room been cleaned?” Unmoved, Wang Teng asked indifferently.

“My lord, it has been done.” The vampire in a housekeeper’s costume led the way.
She was Annie, the housekeeper of this old castle.
It was worth mentioning that she was a female vampire with huge weapons.

Wang Teng took a quick peek without leaving a trace.
Damned Snow!

After passing through a long corridor, they reached a bedroom where Annie opened the doors respectfully for Wang Teng.

“Go down.
Don’t disturb me if I don’t call you,” Wang Teng said coldly.

“Yes!” Annie glanced at Zi Ye ambiguously with a pair of fox-like eyes before turning to leave.

The corner of Wang Teng’s eyes twitched.
Damn it.
What was that look?

He couldn’t be bothered to pick a bone with a vampire.
Wang Teng brought Zi Ye into the bedroom.

He realized that the bedroom was extremely huge.
Dark black wooden desks, undistinguished leather sofas, goose down beds, the room had it all.

Wang Teng let out a deep breath and said to Zi Ye, “Just play alone there for a while.
Don’t run around.”

Zi Ye nodded and looked around curiously.

Wang Teng didn’t care about her and turned around in the room.
He activated Spiritual Sight and scanned in all directions before sitting down by the desk after no problems were found.

Wang Teng looked through the books on the desk and on the bookshelf behind him.
Some were written in Dark Language, while some were in another language that he couldn’t recognize.

He took one in a Dark Language.
It was a common book, but the contents were about the history of the Abyss World that he needed so urgently.

If he wanted to leave this world, he had to first understand it.
That way, he could find a way to do so.

For the rest of the time, Wang Teng buried himself in the books until Zi Ye came over and tugged at his shirt.

He raised his head in uncertainty.

“I’m hungry!”

Wang Teng was stunned.
It was already dark when he looked out at the sky, making the dark world feel even more gloomy.

A huge red moon hung high in the night sky.
The faint red moonlight was scattered on the ground like gauze.

The full moon felt like it was hanging overhead.
Wang Teng could even see the craters and the rugged mountains on its surface.

“It’s already so late?” Wang Teng smiled bitterly and stretched his back.
Taking out the star beast meat, he started grilling it on the spot.

He knew that vampires fed on blood, but Zi Ye and he couldn’t possibly drink blood like wild beasts.
It was fortunate that he had star beast meat and other dry foods in his space ring.
It was enough for him to eat for a long time.

In the hands of a Force chef master, delicious grilled meat was quickly served.
He even took out drinks as he sat around the table with Zi Ye, enjoying themselves.


Suddenly, a silhouette crashed in from outside the window…

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