Chapter 495: Viscount Snow

There was an unwritten rule in the Abyss World.
More accurately, it was a rule formed based on common practice.

Pure-bloods were nobler than mixed-bloods.

In the dark apparition race, bloodline was the deciding factor.
One’s birth, talent, and status were all based on one’s bloodline.

To the pure-bloods, mixed-bloods were lowly slaves, like the bugs in the mud.
They could order them around however they wanted.

As long as they didn’t reach the general stage, the mixed-bloods must always bow to the pure-bloods.

Many pure-bloods kept mixed-bloods as their food and slaves.

The mixed-bloods couldn’t get resources, so they were unable to reach the general stage.
They could only remain inferior to the pure-bloods and be their slaves.

It was an unfair world for the mixed-bloods.

This was why the four dark apparitions became so conceited when they saw Wang Teng and Zi Ye’s appearance.

The two of them had the standard appearance of a mixed-blood.

They obviously thought that they could kill Wang Teng and Zi Ye easily.
But they didn’t expect this ‘mixed-blood’ to be so powerful.
He defeated them with a single punch.

They only saw this strength in the 9-star soldier level or in sirs with higher levels.

This meant that the ‘mixed blood’ was at least at the 9-star soldier level.

But… When was there such a powerful character among the mixed-bloods?

The four vampire dark apparitions exchanged glances with one another.
Fear and disbelief floated into their eyes.
They couldn’t help but raise their doubts.
“Who on earth are you?”

Wang Teng glanced at them and stretched his hand.
A huge rock flew over from afar and landed in front of them.
He sat down on the rock and said indifferently, “From now on, I’ll ask and you’ll answer.

“Do you understand?”

A hint of humiliation flashed past their eyes.
The 7-star soldier-level vampire was the leader, so he opened his mouth and said, “Sir, since you possess such ability, you should be respected.
I, Viscount Snow, am willing to apologize for my rashness and rudeness—”

Before he could finish his sentence, a golden shadow zoomed in on him and smashed into his handsome and pale face.


The vampire’s head pounded right into the ground.
His butt was lifted high, and his limbs convulsed uncontrollably.
You could tell how painful it was.

The muscles on the faces of the other three vampires started twitching.
They looked at the ‘mixed-blood’ in front of them, terrified.
They didn’t think that he would be so cruel.

Zi Ye’s eyes lit up.
She looked at the vampire on the ground and then glanced at the golden brick in Wang Teng’s hand.
She looked as if she had discovered something new.

The vampire pushed his hands on the ground and forcefully pulled his head out.

His hair was in a mess, while blood flowed down his forehead and nose.
He was in a disheveled state.
Resentment and anger appeared in his eyes.

“Don’t you understand what I’m saying?” Wang Teng looked at him and asked.

Viscount Snow cursed in his heart.

This ‘mixed-blood’ wasn’t going by the books.
He had already admitted defeat and apologized, but he still beat him.
He was a viscount of the vampire race.
He had never felt so humiliated.

Also, this bastard was ruthless!

He slammed his head right into the ground.
Utter humiliation!

However, this ‘mixed-blood’ was different from those mixed-bloods that groveled and acted like slaves in front of them.
He dared to beat a pure-blood with a title.
He was either stupid or mad.

No matter what he was, it was best not to anger him.
Once he returned to his manor, he would have many ways to torture him to death.
Hence, he nodded obediently and kept quiet.

Wang Teng felt a little disappointed, but he didn’t waste any time and went straight to the point.
“Where are you from?”

Cold sweat instantly appeared on the dark apparitions’ foreheads.

What did that disappointed look mean?

The leader’s eyes flickered.
Just when he was about to reply to Wang Teng, the ‘mixed-blood’ fiddled with the golden brick in his hand and said, “Think before you answer.
If I discover that you lied to me, I won’t be so easygoing.”

“Wolfhead Ridge, Graystone Town!” the leader replied without hesitation.

“Why did you come here?” Wang Teng continued asking.

“To hunt!”

After a round of interrogation, the four vampires told Wang Teng the truth obediently.

Wang Teng got to know a lot of information through them.
At the same time, he understood what mixed-bloods and pure-bloods were.

All in all, it was troublesome.

He could guess why Zi Ye’s mother brought the young Zi Ye to the forest to live.
It must be due to this societal status that could never be changed.

Wang Teng glanced at Zi Ye.
The latter looked back at him curiously.

He retracted his gaze, a devilish red light shining in his eyes.


The leader lost his conscience under Wang Teng’s powerful spiritual power.

Wang Teng asked a few more crucial questions.
Most of what they said was true besides the fact that they didn’t just come to hunt.
He didn’t ask anymore.

The leader shuddered and woke up suddenly.
He screamed frighteningly as if he had seen a ghost.
“How do you know the vampire race’s talent?”

The other three vampires were stunned.
They finally understood what had happened and stared at Wang Teng in astonishment.

This mixed-blood knew the talent unique to their race and even used it on them.

“Why does a dead person have to know the answer?” Wang Teng glanced at them coldly.

The vampires’ expressions changed, and they ran away without any hesitation.

“If you kill us, all the pure-bloods will seek you as their enemies.
They will chase you and kill you,” the leader of the vampires shouted as he retreated furiously.

“We’re the only ones here.
Who will know that I’m the one who killed you?” Wang Teng mocked, not moving.

“You…” The leader was speechless.
He felt that what the ‘mixed-blood’ said was reasonable.
There was no way of rebuttal.

He didn’t think that this man would really dare to kill pure-bloods.
He must be a maniac!

They hastened their pace, exerting all their energies as they ran away.
They just wanted to escape from this maniac immediately.


Suddenly, the four dark apparitions who were running away trembled.
Blood spurted out from their temples.

They turned rigid, and the expressions on their faces froze.
They fell to the ground, dead.

“I prefer to kill any uncertainties.” Wang Teng was indifferent.
He raised his hand, and a ray of light flew into his palm.
It was the Shooting Star Spiral.

Multiple attribute bubbles dropped on the ground.
He picked them up.

Dark Force*160

Dark Force*140


Dark Force*145



Wang Teng’s gaze turned sharp.
His body changed, and he instantly turned into another person.
He said to Zi Ye, “From now on, I’m Viscount Snow.”

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