Chapter 494: Sorry, sorry!

Dark Force*56

Blank Attribute*80

After killing the big black fish, two attribute bubbles dropped.
They got swept over by Wang Teng’s spiritual power, and he picked them up.

Then, he turned and glanced at the little creature.
“What are you doing? Hurry up and bathe!”

“Yes, yes.” The little creature nodded its head in a daze.
It took off its clothes awkwardly and started bathing.

It finally understood that this mysterious big creature was extremely powerful.
It didn’t have to be scared of the powerful presences it had feared in the past.

Wang Teng finished bathing quickly and walked to the shore.
He used his fire Force to dry his clothes before putting them on.

The little creature climbed up too.
However, it was naked.
It planned to wear its torn and tattered beast skin clothes.

“Pfft!” Wang Teng’s eyes suddenly widened in astonishment.

This little creature was a girl!

After bathing and washing off all the black things, her delicate and pretty little face was revealed.
It was just a little pale.

Wang Teng hurriedly closed his eyes. I’m sorry, I’m sorry!

The little creature didn’t feel anything.
She quickly wore her clothes and stared at Wang Teng with wide eyes.

Wang Teng opened his eyes and sized up the little creature carefully.
Her eyes were a little pointy, and her pupils were dark purple.
Except for that, she looked no different from an ordinary human.

Her hair was black.
After washing, they dropped straight down behind her back.

Wang Teng touched his chin.

Honestly, this little creature was quite beautiful.
Besides being a little malnourished, there was nothing wrong.

Wang Teng coughed awkwardly and shook away the weird thoughts in his mind.
He wasn’t interested in a little kid.

He had fed her for the past few days, so she had grown a little fatter.
If not, she would have been skinnier.

Wang Teng thought for a moment and decided to keep her by his side first.
He wanted to know who she was.

He grabbed the little creature’s collar and flew into the sky.
After confirming the direction, he flew out of the forest.

The little creature wasn’t afraid.
She looked at the scenery flashing by below her curiously.

“What’s your name?” A calm voice sounded beside her ear.

She looked up at Wang Teng and tilted her head before replying, “Zi Ye!”

“Zi Ye!” Wang Teng lowered his head and looked into her purple pupils.
He nodded his head in deep thought and asked, “Who gave you your name?”

At first, he thought that this abandoned child didn’t have a name.
Unexpectedly, she had one.

“My mother!” Zi Ye said.

Wang Teng remained silent for a moment.
He guessed that Zi Ye’s mother was probably dead.
If not, she wouldn’t have abandoned the young child.

He changed the topic and asked, “Did your mother bring you to this forest?”

“Yes!” Zi Ye nodded.

Wang Teng stopped asking.
Zi Ye stopped talking too.
She sized up her surroundings curiously.
This was the first time she had left the vicinity of her home.

After flying for half an hour, the two of them reached the edge of the forest.
He scanned the ground with his Spiritual Sight and saw a few balls of lights below.

There were four balls in total.
Based on their intensity, three were at the 6-star soldier level while one was at the 7-star soldier level.

Wang Teng’s eyes turned sharp.
He landed on the ground with Zi Ye.

These were four vampire dark apparitions, two males and two females.
All of them had outstanding appearances.

They were on their guard when they saw Wang Teng and Zi Ye landing in front of them.

Wang Teng wasn’t stupid.
This was the Darkland, so he must keep a low profile.
He mustn’t expose his human identity.
Hence, he used Dark Force all this while.

The four vampire dark apparitions didn’t suspect him.
They saw him landing from the sky without wings, so he was at least a 7-star soldier-level dark apparition.
They thought he was a famous dark apparition, so they didn’t dare to be rude.

However, after seeing the two people’s appearances, they kept their vigilance and turned arrogant instead.
There was contempt in their eyes as they mocked, “Mixed-bloods!”

Mixed blood? Wang Teng was puzzled.
He looked at himself and then at Zi Ye.

Were they referring to them?

Did the dark apparitions misunderstand something?

“Who are you?” Wang Teng asked.

Where did you come from? Don’t you know that you should bow down to pure-bloods?” One of the dark apparitions ordered angrily.

Wang Teng frowned.

F**k, are you asking me to kneel?

Are these dark apparitions tired of living?

The vampire dark apparitions noticed that he didn’t move.
There was even disdain in his eyes.
They got offended and infuriated.
“You’re looking for death!”

Two of the dark apparitions moved instantly and attacked him, shooting towards Wang Teng.

Wang Teng was stunned once again. Are dark apparitions always so reckless?

They just attacked him without finding out his true ability.

He glanced at the other two dark apparitions.
They were standing there calmly.
They didn’t seem afraid that Wang Teng would retaliate.

Where did their sense of superiority come from?

The two dark apparitions appeared in front of Wang Teng.
The killing intent in their eyes turned stronger when they saw him ignoring them.
No mercy could be seen from their expressions.
Crimson light shimmered on their palms as they clawed at Wang Teng’s heart.

“Move!” Wang Teng suddenly retaliated.

Bang! Bang!

With two crisp slaps, the two dark apparitions were thrown ten meters back.


They slammed on the ground heavily, a few teeth dropping out of their mouths.
Their pale and handsome faces were swollen, and they were shocked.

“How dare you hit us!” The two dark apparitions were surprised and furious.
They seemed to think that Wang Teng attacking them was something incredible.

“Is there a problem with hitting you?” Wang Teng asked coldly.

“Do you know what you’re doing? How dare you attack a pure-blood? There’s no place for you in the Abyss World.” The other two dark apparitions who didn’t attack him stared at Wang Teng sternly.

The Abyss World? Wang Teng wasn’t frightened by their words.
But he noticed a term they used and felt astounded.

“Hey, are you listening to us?” The four dark apparitions were infuriated.
No mixed-blood ever dared to be so rude to them.
Was this fellow mad?

“Sigh, we’re not of the same race, so we can’t even communicate properly.” Wang Teng sighed.
He moved his body and disappeared instantly.

The expressions of the four dark apparitions changed.
They activated the dark Force in their bodies.
Black light shone around them, and they immediately created a defensive barrier.

“Useless!” Wang Teng snorted.
Dark Force flowed around him as he punched his fists out.


The four dark apparitions were flabbergasted.
They were thrown off their feet, vomiting a mouth of blood.

“Who on earth are you?” They were frightened when they looked at Wang Teng again.
The arrogance on their faces was gone.

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