Chapter 48: A Data Report

After coming out of the teachers’ office, Wang Teng and Lin Chuhan walked to the school gates side by side.

“Class Monitor, it’s dinner time now.
Why don’t I treat you to a meal?”

“There’s no need for that.
My mom has already cooked dinner and is waiting for me to go back,” Lin Chuhan rejected him without any hesitation.

“Alright, we will part here then.” Wang Teng smiled.
He didn’t mind her response.

“Alright, goodbye!” replied Lin Chuhan.

Wang Teng waved his hand.
He sat in his car and drove away alone.
Along the way, he called the landlord and informed him that he was going over to the house now.

Approximately ten minutes later, in the university town, it was the same pavement beside the main road.
The rough-looking man rode his little scooter with a beauty sitting behind him.

The scene looked extremely dissolute.

It was the same rough-looking man but with an additional beauty hugging his waist.
Wang Teng almost couldn’t recognize the guy.

He parked his sports car at the side of the road and got down.

“Little Brother Wang, over here.” The landlord waved at him.

Wang Teng walked over only after he was called.
He said in a meaningful tone, “Brother, I only left for an afternoon, but I almost couldn’t recognize you.”

The landlord obviously knew what he meant.
He laughed and said, “Low profile, low profile.”

The beauty behind him rolled her eyes and lifted her hand to pinch his fat waist.
“Stupid fellow!”

Oh my, the voice was a little sweet.

“Ouch!” The rough-looking man gasped in pain.

“You must be ‘Young Master Wang, the king of Qidian Orphanage,’ right? Old Wang mentioned you before,” the beauty turned to Wang Teng and said.

Wang Teng: …

The landlord burst out laughing when he saw Wang Teng’s frustrated expression.
“Alright, don’t mention this matter anymore.
Normal people won’t have the ability to bear with this name.”

“It’s all youth’s fault!” Wang Teng replied helplessly.

“How old are you?” The beauty covered her mouth and smiled.

“Let me introduce her to you.
This is my wife.
You can call her Sister Han,” said the landlord.

“Sister Han!” Wang Teng called.
Then, he continued, “My name is Wang Teng.
You can call me by my name.”

“You and Old Wang have the same surname,” Sister Han smiled and replied.

“That’s right.
Brother has the surname ‘Wang’ too.
Oh right, I don’t know your name yet.” Wang Teng smiled.
He felt that this was fate.

“There’s no need to mention my name.
I’ll call you Brother Wang, and if you don’t mind, you can call me Old Brother Wang.” Wang Dapao gave a look of contempt when his name was mentioned.

Wang Teng didn’t probe further.
He nodded and asked, “Are you going out to play?”

“That’s right.
This idiot hasn’t brought me out for a long time.
He hardly accompanied me out today,” Sister Han said sadly.

“Old Brother Wang, this is your fault.
Sister Han is so pretty.
How can you coop her up at home for so long?” Wang Teng smiled.

“Did you hear that? Learn from Little Teng.
Look at how smart he is,” Sister Han pinched Wang Dapao’s ears as she said.

Wang Dapao’s expression became distorted due to the pain.
He glared at Wang Teng with hidden bitterness on his face.

“I will not disturb you, then.
Old Brother Wang, get along quickly.” Wang Teng pushed Wang Dapao in a friendly manner.

At the same time, in the office building of Jixin Martial House.

A young lady around twenty years old was walking towards the principal’s office in haste.
There was a piece of paper in her hand.
It was a data report.

Xiaoming was a staff member of Jixin Martial House.
While she was collecting the data of the martial disciples today, something caught her attention.

At the principal’s office entrance, Xiaoming adjusted her breathing that had turned a little rapid because of her brisk walk.
Then, she knocked on the door.

Knock, knock, knock!

“Come in.” A deep voice came from inside.

Xiaoming pushed the door open and walked in.

“What’s the matter?”

The principal was a man around 30 years old.
He had short hair that looked like steel spikes on his head.
Every single strand of his hair was erected.
He wore a stern expression and gave off a fierce and sharp aura.

The staff of Jixin Martial House would all feel a little frightened when facing the principal.
Xiaoming was no exception.
At this moment, she needed to gather her courage before she dared to step forward and place the data report on the principal’s table.

“Principal, there’s something wrong with this report.
I think that you should take a look at it.”


Fu Tiandao raised his eyebrows.
He stopped what he was doing and turned his attention to the date report.

He took the report and leaned against his chair.
He scanned through it twice.

“A normal person rose to become an advanced stage martial disciple in less than a month? Hmm, this is interesting!” Fu Tiandao smiled ambiguously.

Xiaoming wanted to say something, but Fu Tiandao continued, “You can leave now.
I’ll keep it with me.
Also, don’t tell anyone else about the content of this report.”

“Yes!” Xiaoming replied in a hurry.

Xiaoming didn’t dare to probe further.

After Wang Teng took the keys from the landlord, he placed the crow egg in the bedroom in the house.
He then turned on the incubator and slowly incubated the egg.

Then, he drove his car home to have dinner.
Afterward, as usual, he went to the martial arts academy to pick up some attributes.

For the next two days, Wang Teng’s life was very peaceful.
He followed the same routine every day.

In the morning, he would go to school to collect some ‘Five Years of Martial Arts Exam, Three Years of Mock Papers’ attributes.
If he didn’t want to attend the lesson, he would go to the little forest to practice his Force skill scriptures.

This allowed the proficiency of his Force and skill scriptures to rise.

At night, he would visit Jixin Martial House to pick up some attributes to perfect his basic battle techniques and raise his battle power.

Of course, he didn’t forget his two main offensive Force battle techniques, Fire Kirin Sword Skill and Phantom Ice Fist.

After repeated attempts, Wang Teng realized that he was able to raise 1 point of his battle technique every ten times he practiced.

Also, as his enlightenment increased, the speed of his cultivation followed suit.

This caused his thirst for enlightenment attributes to grow stronger.

Wang Teng also experimented with the defense ability of Earth Element Shield.

If he executed it to its fullest potential, Earth Element Shield could block approximately 80% of his attacking power.

This was not bad already, keeping in mind that his overall battle power was at 201 points now.
This meant that Earth Element Shield was able to neutralize a third to half of a full-fledged attack of a one-star high-class martial warrior.

This was enough to save his life in critical times.

Furthermore, as long as he had ample earth Force, the defense ability of his earth Force could still be increased.

Enlightenment: 90

Spirit: 22.8

Talent: Beginner stage fire talent (11/300) Beginner stage ice talent (13/300), Beginner stage earth talent (12/300), Spiritual sight (beginner stage 1.1/10)

Force: 64/100 Fire (one-star soldier level martial warrior)

8/100 Ice (one-star soldier level martial warrior)

7/100 Earth (one-star soldier level martial warrior)

Scripture: Red Flame Scripture (foundation 20/100), Deep Ice Scripture (foundation 12/100), Earth Loess Skill ‘Earth Element Shield’ (foundation 15/100)

Battle Techniques: Basic battle techniques (mastery for fist, sword, blade, footwork), Basic Stick Skill (foundation), Gun Skill (small achievement), Fire Kirin Sword Skill (foundation 43/100), Phantom Ice Fist (foundation 13/100)

Knowledge: Basic Subjects (full marks), ‘Five Years of Martial Arts Exam, Three Years of Mock Papers’ (80 points)

Overall Battle Power: 201

Blank Attribute: 0

Wang Teng nodded in satisfaction when he looked at the changes in his attributes board.
It was improving at a visible rate.
This was enough to delight him.

Besides cultivation, Wang Teng also guarded against the team that the earth element martial warrior had mentioned before his death.

The three martial warriors that died were probably just a part of a martial warrior team.
Their disappearance would definitely raise the attention of the other team members.

He hoped that those people wouldn’t be able to find him out…

Friday arrived.
‘Master Lu’ flagship store, where Wang Teng had ordered his weapon carrier casket, finally responded to him.

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