Chapter 485: Appalling Devil Transformation!

Black Incubus Devil Lord was enveloped by dense black light.

The black light got brighter and brighter.
It was like a black sun enlarging gradually.

Black Incubus Devil Lord kept expanding like an inflated balloon.
Her purple hair danced in the air even though there was no wind.
As her body grew bigger, her hair became thicker too.
They appeared like pythons growing on her head.

At the same time, a pair of sharp horns appeared on her head.
They gave off a cold glint.
Sharp fangs also appeared at the edge of her lips, like two rows of saws.
It was frightening.

“This is…” Dan Taixuan and the other martial warriors squinted as they stared intently at Black Incubus Devil Lord.
Something scary was about to happen.

The runemasters turned grave too.

The atmosphere was tense.

Chaos suddenly occurred on the battlefield below.

“Devil… devil transformation!”

“The lord is undergoing devil transformation!”

“Run! These humans are dead!”

“They managed to force the lord to this stage.
We’re all going to die!”

The ones causing the disturbance weren’t the humans but the dark apparitions.
They abandoned the humans and started escaping frantically in fear while screaming.

The humans were dumbstruck.

What just happened?

Did the dark apparitions go crazy?

What the hell was devil transformation?

It sounded scary!

At this moment, the humans couldn’t care less about the dark apparitions who were scurrying away.
They looked up at the sky at the black ball of light that kept squirming and expanding.

Two balls of eerie red light suddenly lit up on the surface of this ball.
An evil, chaotic, and messy aura swept the surroundings.

Those were two huge eyeballs.
There were blood capillaries covering the eyeballs, and they were shining with a red light.
They weren’t like human eyeballs.
Instead, they looked strange and frightening.

The humans below started to feel lost.
Their minds were affected, and they got hypnotized.

“Don’t look!” The runemasters were sensitive to spiritual fluctuations so they immediately noticed what was wrong.
They shouted in a hurry.

“Hmph!” A cold snort was heard.
Then, an extremely powerful spiritual power spread out from the middle of the array to its surroundings.
It collided with the chaotic spiritual wave.


An invisible spiritual power collision formed a circular impact wave.

“What is this spiritual power?” Gorlin and the others were dumbfounded.
They looked at the source of this wave in shock.

It came from Wang Teng!

That spiritual power had obviously exceeded the Emperor realm!

Imperial realm spirit!

It must have reached the Imperial realm!

How was this possible?

Gorlin and the others were in disbelief.
They knew how hard it was to attain this stage.

Numerous runemasters worked hard their entire life, but they couldn’t reach it.
Yet, the young Wang Teng had already entered this realm.

What had they been doing their entire life?

No one would be able to accept this!

“Close your eyes!” While the runemasters were immersed in astonishment, they heard Wang Teng’s voice.

Countless human martial warriors below woke up in horror.
After hearing Wang Teng’s words, they closed their eyes without any hesitation.

The general-stage martial warriors were powerful, so their spirit wasn’t weak.
They didn’t get affected by the chaotic spiritual power.
They looked at the expanding Black Incubus Devil Lord seriously.

“Devil transformation?” Everyone was shocked.
They had never seen this transformation before, so they didn’t know what would happen next.

However, they knew that it wasn’t a good thing.

Wang Teng squinted slightly.
He followed the Leiting Physique and the lightning Force in his body was operating at its prime.


Bolts of lightning struck his body.

Wang Teng continued to gather lightning Force, especially after he saw the devil transformation.
He felt that the lightning Force in the array wasn’t enough.



Silver snakes danced crazily as they plummeted from the sky and entered the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array.
The lightning Force in the array turned more violent.

Wang Teng didn’t wait for death.
He controlled the Yi Wood Melting Fire Array and submerged Black Incubus Devil Lord in the green flames.


A loud bellow came from the ball of black light immediately.
The black glow started compressing before finally exploding.


As the green flames on the surface dispersed, the true form of Black Incubus Devil Lord below was revealed.

What kind of appearance was this?

It was indescribable!

Her body seemed like a mashed-up mixture of many pieces of decomposing flesh.
They were squirming around, and there were lines of meat hair drooping down.
On the part where the head was supposed to be, the purple python-like hair danced furiously with a crimson pair of eyeballs embedded in it.
Saliva dripped down her opened mouth, revealing the sharp row of teeth.

This was entirely different from the beautiful lady she was a moment ago.


How disgusting!

Wang Teng couldn’t look straight at it.
That appearance was just too challenging.
Fortunately, he didn’t have any improper thoughts towards her.
If not, he might get nightmares!

Indeed, these dark apparitions were all monsters!

Devil transformation!

So this was a devil transformation!

Wang Teng turned serious.
He could feel powerful and chaotic energy in her body.
It was strong enough to level everything within a ten kilometers radius to the ground.

“Human, tell me your name!” Black Incubus Devil Lord slowly opened her mouth.
Her voice was full of evilness.

Wang Teng looked at her and said, “Wang Teng!”

“Very good, you should die without any regrets since you forced me to such a state.” Black Incubus Devil Lord’s voice was cold and indifferent.

It was filled with contempt.
She seemed like a mighty god looking down at them.

A mocking smile appeared at the edge of Wang Teng’s lips.
He kept quiet and pointed at the sky.


Multiple bolts of lightning shot out from the array and gathered in one location.

“Die!” Black Incubus Devil Lord cut through the flame and opened her mouth as she charged towards Wang Teng.

Her huge body squirmed and moved.
It seemed to have turned into a huge mouth, wanting to swallow Wang Teng whole.

Wang Teng’s gaze flickered.
He controlled all the green flames around him and formed a huge net.
He threw the net at the dark apparition.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Black Incubus Devil Lord didn’t evade it.
Instead, she directly bumped into the net.
Green smoke floated up from her body and shrouded her.

The flesh on Black Incubus Devil Lord’s body turned into black smoke after getting burned by the green flame.
It twirled around her before merging into her body again.

Then, the flesh on her body squirmed and expanded continuously.
The cycle repeated…

“What on earth is this?” A hint of astonishment finally appeared in Wang Teng’s mind.

This current form of Black Incubus Devil Lord was strange!

He couldn’t imagine how she did it.

Wang Teng gritted his teeth.
He could only place his hope on the lightning Force, hoping that he would be able to destroy her by its formidable power.

In the sky, there was an area that was filled with thick lightning Force.
As more and more lightning Force congregated, it gradually turned into a majestic lightning beast…

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