Chapter 484: Coincidentally, He’s The Same Age As My Daughter!

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Extremely thick green flame filled up the entire array, and scorching heat swept over, turning the area covered by the Yi Wood Melting Fire Array into a fiery hell.

Everyone was stunned by this sudden scene.

Green flame!

“What is this?”

Gorlin and the other runemasters were astounded as they stared at the green flame in confusion.

As runemasters, they were more familiar with special flames compared to an ordinary person.
It only took one second for them to confirm that this green flame was extraordinary.

“This green flame must be a special flame formed from the essence of the world.
It is anything but ordinary,” Master Carl muttered.

“Master Gorlin, your disciple hides well.
I didn’t know that he had such a treasure!” The other runemasters exclaimed.

“I didn’t know either.
I’ve never heard him mention it,” Gorlin said with a bitter smile.

Mind you, he lived for a few hundred years, but he had never seen any special flames recorded in the ancient books.

As the saying went, a waterfront pavilion would get the moonlight first.
If he knew that Wang Teng possessed this green flame, he would have studied it properly.

Carl, Cha Shu, and the other runemaster examined the green flame carefully.
They seemed mesmerized by it.

On the other side, Black Incubus Devil Lord was rushing towards Wang Teng, but she was stopped by the green flame.

“This is the green flame from that scorpion.
But… Why is it stronger?” Her expression was grim.
The memories her clone transferred to her appeared in her mind.

The metal armor flaming scorpion used this flame.
However, compared to the green flame the young human took out, it was nothing.

She sensed that the flame was extraordinary.
If she got stained by it accidentally, she would get injured too.

Dan Taixuan and the others heaved a sigh of relief when they saw Black Incubus Devil Lord falling into the array.
At first, they thought that Wang Teng would be in danger since his opponent was the formidable Black Incubus Devil Lord.
But, it was the other way round.

Black Incubus Devil Lord was in trouble after entering the array Wang Teng was hosting.

“Let’s recover quickly while Black Incubus Devil Lord is held back by the array.
We need to prepare for any accidents,” Lord Yang said with a sharp gaze.

“That’s right.
That young man tried his best to buy us some time.
We mustn’t waste it.” Another unfamiliar general-stage martial warrior nodded.

They stopped talking and immediately started recuperating.

In the huge array, Wang Teng stared at Black Incubus Devil Lord from afar.
There seemed to be two green flames burning in his eyes.
His gaze appeared strange and magical.

Suddenly, the green flames congregated into chains.
They hurled themselves at Black Incubus Devil Lord from all directions.


Even though they were formed from flames, the chains still gave off a metallic sound when they collided.

Black Incubus Devil Lord’s expression changed slightly.
She rose into the air and dodged them quickly.
Yet, more and more chains took shape and flew towards her, forming a tight net around her.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

At the same time, the green flames also formed many spears and stabbed towards her.

Black Incubus Devil Lord’s expression turned ugly.
She shuttled back and forth between the chains and the spears.


Suddenly, a lingering shadow scraped her arm, a wisp of green flame rising from it.

The green flame rose abruptly from the part of her body that was rubbed.
Instantly, the flame swallowed her entire arm.

Black Incubus Devil Lord squinted her eyes.
She hurriedly shook off the dark Force that was stained with the green flame covering her arm.

Before she had the time to retaliate, another net formed from spears and chains bore down from above her.
Black Incubus Devil Lord had no chance to act.
The green flame was everywhere.
Under its attack, she couldn’t get an inch nearer to Wang Teng.




The green flame kept rubbing against her body, causing green smoke to float from all over.
If she didn’t react in time, she would have been covered by the flame.

Black Incubus Devil Lord who had beaten the general-stage human martial warriors until they had no chance of resisting was in a disheveled state!

Dan Taixuan, Gorlin, and many others were dumbfounded.
They thought that it would be a feat if the array could hold back Black Incubus Devil Lord for a few seconds.

No one expected Black Incubus Devil Lord to land in such a helpless state after the compounding effects of Wang Teng’s methods.

This was incredible!

This young man must be a bug!

“Would he be able to get rid of Black Incubus Devil Lord without us?” Lord Yang asked with a strange expression.

“That would be great!” a general-stage martial warrior said.

“If that brat can kill Black Incubus Devil Lord, I’ll treat him to some drinks!” a general-stage martial warrior with a beard said in his rough voice.

The moment he finished speaking, he came up with a better idea.
“Anyway, that young man isn’t married, right? Coincidentally, he’s the same age as my daughter!”

“Pfft, shameless.
Your daughter is only 13 years old.
What do you mean by the same age?” The other general-stage martial warriors couldn’t bear to hear him.

“Haha, that young lad seems to be around 18 years old.
They’re both less than 20, so they are of the same age.” The martial warrior with a beard ignored their remarks.

“My daughter is 18 years old.
She’s the same age as him.
Your daughter isn’t the first in the queue.”

“Oh, you’re making me irritated.
Are you trying to snatch him from me?”

“Snatch? Who doesn’t have any thoughts about this talent?”

Wang Teng: …

Lord Yang and Dan Taixuan stared absent-mindedly at the general-stage martial warriors as they started quarreling on the spot for such a weird reason.
Many crows flew past their heads.

Are you seriously arguing over your son-in-law at this life-or-death moment?

Also, your daughter is only 13 years old.
Why are you pushing her out? Is this how you act like a father?

Lord Yang and Dan Taixuan didn’t know what to say.
They ignored the idiots and stared intently at the array, feeling extremely nervous.

At the same time, the runemasters were amazed when they saw the power of the green flame.

“This must be a flame made from the essence of the world!” They were entirely sure now and extremely jealous!

Master Carl suddenly opened his mouth.
“Master Gorlin, I have a request that you must agree to!”

“Master Gorlin, I have a request too.
I don’t know if I should say it.” Master Cha Shu knew what Master Carl wanted to say, so he joined in the conversation.

“Master Gorlin, I have a bold thought…” The other runemasters started speaking up one by one.

Gorlin glanced at them from the corner of his eyes and replied indifferently, “There’s no need to continue.
I’m not listening.”

The runemasters wanted to continue, but they suddenly heard a loud roar from the array.


Black Incubus Devil Lord was infuriated..
A tremendous change started occurring to her hourglass figure.


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