Chapter 483: Array Activation, Lightning Fell!

“Wang Teng!”

Gorlin’s shout echoed in the air.

Wang Teng didn’t need any reminders.
He acted instantly.
His spiritual kinesis surged out and intertwined the lightning rod below him.

Along with the 12 lightning rods under the runemasters, the 13th lightning rod worked mutually with one another.

Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array, activated!


13 rays of light soared into the sky.

Wang Teng’s gaze turned serious.
He slowly sat down cross-legged on the lightning rod.
With the help of his spiritual kinesis, he was floating in mid-air.
Wang Teng activated the Leiting Physique.

Suddenly, the weather changed, and black clouds floated over.


Thunder resounded through the entire sky.

The people on the ground raised their heads, feeling shocked.

“The array is activated! There’s still hope!” The human martial warriors roared.

“Don’t give up! Follow me and charge!”

The morale of Kong Li, Yuwen Xuan, and the others was boosted.
Drenched in blood, they possessed a ferocious aura, looking like gods of death.

Black Incubus Devil Lord also noticed the situation in the sky.
She raised her head and squinted when she saw the lightning flashing down from the dark clouds.

Dan Taixuan and the others were elated.
They exchanged glances and felt a sense of hope rising in their hearts.

In the middle of the array, as the lightning Force flowed around Wang Teng’s body, the lightning in the sky started turning violent as if it was stimulated.

Suddenly, bolts of lightning suddenly shot down towards the middle of the array.




Bolts of lightning flashed down again and again.
Instantly, the 13th lightning rod and Wang Teng got submerged by the boundless lightning.

The runemasters stared at Wang Teng intently.
They were extremely nervous.

This process was too dangerous.

Wang Teng did promise them that he wouldn’t be in danger, but they were still worried.

If something wrong occurred, he would be injured or might even be reduced to a charred corpse.

“This brat!” Dan Taixuan looked towards the center of the array while gritting her teeth.
A tinge of worry appeared in her eyes.
“He’s pushing himself too much!”

Lord Yang and the others were worried but hopeful.
After all, Wang Teng was bearing the weight of all the humans’ hope!

If he lost, the humans here would die in this battle.

“What a tough guy!” Black Incubus Devil Lord’s gaze flickered.

She didn’t know what these humans were doing or how powerful their plan could become, but she knew that they wanted to use this array to defeat her.

Even though she was confident, she wouldn’t sit and wait without doing anything.

She moved her body and charged towards Wang Teng.

“Stop her!” Dan Taixuan and the other martial warriors’ expressions changed.
They hurriedly blocked her path.

“Move!” Black Incubus Devil Lord shouted.
She slashed her battle sword and started fighting with the human martial warriors.

The first batch of lightning disappeared on the 13th lightning rod, revealing Wang Teng’s figure.
He was covered with purple bolts of small lightning that looked like tiny snakes slithering around his body.
It was a divine sight.

“Again!” Wang Teng raised his head and bellowed.

Boom, boom, boom…

Terrifying bolts of lightning shot down from the sky as if provoked by his words.
They were all aimed at Wang Teng.

Wang Teng bathed in the lightning.
His clothes floated in the wind, and his hair danced violently.
It made him look wild and unruly.

Lightning Force*30

Lightning Force*50

Lightning Force*45

Wang Teng collected all the lightning Force attribute bubbles that were formed to raise his lightning Force quickly.
At the same time, he activated the Leiting Physique.
Lightning Force congregated in his body and merged with the array.

The entire array was slowly spinning.
With the addition of the lightning Force, purple bolts of lights shimmered in the array, and lightning cracked furiously.

To others, Wang Teng, who was in the middle of the array, was in an extremely dangerous situation.
Their hearts jumped every time a bolt of lightning struck down.
They were worried.



However, Wang Teng’s laughter kept coming from the center.

Everyone was stunned.

How could that fellow laugh in this dangerous situation?

Eventually, they finally noticed that he didn’t seem to be in much danger.
The lightning might be terrifying to normal people, but it didn’t pose any threat to Wang Teng.
This was unexpected.

Gorlin and the other runemaster glanced at one another with a weird expression.
This fellow didn’t lie to them.
He was truthful when he said that the lightning wouldn’t harm him.
They heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts.

As more and more lightning Force gathered in the array, Black Incubus Devil Lord felt her heart trembling.

She knew that she couldn’t let the young human gather more lightning.
If not, the power of this rune array might seriously be a threat to her.


Lord Yang finally fell under Black Incubus Devil Lord’s attack.
He was stabbed in the chest by her sword and was seriously injured, vomiting a mouthful of blood.

The other general-stage martial warriors hurried forward.
However, there were too few of them, so their battle ability had decreased tremendously.
They were swept away by Black Incubus Devil Lord.

“Pfft!” Dan Taixuan exchanged a palm with Black Incubus Devil Lord and flew backward.
She coughed out blood.

Within a split second, multiple general-stage martial warriors were forced to retreat.
In the end, Black Incubus Devil Lord dashed towards Wang Teng.

“You are the first soldier-level martial warrior that I have to attend to personally!” Black Incubus Devil Lord’s expression had turned cold.
A black glow slashed out of her sword.

Wang Teng wasn’t affected.
He stared at Black Incubus Devil Lord without backing down and pointed at her.

A bolt of lightning jumped out from the array!


The lightning slammed into the black sword glow and destroyed it instantly.
Three more bolts of lightning appeared to welcome the true form of Black Incubus Devil Lord.

Black Incubus Devil Lord’s gaze flickered.
She dodged quickly in mid-air and evaded the three lightning attacks.

Wang Teng moved his finger, and ten more bolts of lightning shot out.

“Hmph!” Black Incubus Devil Lord couldn’t evade them anymore.
She snorted and fought them with her sword.

Boom, boom, boom!

The bolts of lightning struck down from above her head.
They collided with the black sword glows, setting off loud explosions.

“Masters, activate the Yi Wood Melting Fire Array!” Wang Teng said through voice transmission.

“Can you handle it?” Gorlin frowned and asked.

“No problem!” Wang Teng’s tone was firm.

Gorlin and the runemasters stopped asking and activated the Yi Wood Melting Fire Array together.

There was no change to the array.
They just needed to continue what they were doing, and the other array would get activated soon.

Wang Teng continued absorbing the lightning Force while hosting the array to shoot lightning at Black Incubus Devil Lord to push her back.


After some time, Wang Teng felt another array being revived.
He shuddered.
A ball of pure green flame rose from his body.

The Emerald Glazed Flame!

The green flame spread to his entire body before merging into the array.
The entire Yi Wood Melting Fire Array was engulfed by the burning green flame.

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