Chapter 481: Imperial Realm Spirit!

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The Eight Arms Devil General suddenly widened his eyes in shock.
Slowly lowering his head, he saw the huge hole in his chest.
Blood was flowing out like a stream.

“How… is this possible?!” Disbelief filled up his face.
He never thought that he would get seriously injured by a soldier-level human martial warrior.

The memories of Yang City floated into his mind.
At that time, he could kill this human as easily as an ant.
He almost killed this puny human with a casual throw of his spear back then.
If someone hadn’t saved him, he would have died.

Yet today, as a general-stage dark apparition, he was seriously injured by his spear.
It was the same spear, but the result was entirely different.

How ironic!

Wang Teng stood erected in the lightning rod, glaring at the Eight Arms Devil General with his sharp gaze.
“What do you think of this spear?”

“You!” The Eight Arms Devil General was furious, vomiting a mouthful of blood uncontrollably.

Lord Yang and the others were shocked when they saw this situation.
Wang Teng had managed to defeat a general-stage dark apparition.
It felt unreal.

When the Eight Arms Devil General attacked Wang Teng, they wanted to help him, but Black Incubus Devil Lord held them back.
Unexpectedly, after a short while and the full-force attacks of both sides, the winner was born quickly.

Even more, the winner was the weaker Wang Teng!

This was out of their expectation.
They felt that their judgment of Wang Teng’s talent was too low.
As someone who had managed to defeat a general-stage warrior with soldier-level ability, the young man’s potential was frightening.

As for the lycan dark apparition who chased Wang Teng, they didn’t see the process of him getting killed, so the impact wasn’t direct.

“Useless!” Black Incubus Devil Lord was infuriated.

All her general-stage dark apparitions, be it Siler or Zurz, fell in this young human’s hand.
If they weren’t useless, what were they?

She was angered by their uselessness and bewildered by Wang Teng’s potential.
Even she had to admit that this young man’s talent and potential were incomparable to any other people.
He would definitely reach her height if given enough time.

He might even surpass her!

Killing intent filled up her heart when she thought of this possibility.
At first, she felt that Wang Teng must be killed because he was the talent of the human race.
Now, she felt that…

If he wasn’t removed, he would become a disaster for them!

Wang Teng’s importance had skyrocketed.

Although the Eight Arms Devil General was seriously injured by Wang Teng, he remained strong.
He knew that with his injury, he wasn’t Wang Teng’s match, so he didn’t plan to continue fighting.
He bore with the excruciating pain and retreated, wanting to rush to the dimensional rifts and leave this world.

There was a human saying that he agreed with.
Where there was life, there was hope.

He might have to face the consequences of leaving in failure, but it was better than dying.
As long as he was alive, there was a chance of him taking revenge.

Wang Teng frowned when he noticed that the dark apparition had dropped his dignity without any hesitation as a general-stage warrior and chose to run away.

He glanced at the runemasters.
They were almost done with the activation of the array.
It would be inappropriate for him to leave the lightning rod now.

However, he was unwilling to let the Eight Arms Devil General escape so easily.

These thoughts flashed past his mind.
Then, his eyes lit up, and he slashed Mo Que in the air.

A sharp white light exploded from Mo Que.
The moment he made his move, the light disappeared from the space in front.

The Eight Arms Devil General was on his guard.
Suddenly, his heart palpitated out of fear.
He turned to take a look and saw Wang Teng’s attack disappearing into space.

Then, he noticed the air in front of him turning distorted.
A sharp white sword glow appeared out of thin air.

He was flabbergasted and immediately released what was left of his dark Force.


The sharp sword glow fell on the Eight Arms Devil General.
It penetrated his body and landed on the mountain in the distance.


A huge explosion shook the ground.
The mountain seemed to have collapsed.

The eyes of the Eight Arms Devil General widened in surprise.
A line of blood appeared on his forehead, moving down his nose, mouth, neck… all the way down.

He recognized that move!

It was the same battle technique as the general-stage human martial warrior whom he had forced to self-destruct.

Seven-Star Emerging Scripture!

Wang Teng used this move, along with his space talent, to kill the escaping Eight Arms Devil General.
In the sky, the Eight Arms Devil General’s split into two and fell to the ground weakly.


At that instant of his death, he was filled with frustration and unwillingness.
He had died at the hands of a soldier-level human!

He died under his own weapon!

He died from the battle technique of the person he had killed!

All these factors kept mocking him silently.


The Eight Arms Devil General was dead!

Black Incubus Devil Lord stopped putting her attention on this side and started fighting with the general-stage human martial warriors more violently.

She should end this battle soon!

The general-stage human martial warriors couldn’t resist much longer.
Once she killed them, she wouldn’t need to worry about the other humans.
She would be able to pinch that young human to death easily before he fully grew up.

Dan Taixuan and the others had no time to pay attention to Wang Teng.
As time progressed, the pressure on them was increasing.
They would be killed if they didn’t focus.

If all of them died here, it would be a catastrophic blow to the human race.

Wang Teng used his spiritual power to pull the attribute bubbles the Eight Arms Devil General had dropped after his death.

Spiritual Realm Spirit*360

Spiritual Realm Enlightenment*330

Advanced Stage Dark Talent*415

Dark Force*1350

Eight Level Devil Scripture*600

Eight Arms Devil Physique*30

As all these attribute bubbles merged into his body, he shuddered.
A tremendous change occurred in his body.

First, it was his mind.
As the 360 points of the Spiritual realm spirit entered his body, Wang Teng’s spirit achieved a breakthrough.

Spirit: 2/300 (Imperial Realm)

Imperial realm spirit!

Wang Teng’s spirit had advanced into another realm!

At that moment, on this battlefield, Wang Teng’s spirit entered a profound state.

Imperial realm spirit.
Even Gorlin and the other runemasters hadn’t reached this realm.

It was said that you would only be able to enter the grandmaster stage if you reached this spiritual realm.

Wang Teng’s rune mastery hadn’t reached the grandmaster stage, but his spiritual realm got there first.
The door to being a rune grandmaster was wide open to him.

After he improved his rune mastery in the future, he would step into the grandmaster stage.

To others, they might never have a chance to enter this stage.
For instance, Gorlin and the other runemasters had studied this field for more than a hundred years, but only Gorlin had touched the door to the grandmaster stage.

However, to Wang Teng, it wasn’t difficult..
Instead, it was extremely easy.

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