Chapter 479: Fighting The Eight Arms Devil General Head-on

The flaming weapon torrent slowly circled the sky around Star Maple City.
The entire district was under its protection.

Any dark apparitions that entered the vicinity were mutilated mercilessly.
They plummeted to the ground like neatly-cut vegetables.

The human martial warriors felt reinvigorated.
While the dark apparitions were still in a daze, the humans launched a fierce attack.

The martial warriors like Kong Li and Yuwen Xuan were young, but they were experienced soldiers.
Although they were startled by Wang Teng’s strength, they quickly regained their composure.
As if to prove that they weren’t weaker than him, their attacks turned more ruthless.

The dark apparitions around them were taken aback.


Did these humans inject themselves with hormones?

How did they become so cruel?

Stupid humans, did they think that they were afraid?

They couldn’t offend the talented human, but they weren’t frightened of the other humans.

In an instant, the dark apparitions resisted fiercely.




The two sides started an intense fight again.

Weapons collided, and Force exploded.
In this war, dark apparitions were killed and human martial warriors were sacrificed.
Life was the most worthless thing here.

Fresh red blood stained the ground.

The sky was gray.
Five huge dimensional rifts revolved slowly, painting the picture of an apocalypse.

Wang Teng turned serious as he watched the battle unfold.

“Hahaha, die with me!” A peal of happy laughter was heard at this moment.

Wang Teng immediately looked in the direction of the sound.
He saw the Eight Arms Devil General injuring a human martial warrior.
The human’s chest got cut open, and one of his arms was chopped off.
He was covered in blood.

Wang Teng wanted to direct the weapon torrent to reinforce the man, but it was too late.

“Comrades, I’ll make my move first.
Take care!”


The moment he finished speaking, a loud explosion resounded through the entire battlefield.

He had self-destructed!

Wang Teng squinted his eyes, feeling staggered.
That was a general-stage martial warrior!

“General He!” Lord Yang and the others’ eyes turned bloodshot.
Their expressions turned hideous as they roared in anger.

He was a general-stage warrior from the Xingwu Continent.
He was also the first human general-stage martial warrior to lose his life in this war.

The humans had found out the dark apparition’s plan in advance and were at an advantage.
They had arranged two big arrays and killed multiple general-stage dark apparitions using them.

At the same time, Wang Teng went through a huge risk and spent much effort before he killed a general-stage dark apparition.

The situation should have been extremely good for them, but the appearance of Black Incubus Devil Lord turned the tides.
Finally, a general-stage human martial warrior got killed.

Mind you, every general-stage human martial warrior was a precious treasure for the human race.
They were like a strategic resource.
Under special circumstances, every general-stage formidable warrior was equivalent to an army.

Yet today, a general-stage human martial warrior was killed.

A lot of time and resources were spent to groom a general-stage martial warrior.
Every single victim was a huge loss.
The human race couldn’t afford to suffer such losses.

A disheveled figure dashed out of the center of the explosion.
It was the Eight Arms Devil General who was the first to bear the brunt.

“Maniac!” His expression was ugly as he cursed.

The explosion had blown away two of his five remaining arms, leaving only three arms.
He was drenched in blood and looked terrifying.

Wang Teng’s gaze turned cold.
It was the Eight Arms Devil General again.
Previously, he was in Yang City, and now, he was here again.

Many human martial warriors had died in his hands!

If he wasn’t hosting the rune array, he wanted to see if he could fight with him.

Even though his dark Force didn’t transform to the general stage, it seemed to have undergone some changes that he didn’t understand.
This allowed him to possess the power of the general stage.

With the help of his spiritual kinesis, he believed that he could face a general-stage dark apparition head-on!

As he was thinking, Black Incubus Devil Lord’s voice sounded from the sky again.

“Zurz, kill that young human, and I will record your meritorious deeds when I’m back!”

The Eight Arms Devil General froze.
In the past, he would have obliged.
However, he was seriously injured.
It would be dangerous if he went head-on now.

Furthermore, the young human wasn’t what he used to be.
When they were at Yang City, he could kill him easily.
Cough, cough… of course, the external force of the rune array wasn’t in the picture.

He hadn’t forgotten how Wang Teng controlled the Eight Dragon Ablaze Array and tormented him terribly.
That was an unbearable memory.

But now, even the general-stage Siler had died in his hands.
Also, from his spiritual kinesis attack, he could tell that this young human wasn’t easy to deal with.

All these reasons made him a little scared…

Black Incubus Devil Lord turned black in her face when she saw him frozen on the spot.
A general-stage dark apparition was so afraid of a young human that he didn’t dare to fight with him?

How embarrassing!

She shouted coldly, “Zurz, don’t forget your mistake.
You should know the consequences if you don’t perform well this time.”

The Eight Arms Devil General’s expression changed.
The scale in his heart finally tilted to one side.
If Black Incubus Devil Lord hadn’t opened her mouth, he could have looked for other opponents and continued his massacre.

After all, killing one general-stage human martial warrior was an achievement.
No one would deny his merits when he went back.

But Black Incubus Devil Lord had given her order.
The circumstances had changed now.
If he didn’t obey her, he would be labeled a coward.
This would be a stain on his life.

Many thoughts went through the Eight Arms Devil General’s mind.
He sighed uncontrollably and stared coldly at Wang Teng.

Wang Teng also heard Black Incubus Devil Lord.
He turned and met the Eight Arms Devil General’s gaze.
The atmosphere froze.

His thoughts had become true!

It looked like before the array was activated, he had to fight with the Eight Arms Devil General.

Wang Teng scanned the array.
It was only half-completed.
They were upgrading it to the plus version, so some changes were needed.
If not, it would have been ready a long time ago.

However, he couldn’t stay too far from the 13th lightning rod.
He might not be able to rush back in time if the array was activated.
In that case, he would let the Eight Arms Devil General come to him voluntarily.

A smirk appeared on Wang Teng’s lips.
He raised Mo Que and waved it at the Eight Arms Devil General.

“You have a death wish!” As expected, the Eight Arms Devil General was triggered.
He glared at Wang Teng and took out a bottle of pitch-black pills.
He threw them into his mouth without counting.


The next second, the dark Force in his body exploded, wisps of black smoke rising from his body.
His muscles squirmed as his injuries healed rapidly.
No more blood flowed out from them.

His aura became more powerful too.
His entire body turned twice as tall and lofty.
The pressure he gave off was oppressive.

“Wow, he’s giving his all!” Wang Teng raised his eyebrows and said in a light-hearted tone.
However, his gaze turned serious.


The Eight Arms Devil General didn’t waste any time.
He stepped on the air, and the air exploded.
Then, he turned into a flash of black light and shot towards Wang Teng.

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