Chapter 472: The Green Crystals Underground

It was hard to explain what the scorpion was feeling in a single sentence.
This human spoke beautifully, claiming that he wasn’t someone who demanded repayment.
Pfft, fake!

In the end, he wanted his precious green flame.

Indeed, humans are all liars!

“Is it not possible? I just want to take a look.
You aren’t so petty, right?” Wang Teng slowly kept his smile, his gaze turning stern.

The metal armor flaming scorpion felt its heart pounding.
This human’s expression was terrifying, sending chills up its spine.

“Of course!” It was riddled with injuries and weakened greatly, so it might not be able to withstand that frightening punch from this human.
Under these circumstances, it had to give in.

Never mind, this human saved its life.
It wasn’t an ungrateful scorpion.
It would bring him to see the flame.

It was just paying a debt of gratitude.
It had no other intentions.

It didn’t matter if others didn’t believe it.
It believed itself!

Wang Teng nodded in satisfaction.
“Lead the way!”

He knew where to go, but he mustn’t show it.
It was equivalent to telling the metal armor flaming scorpion that he had already been to its nest.

Even more, he wanted to know where the metal armor flaming scorpion kept his treasures.
If he exposed his intention too early, the scorpion might put up a desperate fight since it knew that it had no chance of survival.

Wang Teng’s evil gaze landed on the metal armor flaming scorpion as he schemed against it.

The scorpion, which was leading the way, shivered.
It turned its head carefully, only to see Wang Teng’s righteous face.

Maybe he really wanted to just take a look?

The scorpion convinced itself as it led Wang Teng deep into the hoodoo forest.

Wang Teng saw the green flame once again.
Dumbstruck, he asked, “Where did this flame come from?”

“Honestly, I don’t know either.” The metal armor flaming scorpion gave a forced smile.

“Where did it come from? Did it pop out from the ground out of nowhere?” Wang Teng asked.

The scorpion hesitated, but when it saw Wang Teng squinting, it shuddered and replied hurriedly, “I dug the ground to explore in the past.
There is an unknown green rock below the green flame.
The flame probably appeared after the rock broke and had been burning ever since.”

“So you’re saying that the green flame was here before you came?” Wang Teng touched his chin and asked.

“That’s right.
I’m naturally sensitive to flames and found this place accidentally.
I felt that the green flame was extraordinary, so I took possession of it,” the metal armor flaming scorpion said.

“You relied on this green flame to reach this stage, right?” Wang Teng suddenly asked in a meaningful tone.

The metal armor flaming scorpion’s heart skipped a beat.
It had evaded the crucial points, but this human still guessed it.
It gave a bitter smile and nodded its huge head.
“Yes, I was just an ordinary metal armor flaming scorpion.
It’s hard for my race to reach the lord level.
If it wasn’t for this green flame, I’d be like my clansmen.
The 9-star level is my limit.”

It paused for a moment, seemingly in a dilemma.
Then, it made a huge decision and said, “You saved my life.
I have nothing to repay you, so let me give you this green flame.”

“Can you bear to part with it?” Wang Teng looked at it in surprise and said with an ambiguous smile.

“So what if I don’t? I’m seriously injured and the other lord-level star beasts around me don’t like me.
They will hurry over soon after hearing the commotion.
Even if I don’t give it to you, I won’t be able to protect this flame,” the metal armor flaming scorpion said sadly.

“But I’m not that kind of person.
Taking advantage of people—I mean, taking advantage of scorpions isn’t my style of doing things,” Wang Teng said righteously.

The metal armor flaming scorpion didn’t know what to say. Your eyes are almost glued to the flame! What do you mean by you’re not that kind of person?

Who are you trying to fool!

“You’re not taking advantage of me.
I’m giving it to you voluntarily.” The metal armor flaming scorpion felt helpless.

“Cough cough, in that case, it’s disrespectful for me to decline.
Sigh, I’m just too kind.” Wang Teng heaved a sigh.

Shameless! The metal armor flaming scorpion scolded in its heart.
But on the surface, it nodded fervently and gave an ‘it’s alright, that’s right, you’re always right’ expression.

“Follow me.
If you want to absorb the green flame, you need to do it from the source.
It’s below the ground,” the scorpion climbed forward as it spoke.

Wang Teng grew excited.
He followed the scorpion and asked, “What will happen if I absorb that green flame?”

“You have witnessed the power of the flame yourself.
If you absorb it, the flame will be attached to your Force, and your battle ability will increase.
There are also other uses of it.
You will know once you absorb it,” the metal armor flaming scorpion explained.

Wang Teng nodded, his expectations of the green flame becoming higher.
At first, he planned to let Little White absorb it, but now, he suddenly realized that he could do it too.

He could split it into two, one for him and one for the bird.
He would take the big portion, while Little White would take the smaller one.
This was the Wang family’s fair way of splitting.

Little White would never think that its unscrupulous master would shrink its portion of the flame.
If it knew the truth, it might start crying on the spot.

The metal armor flaming scorpion brought Wang Teng into the hoodoos.
It pushed one hoodoo aside, revealing the pitch-black hole below.
Then, it signaled to Wang Teng and crawled inside.

Wang Teng’s gaze flickered.
He jumped and followed the scorpion down.

The underground pit was deeper than he thought.
He only reached the bottom after traveling a few hundred meters.

The metal armor flaming scorpion had dug a huge hole at the bottom.
A faint green glow could be seen in front, making the dark space below take a shade of green.

The temperature underground was extremely high.
It felt like soaking in lava.

The metal armor flaming scorpion was like a fish in water.
Its wounds started healing faster, and its injury was relieved a bit.

Wang Teng noticed this, but he didn’t say anything.
He continued moving forward.
After some time, he saw the source of the green light.

His eyes widened in awe when he saw the scene.
He was shocked speechless.

Not far away, there was an enormous sparkling crystal-like green gemstone giving off a thick green light.
It was magnificent.

It was mounted on the rock walls on both sides and went right to the roof of this save.
Just like what the scorpion said, the green flame leaked out from this giant crystal.

At the same time, waves of scorching heat exuded from the green crystal.
Wang Teng activated his ice Force to save himself from getting barbecued by the heat.

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