Chapter 463: Hunt

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The Fire God Cannon spat out flames.
A highly compressed flaming Force ball disappeared from the muzzle of the cannon and shot towards the lycan not far away, bringing with it a scorching heat.

“That’s a Fire God Cannon!”

The sudden attack of the general-stage dark apparition and the huge commotion it caused attracted many people’s attention.
They were all worried about Wang Teng.

There was a moment of silence when they saw the item in Wang Teng’s hand.
Then, their eyes widened in surprise.

They didn’t know that he had such a powerful weapon on him.
They wondered if he could stop the lycan dark apparition.

Under everyone’s gaze, the ball of Force light sped towards the lycan at the speed of light and arrived in front of him instantly.

Siler squinted.
Then, he suddenly smiled and raised his hand to catch the Force ball.


A huge explosion occurred.
The next second, the ball of Force light erupted, and the flames swallowed the general-stage lycan.

“He’s hit!”

Everyone stared at the flame intently.
They could faintly make out a figure inside.
The general-stage aura coming from the dark apparition remained strong.
He didn’t seem to be injured.

This result caused their expressions to change.

However, Wang Teng didn’t wait for the results.
He turned around and left after firing the shot.
He understood the power of the Fire God Cannon.
It was strong, but it wouldn’t offer any life-threatening danger to a general-stage formidable warrior.
It would only inflict some small injuries.

As expected, a figure charged out from the flames and scanned his surroundings.
When he saw Wang Teng running away, he moved his body and chased after him.

Dan Taixuan rushed down without any hesitation to stop Siler.

The Eight Arms Devil General let Dan Taixuan off because he wanted to personally take revenge.
He hoped that she would stop Siler so that he could kill Wang Teng.

“Stop her!” Suddenly, the Black Incubus Devil Lord’s cold voice came into his ears.

The Eight Arms Devil General’s expression changed.
He turned and looked at the Black Incubus Devil Lord involuntarily.
When he met her indifferent gaze, his heart skipped a beat, and he immediately chased after Dan Taixuan.

Although he felt bitter, he didn’t dare disobey the Black Incubus Devil Lord.
He could only throw away his plan obediently.

He didn’t expect that excellency to pay so much attention to Wang Teng.
It looked like that brat was dead!

The Eight Arms Devil General was fearful of the Black Incubus Devil Lord, so he released all his potential and caught up with Dan Taixuan in the blink of an eye.
He threw a punch at her back.

Dan Taixuan felt the terrifying force behind her back, so she had no choice but to turn around and face the attack.
She tossed her punch out, and their fists collided with one another.


The frightening force threw them back uncontrollably.
Dan Taixuan wanted to chase the lycan, but the Eight Arms Devil General moved and blocked her path.

“You can’t leave!” Zurz said calmly.

Dan Taixuan furrowed her brows and dashed towards the Eight Arms Devil General.
Since the other party didn’t let her pass, she could only kill him first…

At the same time, Wang Teng had already escaped far away.
He turned back and saw the lycan chasing him relentlessly.
With his fast speed, he would be able to catch up with him very soon.
Wang Teng’s heart felt heavy.

Damn it, why is a general-stage dark apparition chasing him? Where is his dignity?


He could only run!

His life was very important!

Wang Teng remained calm on the surface, but his speed increased exponentially.

He activated his wind Force and covered his body with it, seemingly turning into a gust of wind.
Not only that, he used his spiritual power too!

It seemed to have formed a pair of invisible wings behind his back.
As they flapped, his speed soared.

It was like the difference between a normal engine and a turbine generator.

Come on, I’ve never lost in terms of running away!

A smirk appeared at the edge of the lycan’s lips.
He almost caught up with Wang Teng.
He could visualize how he would pinch Wang Teng to death later.

But suddenly, his eyes popped out.
He saw Wang Teng’s speed increasing unscientifically.
Then, he darted into the horizon, leaving a trail of dust behind him.

Siler was infuriated.
To hell with this human.
How could he run at such a speed?

As a general-stage formidable warrior, he couldn’t catch up with a 7-star soldier-level human martial warrior.
It would be embarrassing if Sabah and the other dark apparitions saw him.

In an instant, he increased his speed to the maximum and chased after Wang Teng.

Wang Teng’s gaze flickered.
The general-stage human martial warriors were all held back by the general-stage dark apparitions.
They couldn’t reinforce him.

Also, the Black Incubus Devil Lord was commanding the dark apparitions.
She wouldn’t allow other general-stage martial warriors to help him.

He could only rely on himself!

Wang Teng made a firm decision and charged towards the mountain range in the distance.

In the empty battlefield, there was no place for him to hide.
The martial warriors below the general stage couldn’t offer much help to him, so it would be useless even if he sought their reinforcement.
Hence, he had no chance of winning here.

However, the mountain ranges were different.
The mountains were unpredictable, so he might have a chance of surviving there.

After some time, the human and the dark apparition disappeared from the battlefield.
They flew into the thick forest on the mountain.

The Black Incubus Devil Lord glanced in their direction and yawned.
Then, she stood up from her throne.

No, it wasn’t her true form.
It was just a special clone that stood up.
Her body was still sitting lazily on the throne.

The clone separated from her body and quickly solidified.
Soon, it looked no different than the actual lord.

“Go!” The Black Incubus Devil Lord waved her hand.

“Haha, lord, you’re so curious today.” The clone covered her mouth and smiled.
Then, she disappeared gradually.

The Black Incubus Devil Lord rolled her eyes.
Only her clone dared to laugh at her.

Well, she was a part of her body.

On the battlefield, Kong Li, Ice Wind, and the other soldiers realized what had happened.
They wore grim expressions as they looked in the direction Wang Teng disappeared.
They were worried.

“Don’t die!” Kong Li muttered to herself.

She had no confidence.
The other party was a general-stage dark apparition, while Wang Teng was only a 7-star soldier-level martial warrior.
No matter how she looked at it, he didn’t have much hope of coming out alive.

Yuwen Xuan’s expression was complicated.
Although he disliked Wang Teng, they were both on the same side, so he didn’t wish for him to die.
Also, Wang Teng was truly capable and strong.
He acknowledged his ability.
Thus, when he saw him getting chased by a general-stage dark apparition, he felt pity.
Wang Teng’s situation looked grim.

However, this was the battlefield, a place of life or death.
They had experienced too much of it.
Since they couldn’t save Wang Teng, they could only turn their sorrow into strength and kill more dark apparitions.

In the sky, Dan Taixuan frowned, especially when she saw the Black Incubus Devil Lord sending a clone to chase after her disciple.
She truly wanted Wang Teng to die!

Dan Taixuan was furious, her attacks becoming sharper and fiercer.
The Eight Arms Devil General retreated step by step…

The Eight Arms Devil General finally understood how scary a woman could be when she was angry!

Boom, boom, boom!

Dan Taixuan’s strength increased.
Amidst the explosions of the Forces, she fired punches at the Eight Arms Devil General continuously.

The Eight Arms Devil General was thrown back under the onslaught.
He vomited blood and looked at the lady in fear.
When did she become so powerful!

On the other side, Wang Teng sprinted towards the depth of the mountain ranges without any hesitation after he entered the primary forest.

“You can’t escape!” The lycan scoffed behind him.

Wang Teng didn’t reply to him, not even turning his head.
He just increased his speed.
In this life-or-death moment, he had released all his potential.

“You won’t understand how powerful the general stage is.
You won’t understand the difference between the general stage and the soldier level either.
There’s no need to continue running.
It’s useless.

“Stop resisting, and I just might give you an intact corpse.

“If I catch you, I’ll break your limbs, tear every inch of your flesh with my teeth, and savor it.

“You might not know how much I love the taste of talented human flesh.
They’re exceptionally delicious.

“Also, the more you struggle, the tastier your flesh will be.
I’ve eaten many talented human martial warriors in the past.
I still remember the taste now…”

As Siler chased Wang Teng, he tried to stimulate him with his words in an attempt to destroy his belief and give him a mental breakdown.

However, he didn’t know who he was facing.

If Wang Teng got frightened by these words, he wouldn’t be Wang Teng anymore.

Rather, he was angered by the lycan’s words.
Killing intent shot out of his eyes.
Even though his opponent was at the general stage, a crazy thought of killing him sprouted in his mind.

“In the past, I met a talented young martial warrior from your race.
She was a young lady, and her skin was so smooth…”

Siler’s face turned hideous when he noticed Wang Teng’s indifference.
He started going into more details.

“Idiot!” Wang Teng gave him a middle finger without turning back.

The dark apparitions had been fighting with the humans for many years, so Siler understood what this sign and ‘idiot’ meant.

He burst into anger.

This fellow was belittling him even though he was at the general stage.

There were many star beasts in the forest, and they got alerted by the commotion.
However, feeling the powerful aura exuding from their bodies, they ran away, not daring to get any closer.

As the duo headed deeper, some formidable star beasts started appearing.
Wang Teng sensed the presence of these star beasts and led the lycan to their territories.

He activated his Wave Invisibility skill to cover up his aura.

The powerful star beasts who got disturbed couldn’t find the real invader, so they could only vent their frustration on the lycan.


The moment a 9-star star beast darted out, it was killed by Siler with a smirk.

The muscles on Wang Teng’s face trembled.
He silently picked up the attributes dropped by the star beast and left in a hurry.

He didn’t have the time to pick up the corpse.
What a waste.

However, Siler did it for him and kept it.
After all, he was the one who made an effort to kill it.
The flesh of a 9-star star beast wasn’t an ordinary item.
He wouldn’t let it go to waste.

Then, he continued chasing Wang Teng.
A hint of confusion appeared in his eyes.
“How did that fellow escape the star beast’s detection?”

He didn’t know Wang Teng’s method, but he understood immediately once he recalled the attention the Black Incubus Devil Lord gave him.

There must be something special about this brat!

Siler started to feel curious about Wang Teng.

As their journey continued, more and more powerful star beasts appeared.
Wang Teng used the same method to let the lycan suffer tough battles.

At the start, Siler didn’t mind.
One or two 9-star star beasts were nothing to him.
He even felt that Wang Teng was just putting up his last-ditch useless struggle.

But as more and more star beasts blocked his path, his face turned black.
He felt that he was being played.
Flames of anger burned in his heart.


He broke the spine of a star beast with his claw and killed it.
Then, he panted slightly.
After the long chase, he was starting to feel tired too!

“Come out!” He scanned his surroundings and howled in anger.

“I thought you love to chase me.
Come on, continue!” Wang Teng revealed himself and hooked his finger at Siler.
He continued running.

“Damn this human!” Siler bellowed in his low voice.
He knew that this was Wang Teng’s scheme, but he had no other choice.
He had to continue chasing.

If he couldn’t catch Wang Teng and bring him back, the Black Incubus Devil Lord wouldn’t let him off.

This bit of tiredness was nothing when compared to facing the Black Incubus Devil Lord.

Half an hour later, Wang Teng had traveled half the mountain range.
He angered another powerful star beast and laughed.
“Bald wolf, I prepared a huge gift for you.
Please receive it properly.”

The moment he finished speaking, a terrifying and ferocious roar echoed in the forest.
Then, a giant tiger with one horn on its head appeared in midair.
It was covered with yellow scales that formed armor on its body.
It scanned its territory and saw Siler, who was chasing Wang Teng, immediately pouncing on him.

“Bastard!” Siler’s face turned black.
He knew that this was a half-step lord-level star beast.
He wasn’t afraid of it, but he had to pay a higher price if he wanted to kill it.

The dark Force in his body wasn’t endless.
The fights before this had used up much of his reserves.

Siler turned and retreated.
He wanted to lay low and evade the fight with this golden-scale tiger.
However, the golden-scale tiger didn’t plan to let him go so easily.

Anyone who dared to invade its territory would have to suffer its wrath.

The territorial dominance of a star beast was extremely strong.

An intense battle ensued in midair.
In the end, the half-step lord-level golden-scaled tiger still lost to Siler and was killed on the spot.

Siler kept the corpse of the tiger and looked around him.
He wanted to find Wang Teng.

This young human was too scheming.
He wanted to use this method to exhaust him to death.

At this moment, a tinge of hesitation appeared in his heart.
But when he remembered that Wang Teng was only at the 7-star soldier level, he laughed at himself.
So what if he used up much of his dark Force? Killing that young human was still a piece of cake.

Wang Teng looked at the golden-scaled tiger that got killed by Siler.
A few large attribute bubbles were floating around it.
He immediately used his spiritual power to pick them up secretly.

Earth Force*560

Blank Attribute*399

Suddenly, Wang Teng shuddered.
His earth Force had broken through the barrier and reached the 8-star soldier level!

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