Chapter 462: The Black Incubus Devil Lord Is Creating Trouble Again!

Before the war started, the soldiers from the Black Sparrow Troop had come up with a formation to cooperate with the Gale Wolves.
Thus, once they heard Wang Teng’s words, they immediately got moving.

A large sharp sword formed by human martial warriors and Gale Wolves appeared on the battlefield.

One could see the complete sword from the bird’s eye view.

“Charge!” Wang Teng’s voice resounded from the sky.

Kong Li and the others rode on their Gale Wolves and followed behind him.
They seemed to have turned into a sharp sword, stabbing straight at the fatal spot of their enemies.

The sharp blade swept through the battlefield.
Wherever it went, all the dark apparitions in the area would be massacred.

Complemented by Wang Teng’s spiritual power, they suffered no defeat.
The war seemed to be tilting towards the humans’ side.

“Good riddance!”

Lord Yang and the other martial warriors were surprised and delighted.
They didn’t expect the hundred-men team to become such a powerful force under Wang Teng’s command.

This was a pleasant surprise!

“Where are you looking?” The sheep-headed dark apparition, Sabah, smiled hideously and clawed at Lord Yang’s neck.

“Go away!” Lord Yang bellowed as he faced the attack.
An intense fight started again.

On the other side, the Eight Arms Devil General, Zurz, also saw Wang Teng.
Hatred almost overflowed his eyes.

It’s him!

He had never hated someone weaker than him, but when he saw Wang Teng’s face, he couldn’t suppress the surging anger and hatred in his heart.

Wang Teng had caused him huge suffering.
They were arch enemies.

He held his battle blade and pushed Dan Taixuan back with a single strike.
He wanted to rush down and kill Wang Teng.

“If you want to kill my disciple, you have to ask me first!” Dan Taixuan realized his intention and flared up in anger.
She blocked his path, throwing a punch at him.

“I’ll kill you first before killing him!”

Killing intent boiled in Zurz’s heart.
Although he lost three arms, he still had five left.
A couple of them were holding blades while the others turned into fists.
He slashed and punched Dan Taixuan.

He had a huge advantage because of his five arms.
However, Dan Taixuan was extremely powerful, and her battle awareness was appalling.
She switched between her fists and palms and used her bare hands to block the Eight Arms Devil General’s attacks.
In the midst of it, she even managed to retaliate, causing him to retreat continuously.
His face turned black.

Wang Teng didn’t know that the Eight Arms Devil General had discovered him.
He was leading the battle formation formed by his troop on the battlefield, charging right and left.
They slaughtered the dark apparitions at an amazing speed like meat on the butcher’s chopping board.

The Black Incubus Devil Lord leaned back on her black feather throne with one hand on her cheek.
She tapped the throne’s handle lightly with her other hand and suddenly yawned.
Then, she muttered to herself in a lazy voice, “This young man is cheating.
This isn’t fun.”

She thought for a moment.
Her pitch-black eyes suddenly lit up, and she chuckled.

“Let’s increase the difficulty for him!”

The moment this thought appeared in her mind, she opened her mouth and said to the general-stage dark apparitions in the sky, “If any of you can kill that young man, I’ll forgive you for almost losing the battle just now.”

The general-stage dark apparitions felt their hearts trembling when they heard this.
Their attacks became even more vicious.
They wanted to break free and kill Wang Teng.

When they arrived at the Xingwu Continent, they landed in the humans’ array trap due to their carelessness and caused the dark apparitions to suffer a huge loss.
They had to bear the blame.
No one could run away.

As the chief commander of this battle, the Black Incubus Devil Lord had the power to decide their crimes and even their deaths.

They might be at the general stage, but once they remembered how terrifying the Black Incubus Devil Lord was, they felt a chill running through their bodies.

Now, the Black Incubus Devil Lord was giving them a chance to amend their mistakes.
How could they give it up so easily?

Dan Taixuan and Lord Yang were shocked.
They didn’t expect the Black Incubus Devil Lord to create trouble again.

What grudge did she have against Wang Teng? Why must she have him killed?

Naturally, they wouldn’t allow the general-stage dark apparition to kill Wang Teng.
Wang Teng was a rare talent of the human race and had the potential to become a formidable warrior in the future.
Also, his presence was important in this war.
They mustn’t let anything happen to him.

Thus, they used all their strength to stop the general-stage dark apparitions from leaving.

Suddenly, there was a blood-curdling scream.
A general-stage lycan spurted a black round light ball from his mouth suddenly.

The human martial warrior was caught off guard and got hit by the ball of light.
The bones in his arm, along with half of his shoulder, got shattered into pieces.

However, the vitality of a general-stage martial warrior was extremely strong, and his healing ability was powerful too.
Even if he had suffered serious injuries, he wouldn’t die immediately.

But his combat prowess was affected, so he wasn’t the lycan’s match anymore.
If they continued fighting, there was a high possibility that the lycan would kill this human martial warrior.

However, the next second, the general-stage lycan, Siler, abandoned the martial warrior and turned to charge toward Wang Teng.

“Stop him!” Lord Yang and Dan Taixuan’s expressions changed.
They shouted furiously.
If that lycan broke free, Wang Teng would be in danger.

Dan Taixuan and Lord Yang wanted to chase after him, but they were held back by other general-stage dark apparitions.

“Siler, hold back this human.
I’ll kill that young brat,” Zurz shouted.
He held immense hatred towards Wang Teng and wanted to kill him personally.

“Zurz, this is my chance to make amends for my mistakes.
Why should I give it to you?” Siler laughed.
He ignored the Eight Arms Devil General’s shouts.

“Damn it!” Zurz turned green in anger.
Noticing that Dan Taixuan wanted to chase Siler, a knowing glance flashed past his eyes.
He chose to let her pass.

I must kill that fellow.
Stay away as far as you can. Zurz sniggered in his heart.

Dan Taixuan was stunned for a moment, but this wasn’t the time to ponder over his actions.
Siler was traveling at a fast speed and had almost reached Wang Teng.

Wang Teng felt his heart palpitating without any warning.
He felt as if a huge danger was befalling him.

“Move!” Dan Taixuan’s voice hurled down the sky at this moment.
She was still a step too late, so she could only shout to warn Wang Teng.

Wang Teng instinctively used his space talent and disappeared on the spot.


The next instant, sharp claws slashed through the air where Wang Teng was standing a moment ago.
His lingering shadows were clawed into fragments.

Siler’s figure appeared.
He scanned his surroundings and exclaimed softly, “He managed to run away!”


Suddenly, a sword glow stabbed through the air, aiming directly at the lycan dark apparition.

Siler frowned.
He waved his claw and tore the sword glow into pieces.

Wang Teng appeared in the distance.
His face was grave, and he was carrying the Fire God Cannon on his shoulder.
It was gathering energy rapidly, its fiery red glow extremely glaring.

Siler’s heart skipped a beat.
He felt a sense of threat from the Fire God Cannon.

Before he could do anything, a cold smile appeared at the edge of Wang Teng’s lips.
He fired the Fire God Cannon… Boom!

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