face was filled with disbelief.
As a talented vampire, he used his most powerful vampire battle technique, but he was still unable to resist a punch from this young man.
What joke was this?

Lesley’s confidence suffered a severe blow.
He couldn’t help but wonder if he wasn’t talented.

Wang Teng didn’t give him any chance to react.
He wouldn’t show any compassion towards dark apparitions.
He appeared immediately above Lesley and smashed another punch down.
The fist landed on his head under his flabbergasted gaze.


Lesley fell from the sky like a meteorite and blasted a deep hole in the ground.

This fist blew his head into pieces.
Naturally, he was not able to climb out from the hole ever again.

Wang Teng: …

Xie Xueya and Feng Shan stopped retreating in mid-air.
They didn’t know whether they should move forward or back.
They felt awkward.

They were filled with many mixed emotions.
Disbelief, staggered, ashamed, and many other emotions.
In the end, they just stared at Wang Teng blankly.

How is this fellow so strong?! Xie Xueya wondered to herself.

When Wang Teng saved her from the wolf pack, he didn’t display much ability.
Hence, she didn’t know that he was so powerful.

A talented dark apparition got defeated by one punch and killed by the next.

It was crisp and clear-cut, direct and simple.

He didn’t waste any time at all.

No wonder he had the time to tease the vampire dark apparition just now.
He was confident and knew that he wouldn’t need much time to kill the other party.

To think that she wanted to work with him to kill this dark apparition.
In the end, they were extras and would only drag him down!

Feng Shan felt hot in his face too.
He couldn’t defeat the dark apparition even with the help of Xie Xueya.
Yet, the moment Wang Teng came, the dark apparition died.
The difference was a little too big.

A moment ago, when Wang Teng said that he didn’t need their help, he still thought that he was overestimating himself and didn’t know the severity of the situation.
Now, he understood that this fellow was a monster.
He couldn’t judge him using common sense.

The dark apparitions thought that the young man would be the one getting beaten, but the result was entirely different.

Lesley was dead!

He died under the fist of that young man.

Many dark apparitions saw what happened just now.
He was defeated with one punch and died from the next.
Not one punch more, not one punch less.
It was ruthless!

Where did this young man come from? How terrifying!

Many dark apparitions had been worried that they would get implicated, so they retreated more than ten meters away.
Now, they moved back another ten meters.
They obediently followed their hearts and chose to keep as far away as they could from this human.

Let the sirs deal with this powerful presence.

Wang Teng didn’t have the time to care about those low-level dark apparitions.
His gaze landed on the dead Lesley, where a few transparent bubbles were floating up.



Ghastly Blood Cross*1

Dark Force*320

As the attribute bubbles merged into his body, the cultivation method for the Battle Ghastly Blood Cross also appeared in his mind.
This was an earth-rank high-class vampire battle technique.
It used the evil aura as reinforcement and dark Force as its foundation to activate the cross attack.
Its might was formidable.

It felt good to gain an earth-rank high-class battle technique for free, but this vampire battle technique didn’t seem useful!

Wang Teng touched his chin and felt a little disdain towards this technique.

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