Chapter 452: Entrance!

However, Sabah and the other dark apparitions had no time to ponder over this question.
The terrifying flames surrounded them from all directions and turned into numerous flaming pythons.
The pythons hissed and pounced on them.

These general-stage dark apparitions were scurrying off like frightened rats running across the streets.



The dark apparitions spent all their efforts to confront the double attacks of these two elements.
However, it proved too much for them.
They evaded one but couldn’t escape from the other.

They would either get swallowed by the flaming pythons or get struck by lightning…

Soon, burnt marks appeared on their bodies.
They were in a pitiful state.

Especially the lycan, Cyle.
He had thick fur, so most of it got burnt and charred under the combined attack of the lightning and fire.

He looked like he just went for outlandish hairstyling!

While the general-stage dark apparitions were in deep distress, the troops hiding in the dark finally started moving.

At the edge of the forest, Dan Taixuan waved her hand.

“Let’s move!”

Niu Li, Yuwen Xuan, and the soldiers got invigorated.
They rode their Gale Wolves and dashed towards the battlefield.




Billowing smoke rose in all directions, and battle cries shook the sky.
The troops charged towards the battlefield with an unrivaled presence.

A counter encirclement was soon finished!

There were still many dark apparitions who were unable to enter the Star Maple City.
They were roaming on the outskirts.

The human troops acted like meat choppers as they dashed to the city.
They ground all these dark apparitions to their death, sparing no one.

Kong Li and the other martial warriors had arrived on the battlefield.
However, Wang Teng hadn’t moved.

Although Ice Wind and Black Widow were puzzled, they still waited quietly behind him.
A Gale Wolf was lying beside each of them.
Their ears were perked up, and they were looking at Wang Teng.

All wolves had to bow down to the wolf king!

Wang Teng glanced at Dan Taixuan.

Dan Taixuan nodded and said calmly, “Don’t die.
It will be embarrassing.”

“I won’t.” Wang Teng smiled.

The next moment, he slowly rose into the air.
His subordinates quickly leaped onto their Gale Wolves when they saw this.


The howls of wolves echoed in the surroundings.

The Gale Wolves stood up.
When Wang Teng turned into a ray of light and flew towards the battlefield, they turned into lingering shadows with strong wind flowing around them and stabbed right into the center of the battle like sharp blades.

Dan Taixuan moved and disappeared on the spot.

When he arrived in the city, Wang Teng noticed that it was littered with attribute bubbles.
There were countless of them.

He landed on the ground and wanted to pick them up.

A 5-star soldier-level giant apparition saw him.
He waved his heavy-weight mace and his muscular, lofty body, wanting to attack Wang Teng.

Wang Teng raised his eyebrows and glared at the giant apparition. Who gave you the courage to seek death?

Most importantly, he was stopping him from picking up attribute bubbles.
This was a huge crime.
It was unforgivable.

“Be careful!” someone beside him shouted to remind him when he saw Wang Teng’s young face.

“Human, die!” The giant apparition bellowed.
He hurled the mace at Wang Teng’s head.

Suddenly, his hand stopped moving.

His expression changed slightly.
A hint of disbelief appeared on his face.

This short and small human possessed such frightening strength.
Not only did he block his fatal attack, but he also appeared relaxed.

He tried to pull the weapon back, but it didn’t budge a single inch.


Cold sweat dripped down his forehead.
He seemed to have targeted someone he shouldn’t!

The short human grabbed the other end of the mace with his hand and smiled at the dark apparition, revealing his eerily white teeth.

The giant apparition grasped the mace with both hands and exerted more force…

“Pull harder!” Wang Teng suddenly opened his mouth.
He was using the dark apparition’s universal language.

The giant dark apparition was stunned.

Was this short human stupid? Why was he encouraging him? A smirk appeared on his lips…

Suddenly, he thought of something, and his smile froze.

Wait, this human was messing with him.

The giant dark apparition was furious.
He glared at Wang Teng with his big eyes and continued to pull his mace.
He wanted to retrieve it and smash it violently on this puny human.

Wang Teng noticed that the giant dark apparition only understood his words after some time.
His impression of the giant race’s intellect changed once again.

None of them are very smart.

The game was getting boring, so Wang Teng raised his hand abruptly.
The giant dark apparition who was still holding the mace got lifted too.

The giant dark apparition was confused when he found himself in mid-air.

The audience around them felt their jaws dropping.

There was a striking difference in the body sizes of these two beings.
However, the lofty giant dark apparition was being lifted by Wang Teng so easily.

This scene was astonishing!

Before the giant apparition regained his senses, Wang Teng suddenly moved.
He exerted force on his arm and pushed the mace down.


It was too late for the giant apparition to let go of his weapon.
His legs were already hammered into the ground, and only the top half of his body was visible.

Excruciating pain spread through his body.
He released the mace he was clasping tightly and howled in agony.

“I’ll kill you!”

The giant apparition roared in anger as he struggled to climb out of the ground.

Unfortunately, Wang Teng wasn’t going to give it any chance.
He grabbed the mace and twirled it.
Then, he raised his arm and hurled it down.

Bang, bang, bang!

Dull thuds shook the hearts of the listeners.

The mace slammed against the giant apparition’s head ruthlessly as if hammering him into the ground.
The power caused his body to sink deeper into the ground.

The giant apparition’s body disappeared into the ground, inch by inch.
Finally, only its head remained.

Wang Teng looked at his work of art and nodded in satisfaction.
He threw away the mace and clapped his hands.
Then, he looked at the attribute bubbles around him.


The dark apparitions around him thought that he was looking at them and immediately retreated ten meters.

An empty zone appeared on the battlefield with Wang Teng in the center.

Even the human martial warriors felt dry in their throats.
They gulped and looked at Wang Teng as if he were a monster.

Giant apparitions were known for their strength.
Yet, he got hammered into the ground forcefully by a young man.

Who would believe it?

No one would!

Ignoring everyone’s gazes, Wang Teng swept the bubbles over with his spiritual power.
They flew towards him.

Some large attribute bubbles formed during the formation of the dimensional rifts were also picked up by him.
Not much time had passed, so the bubbles were still present.
If not, Wang Teng wouldn’t have waited until now.

These space attribute bubbles were the most important items!

His rewards were huge.
Wang Teng didn’t look at them carefully.
He observed his surroundings and saw two human martial warriors fighting with a 7-star soldier-level dark apparition.
He rushed over immediately.

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