Chapter 44: Cut It Into Half


After Wang Shengguo came back, Wang Teng couldn’t run loose even if he wanted to.
He could only go to school obediently.

Wang Teng stuffed the egg into his bag and placed it in his car along with the two weapons.
He planned to rent a house outside today.

He would find a house to hide his egg!

Wang Teng soon arrived at his school.

To his amazement, he realized that many people were studying ‘Five Years of Martial Arts Exam, Three Years of Mock Papers.’ He felt a little frightened when he saw how crazy everyone was.

Even Lin Chuhan wasn’t an exception.
She was studying very hard, as if her life depended on it.
She was chanting while writing her notes.

Seriously, this was—I either go mad or I succeed!

The martial arts exam was pivotal to the students.
Even if the chances were minimal, most of them didn’t want to give up.

They were willing to bet their lives… pfft, bet their university entrance exam on it.
No matter what, they had to go all out and try it once.

Wang Teng felt gratified.

Look at this entire floor of ‘Five Years of Martial Arts Exam, Three Years of Mock Papers’ attribute bubbles. Classmates, you are really amazing.
Study hard, please study hard.

Wang Teng expressed admiration towards the students who were hard at work as he picked up the attribute bubbles.

—All of you are amazing!

In one morning, Wang Teng quickly mastered the ‘Five Years of Martial Arts Exam, Three Years of Mock Papers.’

After eating lunch with Xu Jie and his other friends, he drove his car out of school in the afternoon.

Zhao Ganghu and Zhao Gangbao had been waiting outside the gates of Donghai No.
1 High School for almost two hours.
Yesterday, after a whole night of consideration, Zhao Ganghu made a decision that he didn’t even believe he could ever make.

He had been waiting for a long time, but he didn’t dare to complain.

Zhao Gangbao sat on the steps beside the road in a dejected and despondent manner.
He smoked continuously and looked a little downcast.

When Wang Teng’s car drove out, Zhao Ganghu recognized it immediately.

“Young Master Wang!” his eyes lit up as he shouted in a hurry.

Wang Teng was just about to drive his car off.
When he heard this voice, he stepped on the brake again.
“Oh, it’s him.
He really came.”

He parked the car beside the road and came down.

“How is it? Have you thought about it properly?” Wang Teng said to Zhao Ganghu after getting out of his car.

“Since I promised Young Master Wang, I will definitely solve it quickly,” Zhao Ganghu gave a bitter smile as he replied.

“In that case, what decision did you make?” Wang Teng asked with interest.
He was a little curious when he saw Zhao Ganghu’s reaction.

Zhao Ganghu gritted his teeth.
He seemed a little hesitant at the last moment.
But, in the end, he still said, “Young Master Wang, I’m not someone talented or powerful, but I do have some beginner stage and intermediate stage martial disciples following me for a living…

“If you don’t mind, we will follow Young Master Wang from now on.”

Wang Teng was dumbfounded.

He thought that Zhao Ganghu might dispose of his assets to gather more liquid cash or find a few rune weapons or something similar to solve the grudge between them.

But, he never imagined that Zhao Ganghu would burn his boats and put himself at his command along with his subordinates!

“Brother!” Zhao Gangbao was flabbergasted.

He didn’t expect Zhao Ganghu to make this decision either.
If he really became Wang Teng’s lackey, there wouldn’t be anyone he could rely on in the future.

Wang Teng was contemplating something, though.
He had a sudden thought.

Most of the gangsters were just beginner stage or intermediate stage martial disciples.
Zhao Ganghu was the only advanced stage martial disciple among his fellow hooligans.
However, this was still a small faction.

He could keep them under his wings!

But, he didn’t agree immediately.
Instead, he gave a look of dilemma.

Zhao Ganghu’s heart skipped a beat when he saw this.
He pulled Zhao Gangbao, who was beside him, aside and said, “My younger brother is the one who caused this issue because he can’t control the lower part of his body.
If Young Master Wang feels that this isn’t enough, we can cut it off.
He won’t be able to carry out misdeeds in the future.”

Zhao Gangbao almost peed his pants in fright.


“My biological elder brother!

“I must have been picked up from the streets.
How can you treat me so cruelly!” he shouted and struggled frantically in his hold.

But, with his ability, he wasn’t able to resist Zhao Ganghu, an advanced stage martial disciple.

Wang Teng was stunned too.

“Cut… cut off!”

He only regained his senses after a long while.
He stared at Zhao Ganghu with a strange expression.

If these two people weren’t similar in their looks, he would really have thought that Zhao Gangbao was picked up from the streets.

“Don’t you think that cutting it off is a little too harsh?” Wang Teng muttered.

Zhao Gangbao was so touched that he almost cried when he heard Wang Teng speaking up for him.
He nodded his head hurriedly.

“Brother, look, even Young Master Wang feels this way.
Please spare me this time.

“I won’t dare to do it again!

“That time, I was blind.
That was why I had some thoughts towards Young Master Wang’s friend.
I shouldn’t have had those thoughts.
I know my mistake…”

Zhao Ganghu wasn’t moved in the slightest.

However, Wang Teng nodded.
“It looks like your brother really recognizes his mistake.
In that case, we don’t have to cut it off entirely.”

Zhao Ganghu felt that something was wrong when he listened to their conversation.
But, he didn’t manage to react immediately.

Zhao Gangbao was delighted.
He knew that Wang Teng had softened his attitude.
His brother wouldn’t have to cut his lifeline off for real.

But, Wang Teng paused before continuing, “I’m a benevolent person.
Let’s just cut half of it!”

Zhao Ganghu: …

Zhao Gangbao: ¥%%…*&&*#¥¥%¥…&

You must be a devil!

Your heart must be black!


To hell with half!

Zhao Gangbao’s entire face turned pale.
He looked at Wang Teng in a daze, especially the expression when he said that he was benevolent.
He felt extremely uncomfortable by his sick behavior.

“Young Master Wang, why don’t we just cut the whole thing off?”

Zhao Ganghu’s eyelids twitched furiously.
He kept warning himself continuously that he must not provoke Wang Teng in the future.

At this moment, Zhao Gangbao even felt that Zhao Ganghu was speaking for his sake.

Cut half of it…

It was better to be more direct!

There were no emotions in Zhao Gangbao’s eyes.
He was frightened and had no urge to live anymore.

The world is too scary! Mom, I want to go home!

Wang Teng noticed that his words had the desired effect, so he stopped frightening Zhao Gangbao.
He patted his shoulder and said to him, “Alright, I was just trying to scare you.
Don’t cause trouble in the future.
You won’t meet someone who’s so easy to talk to like me all the time.”

Zhao Gangbao abruptly raised his head.
His face was filled with a pleasant surprise.
He didn’t need to cut it off anymore?

“But, if you repeat the same mistake, I will take care of you personally!” Wang Teng said in a calm tone.
Then, he ignored Zhao Gangbao and went back into his car.
He started the engine and prepared to leave.

“Young Master Wang, what do you think of my suggestion just now?” Zhao Ganghu shouted frantically.

“There’s no hurry.
Wait for me to check their backgrounds.
If they’re up to my requirements, we can talk about it again.”

Wang Teng winded down the car window and glanced at Zhao Ganghu.
He left him with this reply and drove off in his car.

After the car went a distance away, Zhao Gangbao carefully asked his brother, “Brother, you’re not cutting me anymore?”

“Idiot, only you think that I want to cut you.
Don’t you know the self-torture trick? Young Master Wang saw through it at one glance.
He just wanted to scare you.
Look at how timid you are,” Zhao Ganghu glared at him as he replied.

Zhao Gangbao was used to getting scolded, so he didn’t mind it this time, either.
He just heaved a sigh of relief and patted his chest.
“I was almost scared to death!”

“Useless thing!” Zhao Ganghu got angrier.
He kicked his brother indignantly.

Zhao Gangbao jumped to the side skillfully and dodged the kick.
He sniggered and asked again, “Brother, are we really going to listen to him from now on?”

“There’s a brighter future in following a martial warrior than an advanced stage martial disciple like me.
What’s more, he’s such a young martial warrior,” Zhao Ganghu answered in a profound manner.

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