Chapter 446: Wang Teng, We Are Arch Enemies!

Wang Teng felt that he was a pure person.
The acting skills he displayed occasionally were to protect himself.
His character didn’t change.

Gorlin and the other runemasters felt the same way too.

This child didn’t even know how outstanding he was.

Look, he didn’t know what level he was at.
That showed his pure thinking.

Gorlin wanted to reply to Wang Teng’s question, but Master Carl was more impatient than him.
“You must be at the master level.
How can a normal runemaster carve this perfect rune? Master Gorlin, you’re a lucky fellow.
You managed to find an extremely gifted disciple.”

He stared at Gorlin, green with envy.
He wished that he could snatch Wang Teng away.

He didn’t care if he could teach Wang Teng.
As long as he was his disciple, it would be a much-told tale.

The master and the disciples were both at the master level.
How amazing it sounded!

Unfortunately, he belonged to other people.

Gorlin coughed awkwardly.
“Nothing is certain before the test.
However, Master Carl, please don’t look at me like this.
I have no feelings towards you.”

“Pfft!” Wang Teng burst out laughing.
He didn’t expect his master to have this side to him.

Also, the lethality of the words rose tremendously when spoken from the mouth of an elder with noble character and high prestige.

The other runemasters laughed too.

Master Carl’s face turned black.
He retorted, “You old monk, do you think I’m an old virgin like you? I have many grandchildren under me.”

Wang Teng’s expression turned weird, as if he had heard something incredible.
He carefully glanced at his master.

A hint of frost appeared around Master Gorlin.
He gritted his teeth and said, “Carl, I think you lack a beating.”

“Hmph, I’m not afraid of you.” Master Carl was a little scared, but he put on a calm front and snorted softly.

“Alright, alright, stop quarreling.
You’ve gone off-topic.” The other runemasters suppressed their laughter and mediated the dispute.

They worked throughout the night and went back to rest for three hours.
At 8 am, they got up for breakfast.

All through the night, the young runemasters were worried that they had lost the love from their masters.
Hence, when they woke up and realized that their masters were all exceptionally enthusiastic towards Wang Teng, they felt even worse.

They wanted to greet their masters, but no one cared about them.
They were all gathered around Wang Teng as if he was their personal disciple.

The young runemasters stood there in silent misery.

What on earth was going on?

In one night, they lost their master’s love.
They felt as helpless as an abandoned stray dog.

They sat in a corner and ate their breakfasts.
While eating, they kept stealing glances at the opposite table.
All the runemasters were happily chatting with Wang Teng.
The atmosphere was harmonious.

They whispered to one another and gritted their teeth.
Their resentment towards Wang Teng kept increasing…

Who’s cursing me? Wang Teng suddenly sneezed thrice.
He was confused.

After breakfast, the masters continued carving runes.
They worked from dawn till night, and the day passed quickly.
Finally, at 5 am the next day, all the runes for the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array were finished.

A hint of sunrise gradually rose above the horizon.
The sun sprinkled its light on the city.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

The master-stage runemasters glanced at one another and smiled.
They might be more experienced, but they still felt a sense of satisfaction.

The Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array was finally completed!

All they had to do was wait for the dark apparitions to walk to their death.

Wang Teng smiled gently.
Then, he opened his mouth and said, “Masters, elders, the Thousand Thunder Annihilation Array is completed.
There’s nothing for me to do here.
I have a mission, so I’ll make a move first.”

“What? You still have a mission?” Master Carl exclaimed in surprise.

“That’s not right.
It’s too dangerous.
You’re the rising star in the rune world.
You mustn’t take risks.” Master Cha Shu shook his head furiously.

The other runemasters agreed and persuaded him against leaving.

After this cooperation, all the masters acknowledged Wang Teng’s atrocious rune potential.
They cherished him from the bottom of their hearts, so they were unwilling to let him take any risks.

Wang Teng was caught between laughter and tears.
He didn’t expect this to happen.

He was thankful for the runemasters’ love.
However, besides being a runemaster, he was also a martial warrior.
He couldn’t hide behind others like a turtle in its shell.

“Elders, I’m thankful for your kind thoughts.
However, I’m a martial warrior and am part of Earth’s troop.
You don’t want me to be an army deserter, right?” Wang Teng said.

“Don’t worry.
We’ll speak to General Dan and persuade her not to let you on the battlefield,” Master Carl patted his chest and promised confidently.

“Alright, Wang Teng has his own path.
Let him make his own choices.” Gorlin spoke up at this moment.


Since Wang Teng’s master had spoken, the others had no right to say anything.
The persuasions at the tip of their lips never came out of their mouths.

They sighed and shook their heads.

“Alright, young people like you do have to walk your own path,” Master Carl said helplessly.

“Thank you.” Wang Teng bowed at them.
Then, he looked at Gorlin and said, “Master, I’m leaving!”

“Go ahead.” Gorlin smiled.

Wang Teng didn’t say much.
He rose into the air and turned into a ray of light as he soared through the sky and shot towards the horizon.

“Gorlin, you will regret it if something happens to Wang Teng.” Master Cha Shu sighed.

“I believe him,” Gorlin replied with a smile.

“I don’t know where you get your confidence from.
You have such a great disciple.
If any mishaps happen, you will have no tears to cry.” Carl scoffed.

Gorlin smiled and remained silent.

“Anyway, we’re fortunate to have Wang Teng with us.
If not, the last part of the carving wouldn’t have gone so smoothly,” Cha Shu suddenly lamented.

The other runemasters nodded, sighing emotionally.

When Ni Wenguang and the other young men woke up, they realized that Wang Teng was gone.

Once the irritating figure could no longer be seen beside their masters, they felt invigorated.
They walked to their masters obediently and asked, “Master, where is that fellow?”

“What fellow?”

“Wang Teng.”

“Wang Teng is Wang Teng.
Why are you calling him that fellow? Where are your manners? Look at Wang Teng, and then look at yourself.
You’re occupied with nothing, and your rune mastery is unbearable.
How can you have the face to appear in front of me…”

A bucket of cold water doused the happiness of the young runemasters.
They welcomed the scoldings from their masters in a daze.

What just happened?

Why were they getting scolded?

Wang Teng was already gone, so why was his shadow still lingering above them? The young runemasters were confused, feeling exasperated.

The hatred towards that fellow shot right up. Wang Teng, we’re arch enemies from now on!

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