Chapter 43: Earth Element Talent Has Gone Live


The man screamed in terror.
He frantically activated the Force in his body and congregated it into an earth-yellow shield.

“Earth element shield!”

But, before the shield could form up, Wang Teng’s Diamond Dust Punch[1.
A move from the Saint Seiya anime)—Erm, that was not right.
Before the shield finished assembling, Wang Teng’s Phantom Ice Fist had already slammed into his body.



The battle shield shattered, and the fist landed on his opponent’s face—

The passive skill was activated… Disfiguration!

The man flew backward from the punch.

There were no low-quality special effects.
Instead, only extreme coldness invaded the opponent’s brain.
It froze his brain entirely.

The man’s scream of agony got cut off the second it started.

His fearful expression solidified on his face as his body flew out like a cannonball and smashed into the ground.


This was a fatal blow.
Wang Teng had used all the ice element Force in his Force nucleus.
Although there wasn’t much Force, it was enough to kill someone!

The other party was dead!

From the start, the information he received wasn’t accurate.

Wang Teng was a martial warrior, not a martial disciple.

Wang Teng tricked his oblivious opponent.
He used the ability of an advanced stage martial disciple to sneak attack his opponent.
At the same time, he made his opponent think that he was in complete control.

At the end, while his opponent was overly confident, he released his power as a martial warrior and chopped off the man’s arm without giving him any time to react.
From then on, the man had no thoughts of fighting anymore.
He only wanted to run away.

In this situation, the man couldn’t even release half his battle potential before he got sent to hell by Wang Teng with a single punch.

The fight ended!

Wang Teng’s heart was beating like a drum.
He was taking ragged breaths to calm his emotions.

“I killed a martial warrior!”

Wang Teng was slightly stunned.

This martial warrior was different from the one he had killed on Mount Bao’an.

At that time, the martial warrior on Mount Bao’an was already injured.
Wang Teng didn’t kill him face to face either.
He had used a rune gun instead.

That martial warrior hadn’t expected Wang Teng’s speed to be faster than an average martial disciple, so he had failed in his sneak attack.

Even more unexpected was that a high school student actually had a rune gun hidden on him.

All these reasons and coincidences allowed Wang Teng to kill the martial warrior with a few shots.

So I’m a sneaky attacker?

How is that possible!

Wang Teng quickly shook his head.

He picked up his battle sword and walked forward.
After hesitating for a second, he plunged the sword into the man’s heart.

Even though his ice element Force froze his opponent’s brain, it was safer to stab his heart just in case something happened.

A few attribute bubbles dropped beside the corpse.

Beginner stage earth talent*12

Earth Force*3

Earth Loess Skill*1



He was an earth element martial warrior!

It looks like I have another element now! I’m moving further and further on the path of becoming an all-rounded martial warrior!

Wang Teng picked up the attribute bubbles.
With the effect of Spirit*1, his mind cleared up at once.
Simultaneously, the cultivation techniques of the Earth Loess Skill were added into his memory.

His body became attracted to earth elements, and he was able to feel the earth element Force lingering in his surroundings in the next instant.

The earth element Force swarm into his body.
The three points of earth Force he picked up merged into his body too.

He followed the method in the ‘Earth Loess Skill’ and moved the earth Force throughout his limbs and bones.
Then, the Force entered the Force nucleus.

When a new type of Force entered, the balance in the Force nucleus instantly broke.
The ice Force was starting to get restless.
However, the occult energy appeared again and pacified his ice Force.

The three Forces gradually spun around, and equilibrium was once again restored.
It slowly became a tripartite confrontation.

Enlightenment: 88.1

Spirit: 20.2

Talent: Beginner stage fire talent (11/300) Beginner stage ice talent (13/300), Beginner stage earth talent (12/300), Spiritual sight (beginner stage 1.1/10)

Force: 62/100 Fire (one-star soldier level martial warrior)

5/100 Ice (one-star soldier level martial warrior)

4/100 Earth (one-star soldier level martial warrior)

Scripture: Red Flame Scripture (foundation 2/100), Deep Ice Scripture (foundation 2/100), Earth Loess Skill ‘Earth element shield’ (foundation 2/100)

Battle Techniques: Basic battle techniques (mastery for Fist, Sword, Blade, Footwork), Basic Stick Skill (foundation), Gun Skill (small achievement), Fire Kirin Sword Skill (foundation 40/100), Phantom Ice Fist (foundation 9/100)

Knowledge: Basic Subjects (full marks)

Overall Battle Power: 195

Blank Attribute: 0

The guy didn’t drop any battle techniques?

Wang Teng felt pity when he looked at his attributes panel.

However, the Earth Loess Skill had a defensive battle technique—Earth Element Shield!

The defense shield he used in his last moments must be this battle technique.
At that time, I broke his shield before he could form it completely.
I wonder what its defense ability is like.

I need to find a chance to experiment with it.

Wang Teng was delighted with this Earth Element Shield.

He had a whole arsenal of offensive battle techniques.
However, Wang Teng lacked a defensive skill.
The Earth Element Shield was able to mend his shortcomings.

The spirit attribute is quite high this time.
He dropped one whole point.
Is it because I went for his head?

Should I get a brick and smack people’s heads from now on?

Wang Teng suddenly felt that this was highly possible when he thought of this idea.

These thoughts flashed in his mind for a split second only.
Thereafter, he shifted his gaze to the corpse in front of him.

It was time to execute his god-like skill—searching the corpse!

Sadly, besides a cell phone, the person had nothing in his pocket.
There were no rune weapons at all.

F**k, what a poor fellow!

Wang Teng didn’t expect this man to be so poor!

But it wasn’t the man’s fault either.
He had just become a martial warrior and spent a fortune to buy the ‘Earth Loess Skill.’ He didn’t have money to buy other battle techniques or weapons.

If not, why would he conceal his whereabouts from the teammates he mentioned and come to find Wang Teng personally?

He just wanted to take everything that the two martial warriors had left behind.

Wang Teng didn’t waste any more time.
He lit up the corpse with his fire Force and burnt it to ashes.

As Wang Teng watched the flame gradually extinguish in front of him, he was in a daze.
In less than a month, his hands had been stained with the lives of many people.

He never voluntarily caused any trouble, though.
Every single time, he was forced to take action.
If not, he would be the one who lost his life.

But, the people were still killed by him.

No matter what was said, his hands were the ones stained with blood.

Sigh, the evil in the world!

Wang Teng lamented.
He believed he was a kind and honest person, but he couldn’t control how the world was like.
He was forced to become a murderer!

The flames extinguished entirely.

The sea wind blew, and the ashes also scattered in the wind.

Suddenly, he realized something.

The fire Force was an essential item to bring along when killing people and committing crimes!

Wang Teng clutched the martial warrior’s cell phone in his hand.
He squinted slightly and exerted force on his fingers.


An expensive iPhone cracked between his fingers.

Wang Teng sneered.
He swung his hand and threw the phone into the sea.
It sank into the depths with a ‘plop.’

He went to his car and took out the two cell phones he got from the martial warriors on Mount Bao’an.
He repeated his actions and threw them into the water.

If they wanted to look for the phones, they could fish them out from the sea!

This matter also gave Wang Teng a warning.
In this current society, he had to be careful of technological creations.

Wang Teng got into his car and left.
Luckily, it was already very late, so no other cars drove past him.

If someone saw him destroying the corpse and clearing evidence, they might be frightened to death.

Wang Teng went home and laid out all the things he had taken from the two martial warriors in the past.
He examined the items carefully.
After ensuring that there weren’t any GPS tracking systems, he heaved a sigh of relief.

I better not bring these things back home in the future.
Mom and Dad might get dragged into the revenge of martial warriors.

They do not practice martial arts.
It’s best to leave them out of it.

No wonder normal people had so little understanding of the martial world.
Only when one stepped foot in this pond would they genuinely appreciate the differences.

Wang Teng had many thoughts in his mind.
He spent some time straightening his ideas for the future.

In that case, I can only rent a house outside.
I’ll take a look tomorrow.

At this moment, Li Xiumei’s voice came from downstairs.

“Son, hurry up and have some supper!”

o(╯□╰)o Luckily, I practice martial arts.
If not, at the rate I’m eating, I’m not sure how fat I will

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