Chapter 438: Accidentally Upgrade To Master Level!

Rune Knowledge*88

Rune Knowledge*67

Spiritual Realm Spirit*30

Spiritual Realm Spirit*42

Rune Knowledge*101

Wang Teng was amazed.
A second later, he beamed with joy and gradually became ecstatic… He cheered in his heart.

He was rich!

He looked at his attributes panel.
It felt like an illusion.

Runemaster +1+1+1+1+1…

Within a few seconds, Wang Teng’s runemaster level soared through the roof and reached the upper limit of the advanced stage.

Runemaster: 1000/1000 (advanced stage)

All kinds of rune knowledge floated into Wang Teng’s mind, and it felt swollen for a moment.
As the rune knowledge merged into him, it gradually became part of his knowledge.

The people hovering around the model were still arguing.
As time passed, their voices were getting louder and louder.

Torrents of words were hurled out of their mouths as they voiced their opinions.
No one was convinced by the other.

As they argued and glared at each other furiously, more attribute bubbles dropped out of their mouths.

Wang Teng felt that they looked like elderly goldfish spurting bubbles.
It was a funny scene.

Rune Knowledge*36

Spiritual Realm Spirit*12

Rune Knowledge*20

Wang Teng immediately picked up the bubbles.
His runemaster level instantly broke through the advanced stage and reached the master stage!

Runemaster: 120/3000 (master)

Did he accidentally upgrade to master level?!

Wang Teng was surprised when his runemaster level advanced.
He felt blissful.
He didn’t expect to have such a massive gain after coming to this place with Dan Taixuan.

Besides the growth in his runemaster level, his spirit attribute also increased tremendously.

Not only that, all the spirit attributes were in the spiritual realm.
None of them was a normal spirit attribute.

Spirit: 568/1000 (Emperor Realm)

As Wang Teng’s spirit attribute surged, a huge dragon seemed to be entrenched deep into his mind.

Are these people all runemasters? Wang Teng was astounded.

However, it was understandable.
On such an important occasion, you would need the help of runemasters.

As he was pondering to himself, Dan Taixuan’s voice came into his ears.

“Wang Teng, this is General Yin Tongfang from Star Maple City.”

Wang Teng had only been picking attributes for a few seconds, even though it sounded very long.
When he heard Dan Taixuan’s introduction, he looked at the refined-looking and handsome man and saluted.
“General Yin.”

“As expected of the disciple of a general.
Your disciple is a fine-looking and extraordinary young man,” Yin Tongfang smiled and said.

“Don’t praise him.
He’s still far away from that,” Dan Taixuan replied.

Wang Teng rolled his eyes.
As expected, this was Dan Taixuan’s true face.
It was all an illusion when she called him her beloved disciple just now.

Yin Tongfang smiled.
He just took it as her being humble.
From what he saw, Wang Teng was exceptional.
He wasn’t lying when he praised him.

He changed the topic and brought the two of them into the room.
He shook his head and said, “These runemasters rarely see each other in a year.
Now that they are congregated in a room, they could destroy the building with their arguments.”

“How can they still quarrel in a situation like this?” Dan Taixuan was speechless.

“What can we do? It’s not easy to invite them.
They are our bosses now.” Yin Tongfang said helplessly, “I went to persuade them just now and got scolded.”

“Hahaha, it must be hard for you.” Dan Taixuan laughed.

“Come, let me introduce everyone.” Yin Tongfang brought Dan Taixuan and Wang Teng to the people at the side and started introducing everyone.

“General Dan, they just arrived, so you might not have seen them.”

“This is General Kou Dian from Star Universe Troop.”

“This is General Kun Xiang from Giant Tree Troop.”

Wang Teng was in awe.
These were all general-stage bosses.
Usually, it was hard to even meet one of them.
Yet, there were around seven of them here.

General Kun Xiang from the Giant Tree Troop must be a general-stage giant race martial warrior from the Xingwu Continent.
He was exceptionally tall and lofty, about the same height as the Eight Arms Devil General.

There was also the general from the Star Universe Troop here.
He had provoked his subordinates earlier.
If the general found out, would he send him flying with a slap?

Wang Teng felt that he had broadened his horizons after seeing so many bosses.

“This is Dan Taixuan from the Black Sparrow Troop,” Yin Tongfang solemnly presented Dan Taixuan after introducing the local general-stage martial warriors.

He didn’t introduce Wang Teng.
No one asked either.

After all, Wang Teng was just a small and unimportant figure.
No matter how outstanding he was, he was just a young man.
He wasn’t strong enough, so the formidable warriors wouldn’t care about him.

Yin Tongfang added, “We could make early preparations because Dan Taixuan’s subordinate had brought back this important information.
If not, the consequences would have been dreadful.”

Everyone had already taken notice of this beautiful lady with an exceptional aura.
They were observing her secretly and guessing her identity.
When they heard Yin Tongfang’s words, they were shocked.

“We must thank you.
If it wasn’t for your information, our empire would have suffered heavy losses and been put at a disadvantage,” Kou Dian said.

“No one would have thought that a dark apparition’s spy had infiltrated the higher authorities of our troop,” Kun Xiang said with his deep and loud voice.

“There’s no need to thank me.
Actually, I have to thank my disciple for getting the information.” Dan Taixuan pointed at Wang Teng beside her.
“If he hadn’t snuck into the dark apparitions’ camp using his special method and overheard their plan, we wouldn’t have been able to discover it.”

“Oh?” They all turned to look at Wang Teng.

Of course, they had already noticed this young man beside Dan Taixuan.
However, his ability wasn’t eye-catching, so they didn’t take much notice of him.

Even though Dan Taixuan specially gave Wang Teng the merits, they didn’t take it to heart.

How could a mere 7-star soldier-level martial warrior discover this important information? It must have used up much manpower from the Black Sparrow Troop.

They thought that Dan Taixuan was helping her disciple improve his reputation, so they didn’t expose her.
They smiled and said a few polite words and changed the topic.

Dan Taixuan knew what they were thinking, but she didn’t explain.

She introduced Wang Teng because she didn’t want to take the credits for herself when she didn’t do anything.
She was just letting them know.
She didn’t care if they believed it or not, and she didn’t have to explain herself either.

After exchanging some greetings, Dan Taixuan used voice transmission and asked Wang Teng, “Are you angry for getting belittled by them?”

“It isn’t a disgrace to get looked down on by general-stage martial warriors, right?” Wang Teng glanced at Dan Taixuan and replied to her calmly using voice transmission.

“Hmph, do you have to be so mature all the time? A young man should be hot-blooded and arrogant.” Dan Taixuan rolled her eyes at him.

Then, she pointed at the bunch of people on the other side with her chin.
“Do you see those young people there? They are the disciples of some runemasters.
We are planning to lay a huge rune array over Star Maple City.
Remember to perform well.”

“So this is why you brought me here.” Wang Teng finally understood.
“Anyway, why are you angry at a bunch of runemasters when you’re a martial warrior?”

“Hmph, those runemasters are extremely conceited.
They say that we’re just a group of physically strong soldiers with simple brains.
I’m giving them face by not teaching them a lesson personally.” Dan Taixuan scoffed.

“What a huge grudge!” Wang Teng glanced at Dan Taixuan.
He wondered how bold those people were to offend this young madam.

No wonder Dan Taixuan brought him here.
She must have figured out his runemaster identity after what happened in Yang City, so she wanted him to trample those irritating young men.

There was no ground for blame!

The problem was, he was a master-stage runemaster now, the same level as the young men’s masters.
Wasn’t Dan Taixuan asking him to bully them?

Fortunately, he loved to bully people.

He would agree immediately!

When he thought of this, Wang Teng smiled and replied, “No problem.
I promise that I will torment them until they question their lives.”

Dan Taixuan was extremely satisfied.
She patted Wang Teng’s shoulder.
“As expected of my beloved disciple.”

Wang Teng felt weird whenever he heard Dan Taixuan speaking those two words.
However, he couldn’t do anything to her, so he pretended he never heard it and asked, “They’re so many runemasters here.
Why didn’t Master Gorlin come?”

“There should be someone coming from Yang City.”

The moment she finished speaking, a group of people entered the room.
She smiled and continued, “Look, they are here.”

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He saw a few familiar figures in the crowd, one of them an old man with a white beard and hair.
He immediately went forward and called out, “Master!”

“Wang Teng!” Gorlin beamed when he saw Wang Teng.
“You’re here too!”

“Yes, I joined a troop from Earth and came for a mission,” Wang Teng said.

“You must be careful.” Gorlin seemed worried.
“This battle might be worse than the one in Yang City.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” Wang Teng consoled him.

“You seemed to have become more powerful.” A voice was heard at the side.

“Lord Yang!”

“Principal Yang!”

Wang Teng greeted them.
“How’s Yang City?”

The two of them nodded with smiles and replied, “We’re still restoring the city.
After some time, it will resume its prosperity.”

Suddenly, Wang Teng felt a gaze secretly landing on him.
He turned and saw a pretty figure beside Lord Yang.


“We meet again.” A smile appeared on Li Rongxue’s face immediately as she looked at him.

Li Rongxue’s appearance immediately attracted the attention of the young runemasters.
Beautiful people would always be in the spotlight no matter where they went.

Wang Teng couldn’t bear Li Rongxue’s gaze.
He felt helpless.
A handsome man had many troubles!

“Lord Yang!” Yin Tongfang walked over and saluted.

Although they were both general-stage martial warriors, Lord Yang’s status was different.
Even Yin Tongfang had to treat him with respect.

“You’re too polite.” Lord Yang raised his hand.

“You’re late!” Dan Taixuan walked over with a smile.

“It’s Miss Dan.” Lord Yang grinned.
“We don’t have a choice.
There are many things to attend to in Yang City.
I hurried over after handing over all the matters.”

“Lord Yang, this way, please,” Yin Tongfang said.

They entered the lobby and started exchanging amenities.

Gorlin chatted with Wang Teng.
It had been a while since they last saw each other.

“Lingxuan didn’t come?” Wang Teng glanced around and asked.

“That little girl wanted to come, but I stopped her.” Gorlin smiled, likely thinking of something funny.

Wang Teng could imagine Su Lingxuan’s helpless and frustrated expression.
He laughed and said, “Did she pull your beard?”

“How dare she!” Gorlin widened his eyes while pretending to be angry.

Everyone was puzzled when they saw this scene.
Wang Teng was an Earthling.
Why was he so close to Gorlin?

They didn’t notice how Wang Teng greeted Gorlin before this.

“Gorlin seems to have a good relationship with Wang Teng,” Yin Tongfang probed.
His face was filled with surprise.

“Wang Teng is Gorlin’s disciple!” Lord Yang smiled and answered.

“Isn’t he Chief Commander Dan’s disciple?” Yin Tongfang glanced at Dan Taixuan in astonishment and asked.

“I’m Wang Teng’s martial arts master.
Master Gorlin is his master in rune studies,” Dan Taixuan smiled and replied.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

It wasn’t an easy feat to have two masters.
Moreover, both his masters were formidable characters from two different worlds.

Although the cooperation between the Xingwu Continent and Earth had been getting closer recently, this was the first time such an event had occurred.

There must be an important relationship here.

Was there something special about Wang Teng?

Lord Yang briefly explained Wang Teng’s performance during the Yang City war.

“He verbally attacked a general-stage dark apparition!”

“He helped with the creation of the rune array that almost tormented the Eight Arms Devil General to death!”

“He helped Yang City overcome the crisis and was given the title of an Honorary Baron!”

Everyone felt enlightened and thunderstruck at the same time.

They had heard of the Yang City war before, but they weren’t clear on the details.
They didn’t know that Wang Teng had played a part too.

Also, the higher authorities gave an Earthling the title of an Honorary Baron!

Even if it was just an Honorary Baron, its significance was extraordinary.

Good lord, this quiet young man did many astonishing things!

At the same time, Yin Tongfang and the others suddenly remembered what Dan Taixuan had told them just now.
Did he really discover the dark apparitions’ plan alone and bring back the news?

“You might not know, but Wang Teng was the one who brought back the information this time.” Yin Tongfang said with a bitter smile, “It looks like we were being judgemental.”

“Oh?” Lord Yang was startled.
He glanced at Wang Teng and smiled.
“Hahaha, if this brat survives this ordeal, I’ll ask His Majesty to record his meritorious deeds.”

Dan Taixuan’s eyes lit up when she heard this.

Wang Teng was already an Honorary Baron.
If he climbed higher, he could become the bridge between Earth and the Xingwu Continent.

This was a hard-to-come-by good event for the two worlds.

Wang Teng didn’t know how deep Dan Taixuan was thinking.
Instead, he felt a little embarrassed by what Lord Yang and the others were saying about him.

Did he perform a little too outstandingly?

He was so dazzling that the general-stage bosses couldn’t help but praise him.

Yes, that was right.
That must be the case.

“Actually, I was just there at the right time,” he said humbly.

“Even so, your merits are a fact.
No one can deny it.” Lord Yang waved his hands.

“Thank you,” Wang Teng replied.

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