Chapter 435: So It’s Not Enough.
I Need To Add Money!

Xie Xueya didn’t expect Wang Teng to be so straightforward.
He didn’t give her any leeway at all.
Her expression froze instantly.

“What do you want?”

“I don’t want anything.
I just don’t like your attitude.” Wang Teng smiled.

“As a man, how can you be so narrow-minded!” Xie Xueya raged.

Wang Teng didn’t mind.
He found a comfortable position and leaned against the Gale Wolf.
He said lightheartedly, “You’re right.
I am narrow-minded.
Who says that a man can’t be narrow-minded?”

“You’re shameless!” Xie Xueya glared at Wang Teng.
She was born with a silver spoon, so she had never experienced such a treatment before.

Wang Teng glanced at her in surprise.
He smiled and said, “Wow, you know me well.
You’ve pointed out another one of my merits.”

Xie Xueya was speechless.
Helplessness wafted into her heart as she looked at Wang Teng.

At this moment, Wang Teng took out a bottle of healing medicine.

He opened the cap and allowed the fragrance of the herbs to spread out.
Then, he sniffed the air and gave an irritating and mesmerized expression.

“This smells so good!”

Xie Xueya’s expression turned ugly.
She wanted to press this young man on the ground and beat him up.
However, she knew that she couldn’t do it.

She couldn’t anger Wang Teng anymore when she remembered her injured subordinates.

She could use normal healing medicine, but their effect couldn’t be compared to Wang Teng’s dans.
She had observed his men just now.
The wounds of those who consumed the dans were almost healed by now.

She knew that only the high-class dans made from advanced-stage alchemists had this effect.
Normal healing dans were nothing compared to them.

She must recover the strength of her team as much as she could for the war in Star Maple City later.

With the current state of her subordinates, they wouldn’t be of much help even if they rushed to Star Maple City.

This wasn’t what she wanted.

Xie Xueya wanted to perform well during the battle.
She wasn’t willing to give up so easily.

Hence, the healing medicine in Wang Teng’s hand was her only hope.

She gritted her teeth and murmured, “I’m sorry!”

Wang Teng was startled.
Based on her previous actions, it wasn’t hard to see that this young lady was an arrogant and demanding person.
People like her rarely lowered their heads.

Yet, she apologized!

Wang Teng looked at her with interest.
He twirled his pupils and said, “You’ve already apologized, so it will seem unreasonable if I horde onto it.”

“Really!” Xie Xueya was delighted.
She was expecting him to make things difficult for her, but Wang Teng let her off so easily.
She continued hurriedly, “Are you willing to lend me the healing medicine?”

“Of course.
I always mean what I say.” Wang Teng nodded.

Xie Xueya was touched.
This fellow wasn’t that evil!


“But what?” Xie Xueya’s heart stopped beating again.

“But I only have a limited number of healing dans on me.
I prepared it for myself and the people around me, so if I lend them to you, there might not be enough for me.” Wang Teng pretended to be in a dilemma.


Xie Xueya hesitated.

She knew that Wang Teng’s worry was reasonable.
However, she needed those healing medicines badly.

“Also, you should know that the effects of my healing dans are many times better than normal healing medicine.
I spent a lot of time and money on them,” Wang Teng continued.

Ice Wind and Black Widow felt strange after hearing what he said.
For some reason, there seemed to be a hidden meaning behind his words.

Xie Xueya wasn’t stupid.
She understood Wang Teng’s intention.

He was trying to rob her!

This bastard!

To think she took him as a generous person.
Now, it looked like she was thinking too much.

“Tell me directly.
What do I have to do to let you give me the medicine?” Xie Xueya suppressed her anger forcefully and snorted.

“That’ll depend on the price you’re willing to give,” Wang Teng smiled and replied.

“I’ll buy your healing medicine at twice the market price.
However, I don’t have that many Force stones on me.
I’ll pay you back when we reach Star Maple City,” Xie Xueya gritted her teeth and said.

“So your subordinates are only worth this much in your heart.” Wang Teng shook his head.

“Don’t be outrageous!” Xie Xueya’s face turned black.

This bastard was evil.
He wanted to loot a burning house, but he made it sound so righteous.
He even brought out her subordinates to condemn her.

“Am I wrong? You aren’t even willing to fork out this little money.
What right do you have to be their leader? I’m different.
I’m extremely generous to my men.
I give them expensive dans without batting an eyelid,” Wang Teng said confidently.

Ice Wind and Black Widow knew that Wang Teng was teasing Xie Xueya, but when they heard him praising himself, their faces turned warm.
They felt embarrassed.

“Three times!” The muscles on Xie Xueya’s face twitched as she called out in anger.

Wang Teng shook his head and sighed.
“You can’t bear to part with your money even in the face of life and death.
Your subordinates are hurt quite badly.
If they go on the battlefield like this, their survival rate will be less than 30%!”

Xie Xueya felt that she was going crazy.
Why did she meet such a treacherous and scheming fellow?

“Four times!”

“Why are you so impatient? I’m sure you want to achieve something in Star Maple City, right?” Wang Teng looked at her with a meaningful gaze.
He took out a few bottles of healing medicine and laid them out in a row.

At this crucial moment, Ice Wind and Black Widow wanted to stop him.
They had witnessed the healing effect of this medicine, so they didn’t want it to land in the hands of outsiders.

Mind you, on the battlefield, these dan medicines could save a life!

The other party was unrelated to them.
No matter what high price she offered, they felt that it wasn’t worth selling it.

However, these healing dans belonged to Wang Teng, so they had no right to say anything.
They could only smile bitterly in their hearts.

Xie Xueya thought that he had agreed to the deal.
She beamed with joy and stretched her hand out to take the bottles.


Wang Teng slapped her hand away.
“What are you doing? I’m not done yet.”

The back of her hands turned red.
Xie Xueya rubbed her hand and gasped in pain.
This bastard was vicious.
She complained, “I’ve already given you four times the price.
What else do you want?”

“Young miss, think big.
What’s four times when you compare these dan medicines with military exploits? It’s really not enough.
You need to add money!”

Xie Xueya took a deep breath and gradually calmed down.
She knew that she would have to fork out a huge sum of money today, so she said coldly, “Stop beating around the bush.
How much are you willing to sell me?”

“Cough!” Wang Teng coughed and scratched the mask on his face.
He said, “Well, at least ten times the price.”

“Gasp!” Exclamations were heard all around him.

This young man was too ruthless!

Ten times the price.
Where did he get the guts to say that?

Everyone stared at Wang Teng in astonishment.

Even Ice Wind and Black Widow, who felt that the healing medicine was extremely important and shouldn’t be given to others, felt that ten times the price was atrocious.

“Ten times!”

Xie Xueya’s eyes widened in shock.
She cried out in alarm, “Why don’t you just rob me!”

She looked at Wang Teng’s cat mask.
It was a little cute, but to her, it looked like a devil now.

“It’s alright if you don’t want it.
I won’t force you.” Wang Teng wanted to keep the bottles.


Xie Xueya stopped him anxiously.
Under Wang Teng’s gaze, she said hesitantly, “Can’t it be cheaper? Ten times is too much.”

“No!” Wang Teng shook his head indifferently.

Xie Xueya sensed no chance of bargaining from Wang Teng’s tone.
She was left with no choice.
She gritted her teeth and said, “Alright, ten times!”

“Well then, sign this.” Wang Teng took out a piece of white paper and a pen from his space ring and placed them in front of her.

“Sign what?” Xie Xueya was puzzled.

Weren’t they talking about a transaction? Why did he ask her to sign suddenly?

This young miss seems stupid! Wang Teng gave her a ‘are you an idiot?’ look and said impatiently, “My healing medicine is precious.
You can’t just agree verbally.
What if you turn your back on me? You need to sign this IOU!”

“I’m the young miss—” Wang Teng’s gaze made her uncomfortable.
She turned angry from embarrassment.
However, she stopped herself halfway and sneered, “You’re doubting my sincerity and questioning my morals!”

She grabbed the paper and wrote two lines on it.
Then, she signed her name.
She wiped her thumb on her wound, staining it with blood.
She pressed it on the paper forcefully.

“Take it!”

“That’s right.
Putting it on paper is the safest way.” Wang Teng looked at the content of the IOU and nodded his head in satisfaction.
“Xie Xueya, your name’s not bad…”

He didn’t say the next part of the sentence: You’re just a little stupid!

Xie Xueya didn’t want to speak to him anymore.
She took the medication and walked away furiously.

She returned to her subordinates and distributed the healing medicine immediately.

“Is this that healing medicine? Indeed, the effects are amazing!” The soldiers were elated after they ate the dans and felt the changes to their injuries.

Xie Xueya heaved a sigh of relief.
The medicine was a little expensive, but the effects were real.

A smile appeared at the edge of her lips.
It was a relieved smile, as well as the smile of a poor woman…

It was seriously expensive!

After Xie Xueya walked away, Ice Wind asked, “The Star Universe Troop belongs to the Xingwu Continent.
Will they become hostile to us because of this?”

“Don’t worry.
The higher authorities will not bother about such small matters,” Wang Teng replied calmly.

“Sir, I don’t think you’re a stingy person.
Why did you treat her that way?” Black Widow asked curiously.

“The world is a cruel place.
It’s not hard to tell that that young lady comes from an elite family.
She doesn’t have much experience and speaks rashly.
If I don’t teach her a lesson, she will cause trouble in the future.” Wang Teng smiled.
“Also, don’t you think it’s fun to tease her?”

“Sir, I didn’t know you had such a hobby,” Ice Wind said helplessly.

“What are you saying? Do I look like that kind of person? I’m doing it for her sake.” Wang Teng glared at him.

After resting for half an hour, Wang Teng got up and gathered everyone.
“It’s time to leave.”

“Yes, sir!” replied everyone.

“Time is tight.
I’m not sure if we can arrive before the allocated time.” Ice Wind frowned.

“We will,” Wang Teng replied firmly.
He looked at the Gale Wolves around him.

The Gale Wolves stood up and howled.

“Get on the horses—I mean, wolves,” Wang Teng shouted.
He took the lead and leaped onto a 6-star Gale Wolf.

These Gale Wolves were all half as tall as a human.
They were large, so they could be used as their mounts.

Also, they were fast.
They were the best candidates to zoom through the forest.

The other martial warriors were enlightened.
With the help of these Gale Wolves, they might be able to reach the city before the deadline.

Ice Wind and Black Widow scanned the wolves.
The 6-star Gale Wolves were staring at them maliciously, so they took a step back and chose 5-star Gale Wolves to sit on.

The Gale Wolves roared in a low tone.
They seemed unwilling, but under Wang Teng’s Wolf King Reign, they remained obedient and didn’t resist.

The other martial warriors were in a dilemma.
However, when they saw this scene, they stopped hesitating and climbed onto the backs of the Gale Wolves.

“Let’s go!”

Wang Teng ordered.

The Gale Wolves shot out.
Wind Force enveloped their bodies as they galloped at the speed of the wind and turned into lingering shadows in the night sky.

In the distance, Xie Xueya looked at them enviously.

That bastard had many incredible tricks up his sleeve!

Actually, she wanted to ask Wang Teng to bring them along, but she threw this idea away when she recalled his methods.
She couldn’t afford to give him any more money.

Never mind, it’s alright to be a little late.

“Leader, there are many lone Gale Wolves.
Why didn’t you ask them to bring us along?” One of her subordinates touched her tender spot.

Xie Xueya: …

“Leader, you must have a good relationship with their leader, right? They even lent us these precious medicines,” another of her subordinates said.

“That’s right.”

“Their leader is a kind person.
He saved us and lent us his dans.”

Xie Xueya felt the corners of her lips twitch.

To hell with a kind person.
That was a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Outside Star Maple City.

In a certain part of the forest.

Dawn was arriving, and the sky was at its darkest.
Kong Li and Yuwen Xuan had already arrived and gathered at the pre-arranged location.

“Did you have a smooth journey?” Niu Li asked.

“Everything is good on my side.
We didn’t encounter any trouble.” Kong Li shrugged.

“Me too,” Yuwen Xuan replied.

Niu Li nodded.
Just as he was about to say something, a figure landed from the sky.
Niu Li and the others were stunned when they saw the person’s face.

They saluted hurriedly and greeted with respect, “Chief Commander!”

This person was Dan Taixuan.

She nodded and scanned the crowd.
Then, she frowned and asked, “Where is Wang Teng?”

“He hasn’t arrived yet!” Niu Li said.

“That fellow is late.
Where did he run to this time?” Dan Taixuan wondered curiously.

Everyone was speechless.

No matter how cheeky Wang Teng was, he wouldn’t fool around at this important juncture.
The Chief Commander didn’t seem to trust her disciple very much.

“Huh?” Dan Taixuan exclaimed softly.
She turned and looked at the left side of the forest.

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