Chapter 432: Encounter!

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“Stay alert.
I hope that none of you will get hurt before we reach Star Maple City.
I can’t afford to lose my face,” Wang Teng spoke indifferently.

“Yes!” the two martial warriors replied instantly, feeling embarrassed.

“Continue!” Wang Teng waved his hand and kept the corpse of the 6-star star beast.
Then, he turned into a ray of light and shot towards the horizon.

The soldiers behind him tidied themselves quickly and dashed after Wang Teng.

Soon, it was nighttime.
The team stopped for a break.
They took the chance to recover their Force and eat some dried goods to curb their hunger.

Wang Teng didn’t like the dried goods, so he used his fire Force to quickly barbecue a piece of star beast meat.
He took out the seasoning he had brought along and sprinkled it on the meat.

The intense fragrance wafted through the air.

The sound of people swallowing their saliva rang out in the silent night.

Although the conditions were poor, he was still a Force chef master.
Hence, the food he made was perfect in aroma, taste, and appearance.

No matter how calm the other martial warriors were, they were unable to resist the temptation of good food.

“That is… a Force dish!” Black Widow exclaimed in her cold voice.
It was rare for her to lose control.

“Is our leader a Force chef master?” Ice Wind asked with a weird expression.

After witnessing Wang Teng’s ability, they had gradually started to acknowledge Wang Teng’s status as their leader.

“I’m afraid so!” Black Widow was speechless.
“This is unexpected.”

“Sigh, my dried food is tasteless now.” Ice Wind bit the compressed biscuit in his hand and sighed.
Sniffing the fragrance in the air, he swallowed his saliva again.

He wasn’t the only one.
The other soldiers were glaring at Wang Teng with hidden bitterness.


They were eating dried goods, but their leader was eating a Force dish!

Shouldn’t he show some care for his subordinates and distribute some Force food to everyone? Shouldn’t he use the chance to win their favor?

They had their principles, so they wouldn’t be bought over with one Force meal.
But there was nothing wrong with accepting the kindness of their leader once in a while.

Unfortunately, they could only think about it.
Wang Teng disregarded them entirely and ate his food himself.

Hmph, do you think that I can’t handle you guys?

I haven’t forgotten the opening gambit you gave me.

As a narrow-minded leader, he had many ways of taking revenge on disobedient and insensible subordinates…

After resting, they continued their journey.

Late in the night, Wang Teng suddenly received a warning from Little White.

Little White had always been following him and helping him scan the surroundings.
It provided him valuable aid.

Wang Teng signaled everyone to stop.

Ice Wind, Black Widow, and the other martial warriors looked at him curiously.

Wang Teng didn’t say anything.
He closed his eyes and changed his vision.
Soon, he was able to see a spot in the forest a few thousand meters away from them.
A group of people was in a heated battle.

One party was a group of humans in black battle uniforms and wearing masks.
They were dressed similarly to Wang Teng’s team.

The other was a pack of Gale Wolves.
They were extremely powerful, and there were more than a hundred of them.
They surrounded the human martial warriors and put them in a dangerous position.

Without a doubt, the motive of the masked martial warriors must be the same as them.

Wang Teng hesitated for a moment.
Then, he waved his hand and led his team in that direction.

A few minutes later, they stopped a few hundred meters from the battleground.
They watched the fight from afar.

The other martial warriors were stunned, glancing at Wang Teng involuntarily.

Did he detect this fight just now?

It was obvious that he had sensed something, the reason he rushed here instantly.

Even a 9-star soldier-level martial warrior might not detect the fight at that distance.
How did their leader do it?

“They are probably the advance force of a certain troop.” Wang Teng suddenly opened his mouth.

“We actually managed to meet them!” Ice Wind exclaimed.

“The troops are heading to Star Maple City using the same route.
It’s not strange to bump into them,” Black Widow said.

“However, they are really unlucky.
They met a pack of Gale Wolves,” Ice Wind said.

The moment Wang Teng and his team arrived, the martial warriors who were surrounded by the Gale Wolves had noticed them.
They were stunned for a moment before they rejoiced.

Someone even shouted for help directly.

“Shall we help them?” Black Widow asked.

“There are many Gale Wolves.
Even if we join in, there might still be sacrifices,” Ice Wind frowned and said.

“We won’t die.
Let’s go!” Wang Teng said indifferently.


Everyone shouted in unison.
Ice Wind didn’t object further.
With a 7-star soldier-level formidable warrior among them, this pack of Gale Wolves wasn’t a threat.

They turned into rays of lights and darted into the battlefield.

The martial warriors surrounded by the Gale Wolves were in a dire state.
Fortunately, Wang Teng and his team had arrived on time.
If not, they would have suffered heavy casualties.

After Wang Teng’s team entered the fray, the pressure on them lightened tremendously.

However, the Gale Wolves still won by numbers.
They specialized in speed, so the martial warriors had a hard time fighting with them.


The howl of a wolf ran in the air continuously.
It seemed to be commanding the wolf pack, making them cooperate like humans.
They were tough to handle.

Wang Teng scanned the crowd and noticed a 7-star soldier-level martial warrior.

However, the martial warrior was surrounded by numerous 6-star gale wolves, so the person couldn’t break free no matter how hard he tried.

The person noticed Wang Teng, who was standing not far away.
She frowned and shouted, “Hey, why are you looking all distracted? Come and help me!”

Wang Teng was dumbfounded.
Under the thick battle uniform, he couldn’t tell that this 7-star soldier-level martial warrior was actually a lady.

Nonetheless, he ignored her and continued scanning the pack.
Gradually, he furrowed his brows.

How is that possible?

He guessed that there must be a wolf king among the Gale Wolves.
They couldn’t cooperate with such chemistry without one.

He wanted to find the wolf king, but he realized that the most powerful Gale Wolf was a 6-star.
There was no one above this level.

Could it be that the wolf king isn’t there? Wang Teng wondered to himself.

“Hey, can you help quickly? Are you planning to let us die here?” the 7-star soldier-level martial warrior shouted again.

“Shut up!” Wang Teng retorted coldly.

“You!” The 7-star soldier-level martial warrior was furious.

Wang Teng didn’t have the time to care about her.
His mind was working at full speed.
There’s one more possibility.
The wolf king isn’t the strongest of the wolf pack!

This situation was unbelievable.

Survival of the fittest had always been the rule in the world of star beasts.
Their king must be the most powerful of their kind.
That was how it could lead them to survive in this brutal environment.

It was impossible for a weakling to become the king.

Unless one of them possessed a special talent the others didn’t have!

Even so, how can I find it? Wang Teng felt his head spinning..
He thought that he would be able to find the strongest wolf king using his Spiritual Sight, but he met this unexpected special situation.

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