Chapter 42: This… Drama King!

It was an exciting night of collecting sheep furs—wait, it was a night of training!

Wang Teng finished picking up the last attribute bubble and came out of the Jixin Martial House.
He drove his car along the seaside highway on his way home.

Jixin Martial House was situated beside the sea.
There was a highway following the coastline.
At night, there weren’t many cars on this road.

Under the dark night sky, the place seemed exceptionally quiet and secluded.

Wang Teng was the last to leave again.
The other students of the martial arts academy had already gone home much earlier.

The music in the car was turned on, and the vibrant and loud music dispersed the silence in the surrounding…

Tonight, I watch the snow fluttering in the cold night

My heart is cold as I travel far away

I ran in the wind and the rain, not able to differentiate the figures in the mist

The sky and the sea, you and me

Will we change…


The friction between the tires and asphalt broke the calmness of the silent night.
The relaxing atmosphere created by the music was gone.

Wang Teng had managed to stop his car just in time.
His body flung forward because of inertia, but as a martial warrior, his control over his body was exceptional.
He forcefully remained in his seat.

The high beam lit up the scene in front.
A large fallen tree was blocking the road ahead.
At the same time, there was a human figure sitting on a branch of the large tree.
He couldn’t make out the figure clearly.

Wang Teng frowned.

It looked like this person had come bearing ill intent.
He seemed to be targeting him.

Just as Wang Teng was about to get out of his car, he suddenly thought of something and activated his Spiritual Sight.

A ball of bright light like a 50-watt incandescent lamp appeared in his vision…


Martial warrior!

Wang Teng’s heart skipped a beat.
Why was a martial warrior looking for him? Who was he? What motive did he have…

A pile of questions filled up his heart.

However, comparing the intensity of the light he saw using his Spiritual Sight and the light on himself, he had nothing to be afraid of, even if they were to fight.

Wang Teng took out his battle sword and wore his boxing gloves.
Then, he got out of the car slowly.

“Hand over the item!” The man looked at Wang Teng and opened his mouth.

“What item? I don’t think I know you!” Wang Teng curiously asked.

“It doesn’t matter whether you know me or not.
However, if you hand over the item you took from Mount Bao’an, I can spare your life,” said the person coldly.

“What item? What Mount Bao’an? Why don’t I understand what you are saying?” Wang Teng’s heart dropped.

How did this person know that he had taken something?

The person snorted.
He stood up and walked towards Wang Teng.
“You don’t know? In that case, where did you get the sword and boxing gloves in your hands?”

“I bought them,” Wang Teng replied indifferently.

When the other party came closer, Wang Teng finally saw his appearance.
This was a man around 30 years old.
There was no distinguishing feature on his face, but his eyes were like that of a lone wolf.
He didn’t look like a kind person by any means.

“You’re at the brink of death, you know.
Why are you still being stubborn?” The man waved his cell phone.
“All the members of our team installed a GPS tracking system in our phones.
You hid it well by destroying their corpses and all traces left.
After all, dead men tell no tales.
Unfortunately, you were stupid enough to bring their cell phones back.”

Damn it, I didn’t even expect a tracking system to be installed in the cell phones.
I was too careless! Wang Teng scolded himself in his heart.

“Do you have nothing to say now? Tell me where the item is, and I will spare your life.

“I don’t mind telling you that I’m a martial warrior.
You’re just a martial disciple.
Even if you have rune weapons, you are not my match.

“So, don’t cause harm to yourself,” said the man calmly.

Wang Teng felt lucky.
Fortunately, he brought the two cell phones along with him wherever he went.
This person had just tracked him through GPS, so he probably didn’t know where he lived.

Still, Wang Teng pretended to look shocked.

“Martial warrior, you’re actually a martial warrior!

“If I hand the item over to you, will you really let me go?”

At this moment, it was as if Wang Teng was possessed by a drama king.
He appeared to be nervous and frightened, mired by a dilemma.

“Of course, you should feel fortunate that I came alone to settle this matter.

“If my other teammates had found you out first, hmph, they aren’t as easy to talk to like me,” the man continued.

“No one knows about this?” Wang Teng raised his head.

“That’s right.
I’m the only one.
You don’t have to worry about other people looking for trouble.” The man probably wanted to let Wang Teng believe him, so his expression was extremely sincere.

“Okay, I will tell you.
But you must first promise to spare my life.”

Wang Teng gritted his teeth and nodded firmly.
He walked towards the other party in a cautious manner.

The man had a smile on his face.
“Don’t worry.
I mean what I say.
I’m a martial warrior.
There’s no need for me to lie to a small martial disciple like you.”

“I put that thing…”

Wang Teng walked until he was within three meters of the martial warrior.
Then, his gaze intensified, and he heavily stepped on the ground.
Using the rebounding force, Wang Teng jumped high up.

The smile on the man’s face turned hideous!

“Little brat, I knew you won’t be so honest.
I was already guarding against you.
Do you think you can fool me with your hidden intentions?

“You are just a martial disciple!

“Today, I will show you the difference between a martial disciple and a martial warrior!”

The man punched at Wang Teng.
There was a layer of brown Force covering his fist, giving off a thick and solid feeling.

Wang Teng swung his long sword in response.

Mastery stage Basic Sword Skill!

When he raised his sword, he didn’t use any Force.
However, once the long sword collided with his opponent’s fist, a scorching explosive Force erupted from the sword.


The two Forces collided and caused a loud roar.

Wang Teng had used all his strength in this attack while the other party had a casual attitude.
He considered Wang Teng as just a martial disciple.

The winner was apparent!


The man’s flesh got slashed and his bones cracked by the strength behind the attack.
Blood spurted out like a fountain, going high into the sky.

The man’s scream of agony accompanied the falling blood.


One of his arms had been chopped off by Wang Teng.

A moment ago, he was still confident and arrogant, as if everything was in his control.
Now, his face was pale, and his features were distorted from the pain.
Astonishment, anger, and disbelief were written all over his face.

“Martial warrior!

“You’re actually a martial warrior!”

The man couldn’t help but exclaim.
He never would have thought that this high school brat in front of him was a martial warrior.


He must escape!

If not, he would die!

The man had lost an arm, so his battle prowess had drastically dropped.
He knew that he wasn’t Wang Teng’s match.
His heart was filled with resentment, but he still turned and ran away.

He had seen the overflowing killing intent on Wang Teng’s face.

As well as his pair of indifferent eyes.

There was no hint of anxiety or fear in them anymore.
All that was fake.
He had been acting, and brilliantly at that.

This was a… drama king!

“Are you planning to leave?”

After Wang Teng chopped off the man’s arm with a single stroke, he didn’t hesitate.
He executed his mastery footwork and accelerated exponentially.
Flames intertwined his battle sword as he slashed it at the other party.

“Little brat, don’t go too far!” the man screamed in terror.
At the same time, he wasn’t going to wait for his death.
He hurriedly evaded the attacks.

Wang Teng wasn’t affected.
He continued following the man with his footwork and inched closer towards him with every move.

But, his opponent was obviously an experienced martial warrior with ample battle experience.
Despite being heavily injured, he was still able to hold on to his dear life.

I can’t drag for too long!

I must end it quickly!

Wang Teng was in a hurry.
In an instant, a spiritual light flashed past, and the battle sword flew out of his hand.
He had hurled it at his opponent.


The battle sword shot out like an arrow leaving its bow, bringing with it the power of the fire flames.

The man’s pupils constricted into a dot.
The hair on his body stood up as he tried his best to tilt his body and dodge the sword.


The battle sword slashed his chest and left a bloody mark behind.
The skin around the cut was all burnt.

Still, he had managed to evade the fatal blow.

The man was panting heavily, swallowing large puffs of air.
He felt as if he had just survived a calamity.

“Hahaha, little brat, you won’t be able to kill me.

He burst out laughing.
However, before he could finish his sentence, a gust of strong and icy wind smashed towards him from his right.

The man turned his head.

A fist that looked like an ice sculpture was quickly growing in size in front of his eyes.

“Ice element!


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