Chapter 426: The Wang Teng You’re Talking About Is My Disciple!

When digging spiritual plants like the Snow Jade Tree, the best equipment to use was a shovel made from jade.
After digging the plant out, one should seal it immediately in a box.

Wang Teng didn’t prepare any of this.
However, it didn’t mean that Qiu Bo didn’t!

He came prepared.
Wang Teng found these items in his space ring just now.

At that time, he didn’t find it strange.
After all, he wasn’t an ignorant person.

However, Qiu Bo was a layman.
He didn’t know having the jade box wasn’t enough.
The natural jade would only keep 70 to 80% of the tree’s vital energy.

To ensure that none of its vital energy would get lost, you needed to carve some sealing runes on the box.

Wang Teng didn’t waste any time.
After taking out the jade box, he used his spiritual power to quickly carve some runes on the surface.

Everything was done smoothly.
Within a few minutes, numerous runes appeared on the box.


Wang Teng smiled.
He gave himself a thumbs up.

Then, he took out the jade shovel and loosened the soil around the Snow Jade Tree.
He dug around the edges before inching his way around.

With a quick scan of his surroundings and ensuring no treasures were left, he departed instantly.

After he leaped out from the lake, he saw that Qiu Bo was still unconscious.
He sat down cross-legged beside Qiu Bo and decided to wait and see if another round of attribute bubbles would appear on the surface of the lake.

After all, the water Force in this area was dense.
Wang Teng didn’t want to give them up.

Since he had nothing to do, he took out the corpse of the black-armor giant crocodile and investigated it with his Spiritual Sight.
Suddenly, he saw three bright green balls in its body.

Three light balls?!

Wang Teng was dumbstruck.
Then, he almost jumped in excitement.

He hurriedly used his spiritual power to cut the corpse of the black-armor giant crocodile and take out the three items.

Besides the star core, there was also… a star bone!

The star core of a half-step lord-level star beast was priceless.
Most importantly, it was rare.
As for the star bone, compared to the star core, it was even harder to find.

Wang Teng was thrilled.
He examined the two star bones in his hand…

Yes, he took out two, not one, star bones from the body of the black-armor giant crocodile.

Both were forepaw bones.

It was uncommon to find two star bones on a single star beast.

He studied the patterns on the star bones and was inspired.
He instilled water Force into the star bones.
Instantly, the star bones started shining with blue light.

His hand started to feel heavy.

It’s a strength-type star bone! Wang Teng was stunned.
It was a good item for him.

Based on his skill as an advanced-stage blacksmith, he felt that this pair of star bones could be forged into a pair of strength-type boxing gloves.

The previous boxing gloves he had weren’t suitable for him anymore.
He was a 7-star soldier-level martial warrior now, so if he used his full power, the boxing gloves would disintegrate.

I’ll go back, find some good ingredients, and make it myself. Wang Teng thought to himself.

He took out the other star beasts from the space ring and scanned them with his Spiritual Sight.
He instantly found a few more star cores.

No more star bones appeared, though.
It looked like star bones were scarce even among advanced-rank star beasts.

Wang Teng sized up the six star cores in front of him.
Two of them were fire element star cores.
He already had a plan on how to utilize them.
He used his spiritual pet contract to call Little White over.

The Spirit Flame Ghost Crow had always been following him.
When he didn’t need it, it would hunt freely.

After some time, a black figure plummeted down from the sky.
Little White was a 3-star star beast now, so it was getting larger.

Wang Teng allowed it to roam freely.
As a result, Little White was able to unleash its natural instincts.
Its combat ability was not bad.

However, Wang Teng noticed that it would be injured after it flew back.
It looked like it kept fighting with other star beasts outside.

This showed that its combat ability was improved through hard work and experience.

Wang Teng had ample healing medicine, and he was never stingy towards his spiritual pet.
His healing medicine was better than the ones used by Han Zhu and Wan Baiqiu.

Han Zhu and Wan Baiqiu were elated when they received his dans, but they didn’t know that a crow had better treatment than them.

Little White regained its health quickly after eating his dans.
In this aspect, it had an advantage over the other star beasts in the wild, so it improved tremendously.

This made Wang Teng extremely satisfied.

He was improving quickly and coming close to the general stage.
As his spiritual pet, it would be embarrassing if it was too weak.

At this moment, Little White landed in front of Wang Teng and cawed at him in confusion.

“I have something good for you.” Wang Teng smiled.
He lifted his hand that was holding the two star cores and threw one of them directly to Little White.

He wasn’t being petty.
These two star cores came from a 4-star star beast and a 5-star star beast, respectively.
The Force contained in them was powerful, so Little White might not be able to digest it with its current ability.

Little White felt the thick fire Force within the star core.
Its eyes lit up, and it cawed happily.
It bit the star core with its beak and swallowed it whole.

Instantly, a fiery red glow appeared in its eyes.
Even its body was engulfed in flames.
It looked handsome and magnificent.

Wang Teng nodded silently.
After Little White digested this star core, it would advance to the 4-star level.

He would feed it the 5-star star core sometime in the future.
By then, its ability would be on par with its parents.

However, on his attributes panel, Little White’s second talent, Ghost Fire, was still not activated.
Wang Teng was puzzled.

Was he using the wrong method?

Could it be that Ghost Fire wasn’t an ordinary flame, so it needed a special method to awaken it?

Although Wang Teng was excited by the prospects, he knew that there was no point thinking about this now.
When there was a chance, he would help his pet awaken its talent.

“You can leave now.
Grow quickly, and don’t fall behind me too much.” Wang Teng smiled and waved at Little White.

Little White rubbed against his palm intimately before cawing in high spirits.
It spread its wings and flew away with its flaming body.

Wang Teng looked up at the sky until he couldn’t see Little White anymore.
He retracted his gaze and said, “There’s no need to act anymore since you’re awake.”

“Haha.” Qiu Bo laughed awkwardly behind him.
“Young man, you’re lucky to be able to get that magnificent star beast to recognize you as its master.”

“I knocked you unconscious, but you’re complimenting me.” Wang Teng gave him an ambiguous smile.

The corners of Qiu Bo’s lips trembled slightly.
This fellow was touching his tender spot.
However, he kept his smile and replied, “You must have a reason for knocking me unconscious.
I’m not an insensible person.”

“Your skin sure is thick.
You’re a talent too, but why do you have to work with the dark apparitions?” Wang Teng shook his head in disappointment.

Qiu Bo’s expression froze.
He said quickly, “I didn’t.
Don’t make up stories.
I’m arch enemies with the dark apparitions.”

Wang Teng ignored him and closed his eyes.
He started cultivating.

Time passed quickly.
Three hours flew by in a blink of an eye.

Qiu Bo didn’t know what Wang Teng was doing.
He didn’t understand why he hadn’t left and was sitting around, idling his time away.
He got impatient, but he didn’t dare to disturb Wang Teng.

This young man was handsome, but he had an evil heart.
He was ruthless too.
If he provoked him, he would be tormented again.

He knew how to protect himself.

At this moment, Wang Teng opened his eyes and looked at the lake.
He shook his head.

Despite waiting for a few hours, there was only a limited number of attribute bubbles floating above the lake.
It looked like the sea of bubbles he saw had accumulated over the years.


He swept them over with his spiritual power and picked them up.

Water Force*3

Water Force*2

Water Force*4

After the round of harvest, he received 56 points of water Force.
Wang Teng shook his head.
“It’s time to leave.”

It wasn’t worth wasting his time here.
However, before he left, he had something to do.
He walked to Qiu Bo and looked him in the eye.

A crimson glow flashed past his pupils.


Qiu Bo was bewildered.
He quickly lost his consciousness due to the vast difference in their spiritual powers.

Wang Teng started questioning him.
His answers were more or less the same as what he had heard.
He felt less worried.

After some time, Qiu Bo woke up.
His expression was ugly as he exclaimed, “What did you do to me?”

Wang Teng didn’t reply to him with his mouth.
Instead, a brick appeared in his hand.

Qiu Bo widened his eyes in shock.
He cowered instantly.
“What do you want? Let’s speak properly.
Don’t hit my face.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t trust you.
We are leaving soon, so to prevent you from playing tricks on me, I should knock you unconscious.”

Wang Teng smiled apologetically and raised his brick.
“Actually, I need you alive.
If not, I’d have killed you directly.
A dead man is the safest.”

Qiu Bo was horrified.

The next second…


A dull thud later, Qiu Bo’s eyes rolled back, and his vision turned black.
He fainted.

“I used less strength than before.
It’s just perfect for fainting him.
What a benevolent person I am.”

Wang Teng praised himself.
He picked up the half-dead Qiu Bo and walked away casually as if he was holding a dead dog.

He didn’t go back to the Black Sparrow City immediately.
Rather, he hid Qiu Bo and went back to no.
56 garrison.

The female dark apparition, Phyllis, started questioning Wang Teng when she saw him.
He treated her coldly and found an excuse to chase her away.

His main purpose in coming back was to find out where the three dark apparitions went.

Soon, he found out that the three dark apparitions left not long after they met Qiu Bo.
They didn’t care about the other dark apparitions in this garrison, so they didn’t notice anything amiss.

Wang Teng felt that he was too cautious.
The dark apparitions were more careless than he thought.
Nothing would happen.

He shook his head and left with Qiu Bo.

Black Sparrow City!

Niu Li and the two majors had come back.
They quickly reported the situation to their superiors.

The news they brought back alerted all the higher authorities of the Black Sparrow Troop.

At this moment, Dan Taixuan and a few deputy commanders were sitting in a meeting room.
Niu Li and the two majors were here too.
They were sitting on the other end.

Dan Taixuan placed her hands on her chin and asked gravely, “Is this true?”

“This piece of news was discovered by recruit Wang Teng.
It shouldn’t be wrong,” Niu Li replied.

“Do you have evidence?” one of the deputy commanders asked.

“Erm.” Niu Li choked.
“Wang Teng heard it personally…”

“Wang Teng is just a recruit.
How can you trust the words of a recruit so easily? This is outrageous!” The deputy commander scolded angrily.

“Cough, Old Zhu, the Wang Teng you’re talking about is my disciple.” A calm voice was heard at this moment.

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