Chapter 425: Token And Snow Jade Tree

Qiu Bo widened his eyes in disbelief.
His space ring was opened, and he had suffered the backlash instantly.

He looked at Wang Teng in fear.
“What on earth did you do?”

“Don’t worry, I’m just opening it up to take a look.
Don’t be stingy.” Wang Teng glanced at him and chuckled.
“Let me see what treasures you have inside.”

“No!” Qiu Bo shouted hurriedly, “There are confidential missions of the Star Maple Troop inside.
If you see it, you will be arrested by the Star Maple Troop.
You will be brought to trial no matter where you are.”

“Oh my God!” Wang Teng said with disdain, “I’m sorry to inform you, but I’m a martial warrior from Earth.”

“What?” Qiu Bo squinted.

“I wonder if your troop can put me to trial in the first place?” Wang Teng asked.

“Even so, if there’s a leakage, my troop will still ask Earth to hand you over to us.
You still have a chance to stop now,” Qiu Bo found an excuse.

“I love to do what others tell me not to,” Wang Teng replied nonchalantly.

“You can’t do this.

Wang Teng ignored Qiu Bo.
He scanned the space inside the ring with his spiritual power and realized that this fellow was indeed poor.
There was nothing worthy in the space ring.
The Snow Jade Tree wasn’t with him either.
It looked like he did fail his mission.

However, this space ring was bigger than the one he had by approximately three times.

Wang Teng felt that he should change his space ring.

There were many corpses of the star beasts that he had killed in the ring.
Qiu Bo didn’t feed everything to the black-armor giant crocodile.

Wang Teng disregarded the corpses and took two other items.

“You can’t look at them.
You’ll be dead if you do!” Qiu Bo’s expression changed as he shouted sternly.
He tried to use this to threaten him.

Wang Teng snorted.
He didn’t even look at Qiu Bo.

He was a weakling struggling in front of death.
What a joke.

He examined the items in his hand.
One of them was a black token with weird patterns on it.
There was a strange eye printed on the back.

After staring at the eye for some time, one might get bewitched by it and fall into an illusion.

The entire token gave off an evil vibe.

However, Wang Teng’s spirit had reached the emperor realm, so he managed to regain his senses after a moment of absentmindedness.

When the dark apparitions befell Yang City, an evil eye had peeked through the dimensional rift to peep at this world.

He might have been scared if this eye was the same as that one.
But this eye was a dead object.
It was nothing to him.

Qiu Bo exclaimed in disbelief, “You are not affected?”

“Why are you making a fuss?” Wang Teng replied helplessly.
He looked at Qiu Bo as if he were a frog in a well.

Qiu Bo’s expression turned ugly when he was given the cold shoulder.
He didn’t know what to say for a long while.
However, the astonishment in his heart didn’t disappear.

There was something weird about this young man!

“If I’m right, this token is proof that you’ve been contacting the dark apparitions, right?” Wang Teng asked.

Qiu Bo’s pupils constricted abruptly.
He denied it without hesitation.
“I don’t know what you’re saying.”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t admit it.
I already know what I wanted to know,” Wang Teng said indifferently.

Then, he looked at the second item.
It was a black rune stone.

“This is… a legacy stone! It must be filled with the knowledge of the dark apparitions,” Wang Teng said.

“Who are you?” Qiu Bo’s face turned black.
This person knew too many things, making him feel uneasy.

“Let me introduce myself.
I’m a recruit from the Black Sparrow Troop,” Wang Teng looked at him and suddenly introduced himself seriously.

“A recruit!”

Qiu Bo was dumbfounded.
He stared at Wang Teng in a daze.

Why are you being so serious when you’re a recruit? I thought you had some important identity!


You’re so powerful, but you say you’re only a recruit? Do I look like a fool?

Qiu Bo didn’t believe him.
He scoffed.
“What’s the point of lying to me?”

“Who cares if you believe me? Let me invite you to take a nap.
I’m going to take the Snow Jade Tree.” Wang Teng walked towards Qiu Bo.

“What do you want?”


A brick appeared in Wang Teng’s hand, and he smashed it down violently.
A shrill cry later, Qiu Bo’s eyes rolled back, and he fainted.

Before he turned unconscious, his heart was filled with bitterness.

Who did he provoke? Why did he have to suffer such cruel treatment?

Wang Teng shook his head.
He felt a little guilty when he saw the other person’s terrible state.
Was he too brutal?

This fellow was already injured badly, but he still knocked his head with a brick.
That was a little inhumane.

Qiu Bo’s head was swelling up at a visible speed.
Wang Teng coughed awkwardly and muttered to himself, “Nevermind, I’ve already hit him.
I’ll be gentler next time.”

He walked to the side of the lake and kept the body of the black-armor giant crocodile.
Then, he looked at the lake’s surface.

Many attribute bubbles were floating above the water.

Wang Teng swept them over with his spiritual power.
The bubbles floated towards him and merged into this body.

Water Force*10

Water Force*8

Water Force*12

Most of the bubbles contained water Force attributes.
They were of different sizes, and the number of attributes inside differed accordingly.

Wang Teng had a great time picking up bubbles.

After a round of collection, he received 688 points of Force attributes.

Water Force: 2998/5000 (7-star)

After he picked up most of the attribute bubbles on the surface of the lake, more attribute bubbles started to form gradually.
However, they were taking a long time, and there were only a few of them.

Wang Teng was too lazy to pick them up.
He jumped into the lake.

The water Force enveloped his body, allowing him to travel in water as if he was walking on the ground.

Wang Teng dived into the bottom of the lake like a fish.
He scanned the bottom with his Spiritual Sight and found the location of the Snow Jade Tree.

There was a thick wood element glow around it.
It was like a glaring and conspicuous small-sized green sun.

The lake was extremely deep, but Wang Teng quickly arrived at the location with his speed.
A weak greenish-blue light shone in the lake water.
Many different types of fish were swimming around it, making the underwater scenery look dreamy and magical.

There was a small tree growing on the lake bed, seemingly carved from jade.
It was sparkling and crystal-clear.
Be it the leaves or the branches, they looked like a work of art.
They were exquisite and beautiful.

This is the Snow Jade Tree!

Wang Teng was staggered.
He had read about the Snow Jade Tree before and even saw its picture, but this was the first time he saw the real thing.
He gasped in amazement.

The Snow Jade Tree was beautiful!

It was like a piece of art created by a grandmaster.
It was spectacular!

Wang Teng sized up the Snow Jade Tree.
He was worried that changes might happen if he dragged any longer, so he decided to take it away immediately.

The benefits of being an alchemist surfaced at this point.
They were very familiar with spiritual plants and animals, so they knew how to collect them without harming their effects.

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