Chapter 423: Evil Beast, Don’t Run! Take My Last Burst Of Fire God Cannon!

While the mysterious man and the black-armor giant crocodile were spacing out, Wang Teng turned around and ran.

Damn it!

This black-armor giant crocodile is so fierce.
I should stay away from it temporarily.

The mysterious man: …

He looked at Wang Teng in bewilderment, and his eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

Would this work?

The problem was, the black-armor giant crocodile got startled by the young man and forgot to attack him.


Wait, if you’re running away, take me with you!

The mysterious man stared at Wang Teng, who had covered a few hundred meters in an instant.
Then, he turned his neck stiffly and looked at the eyes of the black-armor giant crocodile.
They had turned red.


A furious roar vibrated through the air!

The black-armor giant crocodile swung its tail and slammed it on the ground.


The mysterious man vomited a mouth of blood and stared at the beast in confusion.

The black-armor giant crocodile didn’t even glance at him.

Actually, that tail sweep was just a random move.
It was worried that the prey in its hands would escape, so it beat him up until he was half-dead first.
After it took care of the other prey and brought him back, it would enjoy the two of them together.

The star beast turned its huge body and chased after Wang Teng.

Wang Teng wasn’t really running away.
He took the chance to take out his Fire God Cannon and started charging it.

“Take a shot of my cannon!”

As he was running, he suddenly turned around and fired a shot at the black-armor giant crocodile.

Scorching red light spurted out from the muzzle and crashed into the enormous body of the black-armor giant crocodile that wasn’t able to dodge in time.


The fiery glow exploded and burnt everything with its scorching heat.


The black-armor giant crocodile howled in anger as it stormed out from the flames.
There were burnt marks on its body, but that attack didn’t hurt it.
There was no damage on its black armor at all.

However, the black-armor giant crocodile was infuriated by Wang Teng.
It roared crazily and chased after him like a mad man.

A blue light ball congregated in front of its mouth.
The ball violently shot towards Wang Teng.

Wang Teng had watched the battle between the mysterious man and the black-armor giant crocodile just now, so he was guarding against this move.
When it started to form the light ball, he activated his space talent and disappeared on the spot.


The blue ball of light missed him and collided on the ground.
Soil splattered everywhere, leaving a deep trench.

Wang Teng appeared a few meters away from the hole.
He kept running away as he charged the Fire God Cannon.

The mysterious man in the distance couldn’t move because of his serious injury, but he hadn’t fainted yet.
He stared at Wang Teng in disbelief when he saw this scene.
He couldn’t tell how Wang Teng had managed to dodge the attack.

He had experienced the attacks of the black-armor giant crocodile personally.
If they were so easy to evade, he wouldn’t have landed in his current state.

Yet, Wang Teng did it.

Furthermore, it didn’t look forced.
He seemed quite relaxed.

A tinge of hope suddenly appeared in his heart.
There was a chance that he could be saved…

“Take another blow!”

Wang Teng’s voice rang in the air once again, followed by a loud boom.

The black-armor giant crocodile got hit by the Fire God Cannon again.
It was shot in the same area as before.

No matter how hard its armor was, it couldn’t endure two rounds of forceful attacks in a short time.
Cracks appeared on its armor, and it started roaring angrily in pain.

Wang Teng smiled.
This was the effect he wanted.
It looked like the armor of this black-armor giant crocodile wasn’t impenetrable.

He decided to let the black-armor giant crocodile enjoy another few rounds of his Fire God Cannon.
He had ample Force, so he was able to handle what others couldn’t with skill and ease.

The Fire God Cannon continued charging up.

The black-armor giant crocodile squinted, feeling a sense of threat from the Fire God Cannon.
Its gaze turned icy, and it roared in anger.
Then, it charged towards Wang Teng once again.

It swept its huge tail horizontally.
The air around it was compressed to the maximum before exploding.
The tail swung towards Wang Teng, bringing along a terrifying force with it.

Wang Teng turned into lingering shadows and disappeared.
He didn’t fight the black-armor giant crocodile face on.

Hence, the two parties started a game of catch.

Wang Teng charged the Fire God Cannon as he ran, occasionally shooting the black-armor giant crocodile.
After some time, the armor on its body cracked open, and wounds started to form.
It was bloody.

The black-armor giant crocodile felt indignant.
It realized that the person in front of it was like that slippery fish in the lake.
It couldn’t catch the fish even if it wanted to.
In the past, it could swallow the fish since it was stronger, but this human was harder to handle.
It was going mad.

On the other side, the mysterious man was flabbergasted.
He didn’t know that they could fight in this manner.
Although it was a little shameless, he had to admit that the effects were good.

However, he could tell that it wasn’t easy to accomplish this.
You needed to have a formidable weapon like the Fire God Cannon and ghost-like footwork like the young man.

He took Wang Teng’s space talent as a kind of footwork.
He didn’t think in that direction at all.

Also, the endless amount of Force was an important factor too.

This young man wasn’t an ordinary person!

He was a monster!


The Fire God Cannon inflicted some damage on the black-armor giant crocodile’s body once again.
The excruciating pain allowed the black-armor giant crocodile to calm down.
Fear appeared in its gaze.

This person is cheating.

I can’t continue this battle anymore.

If I continue, I’ll die from the continuous attacks!

The black-armor giant crocodile stopped pursuing Wang Teng.
It turned around and ran away, dashing towards the lake.
It wanted to go home.

“It’s running away?” Wang Teng was stunned.
He hurriedly chased after it.

They were halfway through the battle.
How could he let it run away? He still wanted to see what the Snow Jade Tree looked like.

He didn’t want the Snow Jade Tree for himself.
No way.
He was just curious.

Of course, if the black-armor giant crocodile unfortunately died, it was reasonable for him to take over its possession.

“Don’t run!”

Wang Teng’s speed increased as the thought entered his mind.
The black-armor giant crocodile ran even faster.
Oh no, it seemed to have chased him too far.
The journey home was a little long.

The mysterious man felt speechless when he saw this scene from afar.

That was a formidable star beast that beat him, a 9-star soldier-level martial warrior, up like he was nothing.
Yet, it was scurrying away in fear because of someone.

The young man only seemed to be at the 7-star soldier level!

What was wrong with the world? He realized that he couldn’t understand it anymore.

Was the black-armor giant crocodile a fake half-step lord-level monster?

Did he have an illusion just now?

The black-armor giant crocodile escaped frantically.
As the lake got closer and closer, ecstasy shone in its eyes.
It could finally go home.

Once it reached home and hid there, the fierce human behind it wouldn’t be able to hurt it.

However, at this moment, it heard a loud roar behind it.

“Evil beast, don’t run! Take my last burst of Fire God Cannon!”

The black-armor giant crocodile trembled in fear.
It dashed towards the lake with all its energy and dived in without any hesitation.


The Fire God Cannon fired just after it dived, but it still hit the black-armor giant crocodile’s body.
The star beast was swallowed by fire.

A ray of light shot into the flames at this moment.


A hiss of agony came from within the flames.
Then, it stopped abruptly.

Boom! The gigantic body crashed into the lake bank.
It wriggled a few times before it stopped moving completely.

The mysterious man: ?!

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