Chapter 422: I Don’t Know Him.
I’m Just Passing By~

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Wang Teng felt a little guilty when he saw how happy the mysterious man was.
He even snorted like a pig.

Was he too atrocious?

This man worked hard to gather information and killed all the star beasts to lure the guardian of the tree out.
He even poisoned the bodies and waited patiently for the star beasts to get enticed.
It must be hard for him.

Yet, he was going to snatch his fruits of labor.
It was a little uncool of him.

Wang Teng shook his head.
He would be gentler on him later.
After all, he was a soft-hearted person!

Wang Teng was standing on a tree branch, and Mo Que had already appeared in his hand.
The sharp weapon gave off a chilly and icy glint.

At the same time, a ray of light flew past him at the speed of lightning.
It circled him a few times before merging into the darkness and disappearing.

He was already prepared for the appearance of his fruit of waiting.

Wang Teng’s eyes were beaming with excitement.
Sneaky plans were most suitable for him.
It made him excited just thinking about it.

Suddenly, a large ripple appeared on the calm surface of the lake.
Along with the sound of an explosion, the water in the lake spurted towards the sky.

A single movement stirred up a tsunami!


At the same time, an angry bellow resounded from the bottom of the lake.

Wang Teng was stunned.
Then, his expression turned weird.
He muttered to himself, “Did he lose?”

He could imagine how exasperated and hopeless the mysterious man would feel when he went down only to realize that the star beast didn’t get poisoned.

This person’s luck wasn’t good!

Wang Teng’s pupils shrunk as he thought of another possibility.

The star beast might be more intelligent than they had expected.
It pretended to eat the poisoned corpses and didn’t retaliate when the mysterious man struck the surface of the lake.
It wanted to lure the mysterious man into the water, planning to catch the turtle in a pot.

This is so scary!

Is that star beast a sly old fox?

A frightening battle was happening at the bottom of the lake, evident from the continuous explosions.
Wang Teng kept a close watch.

After a few moments, a figure shot out from the lake in a disorderly manner.

Another gigantic figure was pursuing it relentlessly.
It opened its giant maw and attempted to bite the mysterious man from below.

Under the moonlight, two rows of saw-like teeth shone eerily.
The puddles of water beside it formed two small-sized waterfalls, splashing down on the lake below.

“Damn it!”

The mysterious man was agitated.
He chopped his blade downwards while evading to the side.

The star beast closed its huge mouth, and the blade glow smashed into its shining black scale armor, letting out small sparks.
It didn’t get hurt.

That was when Wang Teng saw the full appearance of the star beast.

It was an enormous black-armor giant crocodile!

When he saw the mysterious man’s attack landing on its body without any damage, his expression turned grim.

The black-armor giant crocodile floated horizontally on the surface of the lake.
It gave off a frightening aura as it glared at the mysterious man with its malicious yellow eyes.


It opened its mouth and gave a terrifying roar.
A blue Force ball formed instantly, and it darted towards the mysterious man.

The ball of light traveled at high speed.
In a blink of an eye, it was in front of the mysterious man.

The mysterious man’s expression changed entirely.
He couldn’t evade it in time, so he shouted and cut the ball of Force glow with his blade.
The glaring blade glow collided with the ball of light.


Explosions echoed throughout the entire lake.

The mysterious man was determined to get the Snow Jade Tree.
The black-armor giant crocodile stared at it coldly, killing intent flowing out of its eyes.
At this moment, it just wanted to tear this human who dared to lay his hands on its treasure into pieces.

The human and the beast started fighting again.


The water in the lake gushed out, toppling the trees around it.
There was chaos everywhere.

They fought for more than ten minutes before the mysterious man got hit by the black-armor giant crocodile’s tail.
He slammed into the ground and formed a deep hole.

His body was riddled with wounds, and blood spurted out of his mouth.
He had suffered a serious internal injury.

“Why is this beast so powerful?” The mysterious man found it unbelievable.
He knew that he couldn’t win, so he turned and ran away.

The Snow Jade Tree wasn’t important to him anymore; his life was.
He would come and settle this beast another day!

Unfortunately, the black-armor giant crocodile didn’t plan to let him go so easily.
Its body was huge, but that didn’t hinder its speed.
It arrived in front of the man in an instant.

“Move!” The mysterious man raged.
The Force in his body erupted.
He seemed to have used some secret skill that increased his power by 30%.
He swung his blade at the black-armor giant crocodile.


A figure was thrown into the air from the center of the impact.

It was the mysterious man!


A deep hole appeared on the ground again.
The mysterious man lay in the hole with blood gushing out of his mouth.
He was appalled.
“Half-step lord level!”

This black-armor giant crocodile had reached the half-step lord level!

The lord level of the star beasts was equal to the general stage of the humans.
Even though it was only half-step lord-level, the mysterious man was not its match.

His heart was filled with complaints and curses.
They had fought for so long before the giant crocodile revealed its true strength.

Who was the human here!

What a sly crocodile!

The mysterious man looked at the giant crocodile in the sky.
He seemed to sense contempt in its eyes.
He was being looked down on by an animal!


He vomited a mouthful of blood uncontrollably.

However, he had no intention of waiting for his death here.
He struggled to get up.
Suddenly, he saw a young man standing on a tree beside him.
He was acting sneakily and seemed to be trying to hide.

When their gazes met, the atmosphere turned silent for a second.

Both of them: …

Who’s this person?

Why is he here?

The mysterious man was puzzled.
He was in a complete daze.

Wang Teng felt a little awkward.
He never expected the mysterious man to coincidentally land beside the tree he was hiding at.

He was so close that he didn’t have time to hide again.

At this moment, the mysterious man’s desire to live was extremely strong.
He couldn’t care about who Wang Teng was or why he was here.
The reason wasn’t important.
He just wanted to survive.

Hence, he looked at Wang Teng hopefully and said, “Help me!”

“Roar!” The black-armor giant crocodile also noticed Wang Teng’s presence and let out a furious growl.

“Erm, I don’t know him.
I’m just passing by.
I’ll leave immediately.” Wang Teng froze on the spot and smiled awkwardly.

The mysterious man received a huge blow.
His gaze turned bitter like a resentful wife who got abandoned by her husband.

The black-armor giant crocodile felt that this young man who suddenly appeared must be an idiot.
Did he think that it would let him go?


It roared angrily at Wang Teng.
Its breath was pungent, and the wind caused by the roar brushed against Wang Teng’s face, hurting his skin.
His hair became messy.

“Alright, alright!” Wang Teng waved his hand impatiently.
“I understand that you won’t allow me to go.
Why do you have to be so fierce? Don’t you know that your breath stinks? You don’t have any self-awareness?”

The mysterious man: …

The black-armor giant crocodile: …

The mysterious man almost turned berserk..
This was a life-or-death moment.
Was it the right time to care whether its breath stunk or not? Where did this weirdo come from?

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