Chapter 417: Actually, He Really Wanted To Slap Him To Death Just Now…

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Wang Teng didn’t plan to interfere in the complicated love relationship of these two dark apparitions.
This female dark apparition was beautiful and her figure was terrific, but he was a person with integrity!

A female dark apparition? Even their race was different.
There was no way they could make love—no, there was no possibility of anything happening.

Hence, he planned to use this method to distance himself from this female dark apparition.

In the past, you gave me the cold shoulder.
Today, I’ll make sure I’m above your station!

Indeed, this was Wang Teng’s perfect plan, or so he thought.

You don’t like Rupert, right? In that case, I’ll represent Rupert and ignore you!

From today onwards, stay away from me.

I’m not serving you anymore!

Wang Teng could already predict the future progress of this relationship.
He laughed silently in his heart.
If he could, he wanted to give a thumbs up for his wit and craftiness.


Phyllis’s eyes lit up.


Wang Teng was dumbfounded.
The other party’s reaction was a little different from what he had expected.

Based on this female dark apparition’s temper, shouldn’t she turn and leave?

Why do I see some happiness on her face?

“Phyllis!” Wang Teng accentuated his tone and tried his best to maintain his indifference.
His voice was icy.
“I, Rupert, have my pride.
I don’t want to talk about the past.
From today onwards, I’ll not pester you for no reason.
Can you please—”

“It’s great that you’re thinking this way!” Phyllis was elated.

Wang Teng: …


What went wrong?

Her expression wasn’t right.
Suddenly, he had a bad feeling.

“Cultivate properly in the future and complete the missions given by the sirs.
Try to perform in front of them and work hard to climb the ladder!” Phyllis was excited.
“We came from ordinary backgrounds, so this is our only way up!”

Wang Teng: …

After a few seconds, Wang Teng looked at Phyllis in wonder, who was following him instead of leaving him.
Suddenly, he wanted to find a corner and squat there so that he could go over the situation again.

Was his method wrong?

Or were his thoughts wrong?

An admirer who was a simp suddenly became cold and distant.
Shouldn’t she be furious and leave?

Yet, this female dark apparition didn’t.
Instead, she became closer to him.
What kind of twist was this?

Did dark apparitions like this attitude?

Wang Teng didn’t understand.
However, he didn’t want to reveal any loopholes, so he adhered to his words and put on a stern face.
He ignored Phyllis.

The other party didn’t seem to mind.
In fact, she was quite delighted and followed him like tissue paper stuck on a shoe.

After some time, they arrived at a forest.
They split up and started hunting for food.

“Why are you following me?” Wang Teng stopped.
He turned to look at the female dark apparition who didn’t want to leave him.

“I want to hunt with you,” Phyllis replied.

“No, I want to be alone.” Wang Teng rejected her harshly.

“Alright, I understand.
You just decided to change, so you need some alone time to get used to it.
I mustn’t stay too close.
Otherwise, you might go back to your usual self.” No one knew what Phyllis was thinking.
She nodded and turned to leave.

Wang Teng: …

“You’re right; you’re always right.
Just don’t get too close to me.”

Wang Teng felt helpless.
If she continued like this, he felt that he was going to get pushed by her.

Must he sacrifice his body for a mission?

No way! If the female dark apparition did anything overboard, he would slap her to death.

Naturally, Wang Teng didn’t hunt for food.
He put on a show and met up with the other dark apparitions at the end.
They went back to no.
56 garrison together.

These dark apparitions slept in the day and were lively at night.
They were having a whale of a time.

The Lycans, the giant apparitions, the vampires… this was like a party for the devils and monsters.

Wang Teng sat in a corner and hid in the dark.
A strong urge to kill boiled in his heart as he looked at the scene in the lobby.

These dark apparitions invaded the human world and massacred his kind mercilessly.
They wreaked havoc without fear and had caused many tragedies.
Yet, here they were, partying without any guilt.

Indeed, they deserved to die!

“Rupert, why are you here alone?” Phyllis walked over from afar.

“Phyllis, why care about this fellow? He’s useless.
He’s not suitable for you.” Another tall and handsome vampire dark apparition followed her.
His gaze was filled with contempt as he looked at Wang Teng.

“Quirke, I’ve already said that this is none of your business.
Stop following me.
You’re irritating!” Phyllis replied angrily.

They arrived in front of Wang Teng as they bickered with each other.
Wang Teng remained calm, though.
He didn’t expose any of the killing intent in his heart.
He just looked at the two dark apparitions indifferently.

Quirke’s face had already turned black from Phyllis’s words.
Thus, when he saw Wang Teng’s expression, he felt that he was belittling him.
He shouted in anger, “Shift your eyes away and apologize.
If not, I’ll break your back immediately!”

“Quirke, what do you want to do?” Phyllis’s expression changed slightly.
She glared at the male dark apparition.

“Try it!” Wang Teng frowned and stared coldly at the other party.

He had a mission, so he didn’t want to create trouble.
However, that didn’t mean that he was afraid of trouble.

“Very good.
I wonder who gave you the courage to talk back to me.
I’ll give you two choices now.
Kneel and beg, or accept my challenge.” Quirke squinted.
Malicious intent poured out from his eyes as he spoke in a cold-blooded manner.

This fellow never dared to refute him in the past.
What happened to him today? Why did he go crazy and turn manly all of a sudden?

If he didn’t teach him a lesson, everyone might forget who the notorious Quirke was.

Phyllis’s expression changed again.
She quickly stood in front of Wang Teng and said, “Don’t forget what the three sirs said.
If you dare create trouble, they will not forgive you.”

Quirke’s pupils constricted, and he seemed to have remembered something frightening.
He snorted at Wang Teng and said, “You’re lucky.
Once the three sirs leave, I’ll let you have a taste of my power.”

He glared at Wang Teng and turned to leave.

Wang Teng remained expressionless as he watched Quirke’s back.

Phyllis noticed his silence.
She thought he was worried that Quirke would trouble him in the future, so she comforted him in a soft tone, “Don’t worry.
If we fight him together, we might not lose.
He won’t dare to go overboard.”

Wang Teng gave her a strange look.
What did Phyllis like about Rupert?

That fellow couldn’t be compared with that Quirke guy, but Phyllis was still thinking about him.

Strange thoughts went through his mind, but on the surface, he kept a serious expression and said, “I’m fine.”

Phyllis looked at Wang Teng’s face.
Suddenly, she realized that there was no fear in it.
His gaze was extremely calm too.
He seemed to have turned into a different entity altogether.
She started feeling doubtful.

When did this fellow change so much?

However, he was better than before.

Wang Teng didn’t have the time to care about this lovesick female dark apparition..
He looked at Quirke in the lobby.
Actually, he really wanted to slap him to death just now…


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