Chapter 413: A Detailed And Thorough Plan

The four of them hid stupidly outside no.
56 garrison for three days.

These three days passed without any accidents.

The three high-level 7-star soldier-level dark apparitions went out a few times, but it was all to eat.
The lifestyles of these dark apparitions were extremely regular, so regular that it seemed scary.

They either ate or slept every day.
They were worse than a nerd who loved to stay at home.

Wang Teng and the others started wondering if the high-level dark apparitions came to no.
56 garrison because they wanted to have a holiday in a different environment.

Besides the three 7-star soldier-level dark apparitions, many 2-star to 5-star soldier-level dark apparitions came out to hunt for food too.

The dark apparitions with deer head and human body, the vampire dark apparitions, and the giant apparitions were among them.
There were around 200 in total.

Nothing was amiss from their activity.
They didn’t even show any signs of wanting to attack the human garrisons.

Wang Teng glanced at the three calm officers beside him.
They were extremely patient.
They had waited for so many days, but they weren’t agitated or impatient at all.

He could only say, as expected of veterans.

Wang Teng couldn’t help but complain in his heart.

Their mission was to investigate the strange happenings in the garrison.
However, they wouldn’t be able to find anything if they just waited without doing anything.

Finally, Wang Teng couldn’t stand it anymore and asked using voice transmission, “Old Niu, how long do we have to wait?”

“You can’t wait anymore?” Niu Li smiled and replied using voice transmission.

“It has only been a few days, but you can’t wait anymore?” Yuwen Xuan glanced at him in contempt.

“I can wait.
I can wait as long as you want.
It won’t be a problem.
I just feel that idling around like this is a complete waste of time.” Wang Teng ignored him and shook his head.

Niu Li nodded.
“The time is almost ready.
The past few days were for us to observe the internal situation in the garrison.
Now, we can make our move.”

“Move? What move?” Wang Teng asked.

“Sneaking into no.
56 garrison.” Kong Li smiled and replied, “Do you think we can discover anything by waiting outside without doing anything?”

“The highlight of the mission is here.” Niu Li turned serious.

Kong Li and Yuwen Xuan dropped their casual attitudes.

“You will each be in charge of investigating an area respectively.
I’ll wait for you outside,” Niu Li said.

Then, he glanced at Wang Teng uncontrollably.
Wang Teng’s performance for the past few days had exceeded his expectation.
He didn’t act like a recruit at all.

His skills were on par with Kong Li and Yuwen Xuan.

Most importantly, this fellow was extremely powerful.
He charged directly whenever he met any dangers, but no accidents happened along the way.

When he followed the 7-star dark apparition out as it hunted, he didn’t get discovered either.
This was proof of his skill.

Thus, he wasn’t too worried about Wang Teng for this mission.

During the past few days, the four of them had built some chemistry with one another, including Yuwen Xuan.
He wouldn’t target Wang Teng when it came to important matters.
Hence, he didn’t say anything.
The four of them immediately started discussing the details of this undercover mission.

Half an hour later, the three officers exchanged glances with one another and gradually disappeared on the spot.

“This brat creates surprises all the time.
I can’t even detect any traces of his concealing skill.” Niu Li looked at the spot where Wang Teng was standing a second ago.
He shook his head and sighed in his heart.

It was night, so most dark apparitions should be asleep.

There was some danger in sneaking into the garrison now, but it would also allow them to find anything amiss here.

They couldn’t wait until the dark apparitions left to sneak in because they weren’t able to confirm that the dark apparitions went out only to hunt for food.

They might be doing this to fool outsiders and cover up the truth.
Who knew if they were heading out for their real purpose today.
No one could be sure.

Wang Teng evaded the low-level dark apparitions outside the garrison’s perimeters and climbed over the wall to enter.

Based on the plan they came up with, he went all the way to the back.

The dark apparitions probably didn’t expect someone to sneak into their camp, so there were no patrols.
They were all sleeping soundly.

Are you seriously so careless?

Wang Teng stood in a corner and complained helplessly.

He felt that there was something wrong with this mission.
It was so smooth that he didn’t know what to make of it.

Wang Teng roamed for some time before he finally found the place where the dark apparitions were sleeping.
It could barely be called a dormitory.

This dormitory was a little scary.
Somehow, it looked like a scene from a horror movie.

It was shaped like a room in a palace and was completely empty.
Fortunately, Wang Teng was experienced, so he raised his head and looked up.

Good riddance, numerous heads were floating in mid-air in the dark.

However, why were they all upside down?

He looked at them carefully.
There were rows and rows of vampire-like dark apparitions hanging upside down from the ceiling.
Their eyes were close, and their faces were white.

A timid person might be scared to death if he saw this scene in the middle of the night.

These dark apparitions love to put on an act.
Why can’t they sleep properly? Why must they hang themselves up?

Also, according to legends, shouldn’t vampires sleep in coffins?

Why aren’t these vampire dark apparitions going by the book?

Wang Teng shook his head and threw these random thoughts out of his mind.
This wasn’t the time to think about that.

He had to see if there was anything suspicious about these dark apparitions.

Here came the question: how should he investigate?

Wang Teng hid in a dark corner and touched his chin.
His gaze was ambiguous as he occasionally glanced at the vampire dark apparitions on the ceiling.
A sinister smile gradually appeared at the edge of his lips.

I have an idea, hehe…

The next moment, he disappeared on the spot.

Using his Spiritual Sight, he knew that these dark apparitions were all at the 4-star soldier level and below.
There were only five 4-star soldier-level dark apparitions.
Their difference in ability was huge.

Hence, even if he went near them, he wouldn’t be discovered.

Based on this, he came up with a detailed and thorough plan.

He would silently close in on one of the dark apparitions and cover its mouth.
Then, he would knock it unconscious, bring it away, and question it…

That was the gist of his plan.

He would choose one of the 4-star soldier-level dark apparitions.
After all, some things would only be known to those with stronger abilities.

Wang Teng even wondered if those 4-star soldier-level dark apparitions knew any secrets.

He couldn’t care anymore.
He decided to test it out.

So, which one should he choose?

Wang Teng scanned the vampires and started pointing at them.
Finally, his finger stopped on a vampire dark apparition who was smaller than the others.

Alright, it’s you!

Wang Teng silently flew closer and arrived behind the dark apparition.
He furrowed his brows and turned upside down.
Then, he quickly covered his opponent’s mouth.

The vampire woke up with a start.
It opened its eyes wide, with fear and confusion in them.

It wanted to struggle and alert its companions, but…

The next second, Wang Teng knocked it unconscious.

After a series of actions, the dark apparition was kidnapped by Wang Teng.
None of the other vampires noticed anything.

Even if they woke up and found it missing, they would only wonder if it had gone to the toilet.

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