Chapter 409: Entering The Restricted Zone

Wang Teng waited in the arena for a long time.
Just when the bitterness in his heart was about to explode, he heard the roar of an engine.

He looked in the direction of the sound.

An armored car drove over from afar at a breakneck speed.
When it almost reached him, the car did an emergency brake.
The ear-piercing screech of the tires rubbing against the ground drilled into his ears.
The car skidded and parked inches away from Wang Teng.

The strong wind blew Wang Teng’s fringe up.
He looked a little… absent-minded!

Kong Li popped her head out of the car window.
She stared at Wang Teng with a strange look and said, “Get in!”

“Wait, what’s the meaning of this?” Wang Teng was stunned.

“It means that you’re doing a mission with us,” Kong Li said.
“Get in.
I’ll explain to you on the way.”

Wang Teng didn’t hesitate anymore.
He got into the back seat and was shocked once again.
There was a man sitting beside him, giving off a cold vibe.
It was Yuwen Xuan.

“Haha, Major Yuwen is here too.” Wang Teng chuckled.

The corners of Yuwen Xuan’s lips twitched involuntarily.
His face was black, but he didn’t say anything.

You could imagine how hopeless he felt when he suddenly heard that he had to work together with Wang Teng on the mission.

Kong Li sniggered.
She started the engine and drove out of the city.

Wang Teng smirked to himself when he saw Yuwen Xuan remaining silent.
He didn’t mind as he knew that he had given Yuwen Xuan a huge blow.

Kong Li said, “The three of us will be the main force for this mission.
7-star soldier-level dark apparitions have been spotted at their no.
53 garrison in the southwest.
There might even be more powerful dark apparitions there.
Our aim is to investigate and find the purpose of the dark apparitions.
If necessary, we will take action and kill them.

“Of course, we’ll try our best not to alert them if there’s no need to.”

“Sounds exciting,” Wang Teng touched his chin and said.

He was given an important mission for his first task.
The higher authorities had high hopes for him.

“It’s exciting, but it’s dangerous too.” Kong Li smiled.
Although she said that it was dangerous, there was no fear on her face.
She looked as if she was joking.

“Listen to orders during the mission.
Don’t drag us down,” Yuwen Xuan said grimly.

“Normally, the weak ones are the ones who drag others down, right?” Wang Teng smiled as he stared at him.

Yuwen Xuan: …

“Don’t listen to him.
He’s not the leader of this mission.
He doesn’t have the commanding power,” Kong Li bashed him further.

“There’s no leader for this mission?” Wang Teng was surprised.

“There is.
You will know who it is later,” Kong Li said.

The armored vehicle reached the entrance of Black Sparrow City as they were speaking.
They showed their identity cards, and the guards inspected them before letting them go.

The armored vehicle drove out of the city, but it stopped again not far away from the entrance.

Lieutenant Colonel Niu Li, whom Wang Teng had seen before, was standing at the side of the road.
He seemed to have been waiting for them for a long time.

After they parked the car, he opened the car door and sat on the passenger’s seat.

“What took you so long?” Niu Li frowned as he asked.

“We went to pick him up.” Kong Li pointed behind with a smirk.

“Lieutenant Colonel Niu!” Wang Teng greeted him.

It looked like Niu Li was the leader of this mission!

Suddenly, he realized that Niu Li and Kong Li’s names were similar.
He couldn’t help but size up their faces.
One was rough-looking, while the other was like a blossoming flower.
It was a weird feeling.

His expression turned a little strange.
Fortunately, these two people weren’t relatives.

Wang Teng started having wild thoughts.

Kong Li and Yuwen Xuan greeted Niu Li too.

Their military ranks were only one level lower than Niu Li’s, but they showed great respect towards him.

Niu Li was a much more seasoned warrior.
He had more battle and mission experiences than them.

Niu Li nodded.
He didn’t continue and asked instead, “Do you know the summary of the mission?”

The three nodded.

“Wang Teng, you’re a recruit.
Do you have any questions?” Niu Li asked.

“No questions.
Awaiting your order!” Wang Teng said righteously.

The muscles on Yuwen Xuan’s face twitched.
Damn it, he said the same thing just now and got a rebuttal from Wang Teng.
Yet, he was acting all obedient now.
Why didn’t he refute Niu Li too!

Niu Li was satisfied with Wang Teng’s attitude.

During the military drill, he had sensed something strange from Wang Teng.
He asked Nie Jianqiang after he went back and got to know that this young man wasn’t easy to deal with.

From the looks of it, this genius recruit might be a little cheeky, but he still understood the big picture.

This was a promising young fellow!

The armored vehicle drove for 20 kilometers.
As they headed deeper, their surroundings got more and more desolate.
All they could see was black sand and barren land.

The harsh environment here was out of Wang Teng’s expectations.

“Sir!” A respectful voice was heard.

They had arrived at the closest Black Sparrow garrison.
Kong Li showed her identity card, and the guard immediately saluted her with respect.

Most of these soldiers were ordinary people.
They were in charge of operating large-sized rune weapons.
Only a small portion were martial warriors.

Wang Teng sized up his surroundings curiously when he entered the garrison.
He realized that this garrison was built entirely out of steel!

From the internal structure, he could see traces of runes carved on the surface of the steel.
This meant that the garrison possessed rune defense.

However, the exterior of the garrison was still filled with dents and scratches.
There were all kinds of bullet marks and weapon prints.

The garrison wasn’t small.
It could hold a few hundred soldiers, and the facilities were complete.
Large firearms could be seen everywhere.
It was armed from head to toe.

“We have rune weapons, but dark apparitions have them too.
High-level dark apparitions are as smart as humans,” Kong Li explained when she noticed Wang Teng’s gaze.

Wang Teng nodded.
It wasn’t hard to guess.
If the dark apparitions didn’t have rune weapons, the humans would have won the war already.

Also, the damage caused by rune weapons to high-level dark apparitions was limited.

A rune weapon could only cause huge damage if it was operated by a powerful martial warrior like Wang Teng.
Even more, it had to be a formidable weapon, for instance, the Fire God Cannon.

They parked the armored vehicle and alighted.

“We’ll be entering the restricted zone now.
Dark apparitions might appear any time.
Be careful.”

Niu Li reminded them.

Kong Li and Yuwen Xuan were used to it, so his reminder was directed at Wang Teng.

Wang Teng nodded.
He knew that he should speak less and be more aware of his surroundings from now on.
He caught up with the three seniors.

Actually, with their speed, they could cover 20 kilometers easily by flying.
However, they chose to drive instead.

Wang Teng didn’t ask the reason.
He wasn’t stupid.
He had his own guesses.

This was taught during his school lessons.
You must always be in your best form when you were on the battlefield.
This would allow you to handle all kinds of accidents properly.

His seniors didn’t want to waste their stamina and Force.

As they walked, Niu Li and Kong Li taught Wang Teng how to hide, observe the ambush locations, and set traps…

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