Chapter 408: No One Wanted Him?

Wang Teng felt that Senior Sister Kong Li wasn’t just pretty.
Her personality was good too.


He was bloated!

There was good wine and delicious Force dishes, so he went a little out of control and ate too much.

Anyway, they had similar hobbies, so they could interact more in the future.

Wang Teng was opening the door of his room when the door beside him opened.
Han Zhu popped his head out.

“Did you have a good time?”

Looking at his expression, for some reason, Wang Teng sensed an ambiguous vibe.

“Old Han, after knowing you for some time, I realize that you’re getting bolder at being a pervert.”

“Cough, I’m just worried about you.
Don’t get enchanted by beauty,” Han Zhu coughed and replied righteously.

“Seriously!” Wang Teng rolled his eyes.

What did he mean by getting enchanted by beauty!

They were just exchanging viewpoints on their hobbies. Don’t talk if you don’t know what to say!

“Are you getting angry from embarrassment?” The door on the other side opened too.
Wan Baiqiu leaned against the door frame as she teased him.

“Why are you joining in?” Wang Teng was speechless.

“I’m just worried about you.” Wan Baiqiu shrugged.

“Seriously, this is enough.
Why are you all thinking about these useless things? Shouldn’t you spend more time wondering what missions you might face in the future?” Wang Teng asked.

“There’s no use thinking about that.
We can’t make the decision,” Han Zhu said.

“Our capabilities are different, so we’ll probably be in different teams,” Wan Baiqiu said.

“Let’s meet when we’re free and share the information.
We can fill in the gaps,” Han Zhu suggested.

“You guys gathered information?” Wang Teng was puzzled.

“Are you saying you didn’t prepare anything?” Wan Baiqiu was speechless.

“No one told me.
I was thrown to Old Nie the moment school started.
There was no time for me to check anything.
Also, isn’t military data confidential? Where did you guys find it?” Wang Teng asked in frustration.

“From the school, of course.
They provided a special channel for seniors like us.
However, you need school credits,” Han Zhu explained.

“It’s normal that you don’t know.
You’re just a little junior brother.” Wan Baiqiu smirked.

Wang Teng glared at her.

This was outrageous!

“You can join us if you want.
We’ll discuss it together.
A third party is always clear-minded.
Who knows, you might see a problem we didn’t,” Han Zhu said.

“This is to repay you for making dans for us,” Wan Baiqiu agreed casually.

The two of them closed their doors and went to rest.
Wang Teng smiled and shook his head.
They wanted to help him, but they did it so pridefully.

For the next three days, Wang Teng would meet up with Han Zhu and Wan Baiqiu frequently to discuss the information they had researched.
The data they received was different, so they verified and filled up the gaps.
Gradually, they understood the Black Sparrow Troop’s situation.

The presence of the troop was to guard the dimensional rift and kill all appearances of dark apparitions.

60 kilometers from the Black Sparrow Troop, there was a dimensional rift.
The Black Sparrow Troop was responsible for keeping an eye on it.
The Xingwu Continent had also sent their troops here.
It was called the Radiant Star Troop.

These two troops were stationed at the two ends of the dimensional rift.
They formed a fan-shape with one another, surrounding the dimensional rift in the centre.

Many garrisons were set up 20 kilometers away from the Black Sparrow City and the Radiant Star City.
There were Force weapons erected here for frequent cleanings of any dark apparitions.
No dark apparition was allowed to escape their encirclement.

From this 20 kilometer point to the dimensional rift, the area was segregated into restricted zones with different levels.
The closer it was to the dimensional rift, the more powerful the dark apparitions and the larger the number.
Hence, the level got higher.
There were a total of four levels.

The dark apparitions on the other end of the dimensional rift didn’t want to get restricted, so they would gather occasionally and attempt to break through the encirclement.

As one would expect, the casualty count was high in all these battles.
This was how the situation was formed.

The second day after the drill ended.

In a command room somewhere in the military camp.

A bunch of officers were gathered together.
Kong Li and Yuwen Xuan were among them too.

“Yuwen, I heard that you got defeated by a recruit.” A tall and muscular officer laughed as he turned to Yuwen Xuan.

Yuwen Xuan remained expressionless, but he cursed in his heart.


Are you all done? Why do you have to say it every time you see me!

Who hasn’t been defeated? Do you have to rub it every single time?

Kong Li looked at his exasperated face and laughed happily.
Yuwen Xuan’s expression got darker and darker, but she didn’t care.

“This is lively.”

Song Wanjiang walked into the command room.



Everyone saluted him.

“Alright, sit down.” Song Wanjiang sat down on the host’s seat.
He waved his hand and said, “I gathered all of you to discuss the distribution of the recruits.”

“All of you should have witnessed the drill that day.
I’ll send the information of the recruits to you now.
If you’re interested in any of them, tell me.”

He waved his hand at a soldier behind him.
Then, he leaned back on his chair silently.

The soldier distributed the data of the recruits from the three military academies down.

The only sound that remained in the room was of papers flipping.
None of the officers spoke.
They were looking through the information carefully.

After some time, someone asked, “Why isn’t Wang Teng’s data here?”

“We have other arrangements for him.
We’ll discuss him later.” Song Wanjiang rubbed his forehead.

He had killed many brain cells trying to find an arrangement for Wang Teng.
However, he hadn’t succeeded yet.

“Nevermind, he’s a 7-star soldier-level martial warrior and probably stronger than me.
I can’t lead him.” The officer asked this question out of pure curiosity.
Hence, when he heard Song Wanjiang’s reply, he just shook his head.

All the recruits found their teams quickly.

The recruits might have been trashed by the veterans that day, but these officers knew their pros.
The recruits from academies were all fresh troops.
The veterans loved them the most, so they got snatched quickly.

As for the arrogance of these university-groomed martial warriors, that would be gone after some rough beatings.
It wasn’t a problem.

In the end, only Wang Teng’s destination wasn’t confirmed.

Everyone glanced at one another and started discussing in low voices.

“Shall we send him to the level three restricted zone?” someone asked.

“Are you crazy? if you’re careless, you will easily get surrounded by high-level dark apparitions in there.
He won’t be able to make it back,” someone refuted instantly.

“That’s right.
We finally have a genius in our troop.
We can’t fool around with his posting.”

“We can’t keep protecting him either.
Wang Teng is powerful.
Why are you worried about his safety?”

“Still, we can’t send him directly to the level three restricted zone for his first mission.
There might be 8-star soldier-level dark apparitions…”

Just as the officers were about to start quarreling, Song Wanjiang knocked on the table.
His head was hurting.
“Alright, alright, stop arguing.”

Everyone kept quiet, and they looked at Song Wanjiang.

Song Wanjiang was about to speak, but a knock stopped him.

“Come in.” Song Wanjiang was surprised.
Who would come at this moment?

A soldier walked in and passed a mission file to Song Wanjiang.
He whispered a few words in his ears.

Song Wanjiang raised his eyebrows, feeling astounded.
Then, he said, “I have arrangements for Wang Teng.
You are all dismissed.”

The officers were baffled.
This person walked in and said a few words and Wang Teng found his destination?

They seemed to know what this meant.

Either Wang Teng had attracted the attention of the higher authorities or he had some powerful background unknown to them.
That was why the higher authorities assigned his mission personally.

Kong Li’s interest was piqued.
Her little junior brother sure had many secrets.

Yuwen Xuan’s gaze flickered.
He temporarily extinguished the idea of taking revenge on Wang Teng in other places.

Indeed, Wang Teng was different from normal recruits.
He couldn’t get hold of him so easily.

The other officers quickly left the command room without probing further.

After they left, Kong Li walked beside Yuwen Xuan and said, “Did you receive the mission? It requires us to work together to ambush one of the dark apparitions’ garrisons.”

“I received it.” Yuwen Xuan immediately threw away the grudges between them the second they talked about work.
He frowned and said, “The mission is a little strange this time.
It requires us to work together.
That garrison must be special.”

“I heard that they caught the presence of 7-star soldier-level dark apparitions there.
They must be planning something.” Kong Li nodded.

“That means that we must kill them.” A malicious smile appeared on Yuwen Xuan’s face.

“Anyway, have you recovered from the injuries you got from my little junior brother? I hope it won’t affect the mission,” Kong Li suddenly said.

Yuwen Xuan’s expression froze instantaneously.


Why do you keep mentioning it!

Are you trying to anger me to death so that you can snatch my inheritance!

The anger in his heart exploded.
A devil crept up his mind and started cursing and shouting crazily.
He was furious.

He glared at Kong Li and shouted, “Get out!”


The two of them parted in discord.

Three days passed quickly.

On the gathering day, Nie Jianqiang led his students to the arena.

“You can only rely on yourselves during the mission.
I hope that three months later when I come to fetch you all, all of you will stand unscathed in front of me.”

Nie Jianqiang looked at them intently before turning and leaving.

Han Zhu and the other students felt sorrow and grief.
It was as if they were leaving the protection of their parents.

The recruits from Xingshan Military Academy and Yunkong Military Academy were present too.
Their instructors left after speaking to them for some time.

Soon, only the recruits from the three military academies were left at the venue.
Many officers came in.

“When your names are called, gather behind me.”

Wang Teng watched as the people around him got lesser and lesser.
In the end, everyone left.
Even Han Zhu and Wan Baiqiu found their teams.
They glanced at him before departing.

Wang Teng stood on the spot, confused.

What’s happening?

Does no one want me?

I’m so outstanding.
Are you all blind? Can’t you see?

Or did someone miss my name and forgot about me?

A cold breeze blew past him.
A few withered leaves spiraled around his head before one of them landed on his crown.

At this moment, Wang Teng felt that he was surrounded by evil intentions.

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