Chapter 405: Time To Loosen My Muscles!

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Numerous gazes from all directions landed on the young man standing tall and straight in mid-air.
They were in a daze.

7-star soldier level!

Most people would not be able to reach this stage even after cultivating for tens of years.

There were many 4-star and 5-star soldier-level martial warriors here, but it was impossible to know if they could advance to the 7-star level in the future.

Yet, this fellow had managed to achieve something that people spent tens of years to realize.
This was incredible.

Was this the difference between a human and a god?

At first, Zuo Ying wanted to enter the arena.

The last recruit wouldn’t be weaker than Han Zhu.
After all, they should have saved the best for the last.
As the most powerful veteran among the veteran representatives this time, who else could handle that fellow?

Unfortunately, he didn’t expect that fellow to be so powerful.
This wasn’t a little sheep.
He was a ferocious tiger hidden among the sheep herd.

F**k, this brat is a bug.
What’s the point of fighting with him!


The corners of his eyes twitched.
He resisted the urge to curse and went back to join his companions, sitting down cross-legged on the ground.

Does anyone want to fight this guy? I’m not going to fight him.

Song Wanjiang regained his senses and sat down again.

He wanted to take back his words.
This wasn’t a surprise.
This was a bomb, one that almost blew his mind away.

Beside him, Kong Li and the young male major gasped in shock.
It took them some time to regain their composure.

“Instructor Nie, this is… our junior from Huanghai?” Kong Li asked in disbelief.

“Of course, this fellow is from Huanghai.
You might not know, but he’s the champion of the National Number One Martial Arts Competition this year,” Nie Jianqiang said proudly.

“The champion of the National Number One Martial Arts Competition!” Kong Li’s eyes widened.
She was astounded and elated at the same time.
“After so many years, our Huanghai finally became the champion.
This is a first!”

The young male major’s expression changed again.

He knew what the National Number One Martial Arts Competition represented.
That was a grand stage set for the talents from all over the country to perform.

This fellow had defeated all the other talents to become the champion.

He… wasn’t a simple fellow!

“Haha, none of us expected it either.” Nie Jianqiang laughed.
Then, he said mysteriously, “Guess what year he’s in?”

“Stop keeping us in suspense.
Tell us the answer quickly.” Song Wanjiang was curious as he urged Nie Jianqiang hurriedly.
He had a thought in his heart.

“Hehe, he’s a freshman!” Nie Jianqiang sniggered and told them the answer directly after hearing Song Wanjiang’s words.

“Freshman!” Kong Li exclaimed in surprise.
Then, she asked suspiciously, “Instructor Nie, you aren’t joking, are you?”

“You can check the facts easily.
What’s the point of lying to you?” Nie Jianqiang said.

“Gasp!” Kong Li was astounded.
“How did this junior brother cultivate?”

“He’s a talent.
You can’t use common logic on him.” Nie Jianqiang boasted.

He had been waiting for a long time to boast about his student.

“Interesting, interesting.” Song Wanjiang laughed.
He continued, “There’s no point in letting anyone below 7-star soldier level fight with him.
Who’s willing to give him a try?”

This question was directed at the people beside him.

Many officers sitting beside Song Wanjiang had reached the 7-star soldier level.
He could only rely on them now.

The officers got restless when they heard the invitation.

At this moment, the young male major stood up and said, “Let me do it.
I had a few days of break, so I’ll take this chance to loosen my muscles!”

“Yuwen Xuan!” Kong Li glared at him.

“Don’t worry, I’m just going to play with him casually.
I won’t be serious.” Yuwen Xuan smiled.

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect you to be interested in him.” Song Wanjiang laughed.

“This is a rare talent.
If I don’t take him down a notch, he might get into accidents on the battlefield.
Let me teach him a good lesson,” Yuwen Xuan said.


Kong Li hesitated, but she remained silent in the end.
She hoped that her alma mater would have an outstanding performance during the drill, but she also hoped that her junior would suffer a little setback.

After all, this was the purpose of the drill.

Back when they had entered the military, they were beaten brutally by their seniors too.

Getting beaten keeps you healthy.

It’s alright.
Who hasn’t been beaten by their fathers when they were young.
It’s the same logic.


Kong Li convinced herself.

Nie Jianqiang remained quiet.
Honestly, he also wanted to see how Wang Teng would perform against a veteran.

He had heard of this Yuwen Xuan before.

He was a famous character in the military, a talent who earned his name on the battlefield.

He entered the military when he was 18 years old.
In ten years, he advanced from a martial disciple all the way to a 7-star soldier-level martial warrior.
He wore the Major emblem on his shoulders and had a bright future ahead of him.

You mustn’t look down on his combat prowess.
When he was a 4-star soldier-level martial warrior, he had faced a few hundred dark apparitions in a single battle.

At that time, most of the dark apparitions were at the 3-star soldier level.
There were even a few 4-star soldier-level ones.
Yet, he slaughtered nearly half of them and held on with all his might until reinforcements arrived.

He far exceeded the rest when it comes to battle skills and experience.
As a 7-star soldier-level martial warrior now, his ability would only be stronger than before.

It was a good idea to let Wang Teng suffer a little in his hands.

“Go ahead.” Song Wanjiang nodded and agreed to let Yuwen Xuan enter the arena.

Yuwen Xuan took off the military uniform and placed it on his seat.
Then, he floated into the air and arrived above the arena.

He looked at Wang Teng calmly and said in a composed tone, “I’ll be your opponent.”

“It’s Major Yuwen!”

Many soldiers in the spectators’ stand recognized him and shouted in surprise.
No one expected this outstanding military officer to enter the arena.

The recruits from the three military academies glanced at one another.

A major was fighting with Wang Teng!

And he seemed famous!

He looked very powerful too!

They weren’t stupid.
From the reaction of the soldiers, they guessed that this major wasn’t a simple fellow.

Wang Teng sized up the person in front of him.
He had seen this major sitting beside the Deputy Chief Commander just now.
This meant that his position wasn’t low, and others had placed high expectations on him.

The commotion from the crowd proved that he was famous in the military.

To achieve this, a military martial warrior needed to have outstanding capabilities and proud battle achievements.

It looked like this man was a formidable opponent!

If he wasn’t careful, he might lose.

Yuwen Xuan saw his flickering gaze and knew what Wang Teng was thinking.
He said calmly, “You should give it your all.
If not, you might not even be able to handle ten of my attacks.”

Wang Teng frowned.
That guy sounded like he was boasting.
So repugnant.

So what if you’re a veteran?

Why are you looking down on me?

At this moment, he finally understood how the recruits felt when they were facing the veterans.

These veterans held the recruits in contempt because they thought that they were experienced and had strong battlefield awareness.
They felt superior to the recruits.

Although this is the truth, it makes me feel exasperated.

Since they wanted him to give it his all, he would show them his full potential.


Let’s see if recruits are really incomparable to veterans.

The next instant, an amiable smile appeared on Wang Teng’s face..
“I won’t be polite then.”

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