Chapter 399: Ancient Furnace

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The three martial warriors stopped in their tracks.
They followed the sound and stared at Wang Teng curiously.

“Are you calling us?”

“Yes.” Wang Teng smiled and nodded.

These three martial warriors didn’t seem to belong to any factions.
They glanced at one another and asked carefully, “What’s the matter?”

“I overheard that you wanted to sell a furnace—”

Before he could finish, the person with the furnace became vigilant.
His expression changed entirely as he glared at his companions.
He said, “What furnace? You must have heard wrong.”

He denied it and turned to leave.

Although this was a military city, there were many martial warriors from other factions and those that didn’t belong anywhere.
Nothing would happen in Black Sparrow City, but once they were outside, anything went.

These lads looked young, but the 3-star soldier-level martial warriors realized that they couldn’t see through them at all.

This meant that the youngsters were stronger than them.

For someone so young to possess such ability, they must be talents from a powerful faction.

These types of martial warriors were hard to interact with.
They were bossy and violent.
Some would even seize what they wanted by force.

Wang Teng didn’t expect the other party to react so violently.
However, after thinking about it, it seemed like a normal reaction.
Ordinary martial warriors couldn’t afford to offend people like him.
They could only turn away when faced with such a situation.

But… did he look like a bad guy?

Why was he so frightened?

Han Zhu and Wan Baiqiu chuckled.
Based on their understanding of Wang Teng, they knew that he wouldn’t fool around.

Thus, they stood at the side and waited quietly.

Wang Teng shook his head helplessly.
He moved his body and blocked the trio’s path.

“What do you want? This is Black Sparrow City.
Don’t try to mess around,” their expressions changed as they shouted.

The noise attracted the attention of many people.

Wang Teng smiled and went straight to the point.
He showed them his military tag and said, “Don’t be nervous.
We are from the military.
I’m interested in what you said just now, so I called you out abruptly.
I want to know more about the furnace.”

The three martial warriors heaved a sigh of relief when they saw the military tag in Wang Teng’s hand.
They replied awkwardly, “We’re sorry.
It looks like we misunderstood you.”

Normally, military martial warriors were trustworthy.
There weren’t any bad rumors flying around about them.

The passers-by turned and looked away when they heard Wang Teng’s identity.

“What do you think? Misters, selling it to anyone is still selling.
If I’m satisfied with your item, the price isn’t a problem,” Wang Teng smiled and said.

The three martial warriors glanced at each other.
The owner of the furnace hesitated a while before he nodded.
“Alright, you can take a look.
However, this place isn’t convenient.”

“Let’s find a place to talk.” Wang Teng nodded.

They discussed for some time and decided to book a room in a hotel in Black Sparrow City.

It wasn’t expensive.
Wang Teng made the full payment.

In the room, the martial warrior took out a furnace and extended his hand.
He signaled Wang Teng to examine it.

Wang Teng’s gaze landed on the furnace immediately.

This furnace looked ancient as rust could be seen on the surface.
It was pitch-black and perfectly round.
The material was sturdy, and it was half the height of a human.
It exuded a sedate and dignified vibe.

The surface of the furnace was covered with mud too.
Hence, the patterns couldn’t be seen properly.

Wang Teng could faintly make out fire and cloud patterns.

Besides that, there was nothing special.

“Erm… is this what you mean by extraordinary?” Wang Teng looked at the owner of the furnace weirdly.

“Cough.” The martial warrior felt a little awkward too.
“You can’t judge a furnace by its looks alone.
You need to look at its functions too.”

“Indeed, the functions of a furnace are crucial.
Some furnaces can reduce the spreading of the flame.
Some can increase the speed of dan making, while others can prevent the effects of the medicine from dispersing, ensuring their potency.
There are also furnaces that make special sounds during the dan making process.
Using them, advanced-stage alchemists are able to understand the condition of their dans and make necessary changes to raise the success rate of their alchemy.
There are also…”

Wang Teng explained more than ten functions of a furnace.

Then, he looked at everyone’s confused expressions and smiled.
He continued, “Of course, the most important thing is, only high-class furnaces can withstand the intensity of the flames and the impact of the Force when making high-class dans.

“So, what functions do you think this furnace has?”

He looked at the owner after he finished speaking.

“Who on earth are you?” The other party’s expression changed entirely.
He looked at Wang Teng in bewilderment.

Han Zhu and Wan Baiqiu were also at a loss.
Based on his long-winded speech, they realized that he was skilled in alchemy.


He was indeed a monster.

He was already a formidable martial warrior, but he was well-versed in alchemy as well.
This was outrageous.

Wang Teng pointed at himself and smiled.
“I’m an alchemist.

“Besides the blacksmiths who make furnaces, only an alchemist will understand a furnace so well.

“Oh right, besides being an alchemist, I’m a blacksmith too.”

Han Zhu and Wan Baiqiu glared at him.

He was a blacksmith too?

Was it true?

How many brains did this fellow have? How did he learn so many things? Was he even human?

The martial warrior took a step back instinctively under Wang Teng’s gaze.
He swallowed a mouth of saliva and asked, “Do you still want this furnace?”

Wang Teng didn’t reply to him.
He walked around the furnace and flicked it with his finger.


The enchanting sound echoed within the furnace for a long time before it gradually subsided.

“What’s your price? If it’s suitable, I might buy it.” Wang Teng didn’t promise him anything.

“The Taobao appraisers said that this is a 7-star furnace and offered 200 million for it.
However, I think it’s worth much more.
I don’t mind telling you that we found this furnace when we were searching for an ore mine.
Looking at its appearance, it’s probably a few thousand years old.
However, it’s maintained very well, so I don’t think it’s just a 7-star—”

“Tell me the price directly,” Wang Teng cut him off.

The martial warrior hesitated.
He gritted his teeth and said, “I’ll sell it for 400 million.”

“400 million!” Wan Baiqiu screamed.
She glared at the man and said, “This is too much.
The Taobao appraisers said 200 million, but you double the price.
Do you think we’re stupid?

“Let’s go.
What kind of stupid furnace is this? You can buy a 9-star furnace for 400 million at any authentic shop.”

She pulled Wang Teng and turned to leave.

Just as they were about to walk out of the room, the two friends of the martial warrior exchanged glances with each other and exchanged silent comments.
They shouted hurriedly, “Wait!”

Wang Teng stopped.
He looked at the other party and asked, “What is it?”

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