7 pm.

Wang Teng’s family finally sat down together to have their dinner.

“Your father was halfway home when something cropped up at work again.
He had to go back, so he was delayed by more than an hour.
Can’t you go back after you finish your dinner?” Li Xiumei complained as she placed some food in Wang Teng’s bowl.

Wang Teng was holed up in his room for more than an hour.
He also forgot about his dinner, but fortunately, his father was late because of work.

“It was an emergency.
I had to go back and take care of it first,” Wang Shengguo replied helplessly.

“Let’s ignore your father.
His mind is always fixed on his stupid company.” Li Xiumei rolled her eyes at Wang Shengguo.

Wang Teng smiled.

When he was in high school, his relationship with his father was a little tense.
Wang Shengguo had great hope for his child, so naturally, he was strict.
However, Wang Teng was in his rebellious phase, and he didn’t study well.
Thus, the conflict between him and his father got more intense.


Thinking back on it, Wang Teng felt that his actions were really childish in the past.


On the dining table, Wang Teng and Wang Shengguo were quieter as compared to Li Xiumei.
She placed food in Wang Teng’s bowl and chatted with the father and son.

Wang Teng enjoyed this atmosphere.

Wang Shengguo had a short conversation with Wang Teng.
He was mostly concerned with his studies.

Wang Teng’s replies were quite standard.
He wasn’t as childish as before, and he didn’t throw tantrums or smash his chopsticks.

Wang Shengguo was pleasantly surprised.
He felt that his son was different today, but he didn’t overthink.
After finishing his dinner, Wang Shengguo left the house in a hurry.

As the boss of a huge company, he had many things to settle every day.
Most of the time, he could only sleep for four to five hours daily.


Wang Teng informed his mother before leaving the house too.
He rushed straight to the Jixin Martial House.

A yellow sports car zoomed along the streets in the night, its loud engine catching the attention of many passers-by.
Most of the cars today used the Force as their source of energy.
Fuel had long been eliminated.
The Force was more environmentally friendly and cheaper.


The pioneers didn’t just bring back the methods of cultivation from the Xingwu Continent.
They also brought back many new technologies.

The Force rune was one of them.

By combining the technologies from the Xingwu Continent and the Earth, the Force technology was born.
From then, cars started to use the Force.
Later on, computers and phones also shifted to the newly invented Force runes chip and batteries.
They worked faster and could last longer…


Half an hour later, Wang Teng parked the car outside the martial arts school.

Based on the information he found, Jixin Martial House was one of China’s top three martial arts academies.
The principal of this school was a 12-star general-rank martial warrior.
He was ranked among the top 5 warriors in China.


Worldwide, he was ranked among the top 20.

There were different ranks for martial warriors: 1-star to 9-star were soldiers, 10-star was brigadier general, 11-star was low-tier general, 12-star was general, 13-star was high-tier general…


From this, one could tell how powerful the principle of the Jixin Martial House was.


The headquarters of the Jixin Martial House was in Capital Xia, with its branches spreading over the big cities in China.
They had a lot of martial warriors in their employment and had given birth to many powerful people.

The Donghai branch of the Jixin Martial House was situated beside the sea.
In the dark, it looked like a huge wild beast lying prone.
The landmass it covered was comparable to a high school.

The martial arts academy’s main gate was wide enough for five cars to drive through side by side.
It was grandeur and magnificent to say the least.

There was a huge rock erected in the middle of the main gate.
The words ‘Jixin Martial House, Donghai branch’ were written conspicuously in gold.


When he reached the sentry box, a few guards carrying guns walked to his car.

“Routine inspection, please cooperate.”

Wang Teng lowered his car window and nodded.
Then, he got out of his car.

The guards inspected the interior of the car and used the scanner to check Wang Teng’s body.
The whole process was done very carefully.


At the same time, Wang Teng also sized up the guards.

They wore black protective vests and had large-caliber machine guns in their hands.
Just their menacing looks and sophisticated gear was enough to frighten the onlookers.


There were Force runes carved on the machine guns, signifying that they were Force machine guns.
They were ten times more powerful than their normal counterparts.
Even if an official martial warrior got hit by them, he would be crippled.


After the inspection, the guards let him in.

Wang Teng parked the car properly and walked along the paths in the martial arts academy.

It was already past 8 pm, but the place was brightly lit.
Plenty of students could be seen on the roads and the grasses.

There was no lack of people training at night.

Every second counted when you were training to become a martial warrior.
Being talented was the basic criteria.
One still needed to work hard to achieve progress on his cultivation journey.


There were three tall and huge buildings in the martial arts academy.
With their silver-white color with distinctive characteristics, it was easy to spot them.

The one in the middle was the administrative building.
It was rectangular in shape and a hundred meters in height.
It stabbed straight into the clouds like a spear.
At the tip, there was a strange half circle.


On the left was the martial disciple teaching building, while the right one was the martial disciple training building.


These two buildings looked like two huge round balls.
They weren’t tall, though, only having three floors, but they were extremely spacious.
By rough estimate, they were two times bigger than Donghai No.
1 High School’s stadium.


The placements of these three buildings made Wang Teng suspect that this was the work of the principal’s poor sense of humor.


Wang Teng had done his homework, so he ran towards the administrative building without hesitation.

Under the staff’s guidance, he registered himself as a martial disciple and went to the martial disciple teaching building.

The martial arts academy would only accept students between the age of 16 and 30.
This was to prevent wastage of resources.

Wang Teng was merely 17 years old, so age wasn’t a problem for him.

The noise in the teaching building struck him the second he walked into the building.

The first floor was where beginner disciples trained.
Beginner disciples were beginner stage martial disciples, and there were more than 3000 beginner stage martial disciples in the Jixin Martial House.

On the first floor, all the students were cultivating on their own.
It looked extremely lively.

The second Wang Teng entered the main lobby, he froze on the spot.

What did he see?

Around 50 transparent bubbles were floating above the ground.








Wang Teng blinked.
He blinked again.
The bubbles were still there, but the other students in the lobby couldn’t see them.

This was his special skill?!

He wasn’t sure, so he pulled a student that was walking past.

“What do you want!”

The student was around 17 years old.
He glanced at Wang Teng irritatedly with a ‘why are you more handsome than me’ expression.


“Brother, your floor… it’s paved really nicely,” Wang Teng pointed to the floor and said.


The transparent bubbles were floating at the height of his calves.
He could see them just by lowering his head.

The student ignored the bubbles and replied impatiently, “Of course.
This is the best rubber flooring.
There are Force runes carved in it that can minimize vibration, last longer, and have many other functions.

“Where do you come from? Don’t you have common sense?”

The student flicked his hand and walked away without looking back.

Wang Teng touched his chin.
From the person’s reaction, he obviously couldn’t see the bubbles.
That meant that he was the only person who could see them.


The students walked around the training area, some going through the bubbles.
To them, the bubbles didn’t exist.

Wang Teng moved closer to the bubble nearest to him to test if he could walk through it.

The instant he touched it, the bubble disappeared.

His vision blurred for a moment, and a transparent board popped out.

Enlightenment: 18


Physique: 41

Strength: 50 (+1)

Speed: 32

Wang Teng’s heart palpitated as he stared at the transparent board.
He felt as though his heart was going to jump out of his throat.

This was exhilarating.

Wang Teng felt that he wouldn’t be so excited even if he struck a hundred million lottery.

He couldn’t control himself.


This must be a bug!


In this era where martial warriors were the mainstream, becoming stronger was the only path to success.

His bug allowed him to collect attributes from other people and turn them into his own.
This was heaven-defying!

Other people had to cultivate diligently while he only had to pick up attributes.
Wang Teng saw an unobstructed path to success in front of him.


One day, he would go straight to the top of the world!

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