Chapter 396: This Is A Dangerous Trip, Please Take Care!

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After getting the items they needed from the logistics building, they parted and went back to make preparations for the trip tomorrow.

For instance, calling their families to report the situation.

As martial warriors, they would have to experience certain things sooner or later.
When they chose this path, they had been mentally prepared.

They must face it head-on, even if it was death.

Wang Teng didn’t call his family, though.
He believed he wouldn’t die.
He was second to none when it came to protecting his life.

After he returned to his dormitory, he logged in to Jixin Martial House’s internal website and bought a rune bow and a rune gun.

His current weapons were too low-class.
They wouldn’t be able to offer him much help now.
Thus, he bought a 9-star rune bow and rune gun directly.

As for general-stage weapons, Wang Teng… couldn’t afford them! The quality of these weapons was at a much higher level.

After he had bought everything, he went directly to the furnace room in the school.

The furnace rooms belonged to the dan faculty.
It was just an ordinary building that looked like the chemistry labs.

Only humans on Earth think of arranging the alchemy rooms like chemistry laboratories.

Wang Teng planned to use a few furnaces at once.
This would save him both time and effort.
He walked to the building and gave his requirements to the instructor in charge of the building.

“Are you saying that you want to rent a room that has a few furnaces?” The instructor was stunned.

“Is there one?” asked Wang Teng.

“There is.
Normally, it’s used for lessons or exams.
Why do you need this room if you just want to make dan medicine?” the instructor asked him back.

“If there is, I want to rent one for three hours.” Wang Teng smiled.
He didn’t explain himself.

“Are you trying to operate a few furnaces at once?” The instructor frowned.
“I have to remind you that dan making requires meticulous care.
Some people have tried to run more than one furnace at once, but no one succeeded.
Even dan masters can only open three furnaces at max.
This is just for making simple dan medicines.”

Wang Teng felt helpless.
He knew the instructor had good intentions, but he understood his own ability the best.
He found an excuse and said, “Instructor, I just want to do an experiment.
You’re thinking too much.”

The instructor frowned again and nodded.
“Alright, I’ve already said what I have to say.
If you insist, I can’t stop you.”

He shook his head and scanned Wang Teng’s school credits.
Then, he allowed him to enter the building himself.

Wang Teng heaved a sigh of relief.
He went up and found the room.
He spent more than two hours in the room, making dan medicines for him, Han Zhu, and Wan Baiqiu.

After he came out, the instructor asked, “Young man, how was it? Did you fail? You should have listened to me.”

“You were right.” Wang Teng didn’t refute.
He smiled and left.

The instructor shook his head behind him, muttering to himself, “Students nowadays love to reach for what’s beyond their grasp.
He probably hasn’t mastered the skill of dan making yet, but he’s already thinking of operating a few furnaces at once.”

However, when he went up to clean the room, he realized that there wasn’t any spiritual herb waste left behind.

This didn’t make sense!

During dan making, some students used secret skills passed down by their masters or families.
Hence, the school forbade anyone from turning on the surveillance cameras in the rooms without prior consent.
This was why the instructor didn’t know what happened when Wang Teng was in the room.

“Did he succeed?” The instructor was shocked when he thought of this possibility.

Wang Teng didn’t know what went through the instructor’s mind after he came out of the building.
If he did, he would feel that the instructor was overthinking.

At night, the items he bought from Jixin Martial House arrived.

The school didn’t allow the delivery men to enter, so Wang Teng went to the gate to receive the package.

The next day, everyone gathered in the stadium.
Peng Yuanshan and the five heads sent them off personally.

Peng Yuanshan looked at every single face carefully before he said, “I send my students to the battlefield every year.
When they come back, I’m here to receive them too.

“Unfortunately, some of them never came back.

“As your president, this breaks my heart.

“All of you are the pillars of Huanghai and the future of China.
Losing any single one of you is a great loss.

“However, we are a military academy.
The martial warriors we groom are meant for the battlefield.
The battlefield needs you, and you also need to experience it before you can truly become the backbone of society.

“Protection and running away won’t make you a formidable warrior.


“The trials and tribulations of life and death will shape your future.

“You are all gifted.
I anticipate your future and hope that you can go further and higher.
So, you must come back alive!

“This is a dangerous trip.
Please take care!”

The last sentence came out firm and loud from his mouth.
It was filled with expectations.

At this moment, he wasn’t the stern president he normally was.
He was just a parent who hoped that his children could come back alive.

He had experienced too many deaths.
There were no changes in his expression when he spoke, but the vicissitudes of life were reflected in his eyes.

Everyone was moved.
They felt solemn and excited.
Gradually, everyone’s gaze turned resolute.

They had no regret choosing this path.

“Let’s go!” Nie Jianqiang was their leader.
His expression was grim as he shouted.

Everyone turned around without any hesitation and followed Nie Jianqiang with large strides.
Their young backs were starting to appear lofty and extraordinary.

The bus drove out of the school.

Peng Yuanshan and the five heads stood there until they couldn’t see the bus anymore.

“Sigh!” Tong Hu sighed uncontrollably.

“I wonder how many of them will come back,” Su Jing said.

“This is our fate.
Martial warriors will continue to step up as long as the dark apparitions aren’t exterminated.
Even in death, we shall not retreat.
If we did, who would take care of our families?” Peng Yuanshan said.

“That’s right, we will never retreat,” Su Jing exclaimed, his gaze sharp.

“Generations and generations of talents.
I hope that an ultimate martial warrior will appear among them and subdue the dark apparitions once and for all,” Peng Yuanshan said.


Wang Teng and the other students came to the military ground where the dimensional rift was at.
They passed through the dimensional rift and entered the Xingwu Continent.
Then, they boarded a Force floating airship and headed to the wilderness.

On the Force floating airship, Wang Teng sat with Han Zhu and his friends.
The atmosphere was solemn.

They knew that death was inevitable.
There would be people who wouldn’t make it back.
They didn’t have a choice either.
They could only ensure their own survival.

This was their responsibility to themselves and their families.

“This is your dan medicine.” Wang Teng took out a few jade bottles and passed them to Han Zhu and Wan Baiqiu.

The two seniors were stunned.
They grabbed the bottles and sniffed the contents inside.
A thick medicinal fragrance floated out.

“I think this smells purer than the dan medicines we exchanged in the school,” Han Zhu exclaimed in surprise.

“Indeed, it smells stronger.
The effects must be at least four to five times better.” Wan Baiqiu’s eyes lit up.
She was delighted.

Your alchemy skills are insane too!” Han Zhu was elated.
He hurriedly kept the bottles as if they were treasures.

They could save his life in times of need.
The better the effects of the medicine, the larger his survival rate on the battlefield.

Du Yu and the others were jealous.

They felt envy and regret.

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