Chapter 391: When Did My Tongue Become So Sharp?

“Who on earth are you?”

Normally, he would have already attacked the other party after suffering such humiliation.
However, he wanted to know Wang Teng’s background first.

Mother Lin and Lin Chuhan also heard the commotion outside and came out of the living room.

“Wang Teng!”

Lin Chuhan called his name out involuntarily.
There was a hint of a plea in her voice.

Wang Teng’s gaze changed.
He had known Lin Chuhan for a long time, but this was the first time she had revealed such emotions.

His anger erupted.
He nodded at Lin Chuhan before glaring at Wang Dong.
“If I kill you today, no one will dare to speak up for you.
Do you believe me?”

“What are you saying? My husband can kill you, and no one will say anything either,” the rich lady shouted resentfully, feeling vexed in her heart.

Wang Zijin suddenly remembered something.
His expression underwent a huge change, and he said anxiously, “Mom, stop it.”

“You, you are Wang Teng!” Wang Dong remembered something too.
He was thunderstruck.

This was the name that he had been hearing for the past few days!

He was only a 4-star soldier-level martial warrior and was in charge of catching low-rank evil clansmen on the ground.
Hence, he didn’t see Wang Teng in action last night.

However, many people were talking about him.
They said that he had reached the 7-star soldier level and killed numerous 5-star soldier level and above warriors in the chaos.

He even helped Fu Tiandao kill a 9-star soldier-level evil clansman.

All these achievements, even if exaggerated, meant he was someone he couldn’t provoke.

“Why are you so quiet now? Didn’t you say that I should think twice before speaking?

“Didn’t your wife ask you to kill me just now? I’ll let you start with ten moves—no, a hundred moves.
You can hit me with a hundred attacks first.
Do you have the guts? If you can’t kill me, I will kill you,” Wang Teng said mercilessly.

Wang Dong didn’t dare to speak.
Despite being a 40-years old man, he was being reproached by Wang Teng.

His wife also noticed something amiss and shut up.
Her husband and son were martial warriors, so she knew that there were people they couldn’t offend.

She always appeared superior in front of others, but that was just towards people with a lower status.
In front of someone more powerful, she would keep herself in check.
She stared at Wang Teng with fear.

Would he really kill her husband?

The rich lady glanced at Mother Lin uncontrollably.

This woman was evil!

She had powerful support, but she didn’t tell them at all.
Instead, she waited for them to offend the young man.
She clearly wanted them to die.


Too evil!

Wang Teng wasn’t done, though.
He continued scolding, “As a martial warrior, you should be killing some dark apparitions or evil clansmen.
Why are you threatening ordinary civilians here? What happened to all the martial arts you practiced? Did you feed it to the dog?

“And you.
Donghai Technology University is a top university too.
How did they groom someone like you? Do you think that becoming a 2-star soldier-level martial warrior at this age is amazing? How old are you? What year are you in? When I reach your age, I might be at the general stage!”

Wang Zijin’s face twitched as Wang Teng gave him absolute hell.

Are we even comparable?

You are a monster who managed to defeat famous talented martial warriors like Ji Xiuming from The First University and Ren Qingcang from Leiting Martial House.
How can an ordinary student like me hold a candle to you?

Wang Dong’s lips twitched too.
He stared at Wang Teng in bewilderment.

General stage!

He sure was bold to think of the general stage at such a young age.

The rumors from last night flashed in his mind.
This young man had reached the 7-star soldier level already.
At the very most, he had only used less than a year.
One to two years later, he might really reach the general stage.

He felt like committing suicide when he realized that he had offended a talented martial warrior who had the potential to reach the general stage.

He wanted to leave with his wife and son, but he didn’t dare move.

Wang Teng wasn’t done yet…

Wang Teng then pointed at Wang Zijin and started another round.
“I know you’re not talented, but you’re ugly too.
Look at me, then take a mirror and look at yourself.
Do you think you’re more handsome? Where did you get the balls to marry Lin Chuhan? Don’t you know that pretty ladies are hard to chase? Not only do you need to be powerful and wealthy, but you must also be handsome, just like me…”

Wang Zijin’s face turned green.

What the hell was he saying?

It’s fine if you say that I’m not talented, but why do you have to call me ugly!

This is too much!

As Wang Teng’s words came out of his mouth, Wang Zijin’s face turned red from the embarrassment.
He wanted to dig a hole and bury himself inside.

and Mrs.
Wang also felt awkward.
Their son was being humiliated like a dog, but they didn’t dare help him at all.

Mother Lin and Lin Chuhan were rendered speechless.
At first, they felt refreshed when they saw Wang Teng scolding the Wang family.

But as he continued, his words somehow changed, and he started complimenting himself.

Lin Chuhan’s ears turned red.
She felt a little shy.

This fellow!

Why was he saying all these in front of everyone?

“Pfft!” Lin Chuxia burst out laughing.
She didn’t care about the feelings of the Wang family.

Her laughter was unbearable for the Wang family.
Their expressions froze, and their faces turned hot.

Wang Dong had no choice but to step forward and say, “Mr.
Wang, we are wrong to not recognize you.
Please be benevolent and forgive us.” He lowered his head.

Wang Teng had vented all his anger and frustration.
He ignored the man and turned to look at Lin Chuhan and Mother Lin instead.
“Auntie, how shall we deal with them?”

Wang Dong’s expression changed.

Every dog had its day!

A moment ago, they were still acting all high and mighty in front of Mother Lin and Lin Chuhan.
In a blink of an eye, they were the ones whose fate was in their grasp.

They had a bad premonition.

After offending Mother Lin and Lin Chuhan terribly, would they let them off scot-free?

“Let them leave.
Don’t appear in front of us ever again.” Mother Lin hesitated before replying to him.

“In that case… why are you still standing here!” Wang Teng bellowed at the three of them.
“If I see you creating trouble for Auntie Lin and Lin Chuhan in the future, I’ll send you to the frontlines in the Xingwu Continent.
Believe me, I can do that.”

“Yes, yes!”

The Wang family turned pale, cold sweat dripping down their foreheads.
They didn’t dare refute and could only nod like a pecking chicken.
They scurried away in a hurry.

Once they left, Mother Lin let out a relieved sigh.
She said to Wang Teng, “Sorry to trouble you again.”

“Auntie, you’re too kind.
It’s just a small matter.
I didn’t use much effort to chase them away.
Don’t take it to heart,” Wang Teng replied nonchalantly.

Thinking back, he wondered when his tongue became so sharp.
He was impressed by himself.

Mother Lin lamented in her heart.
A huge matter to them was insignificant in his eyes, something that could be solved with just a few words.
The Wang family didn’t dare to rebuke when he was scolding them just now.
This scene had given her a huge stimulation.

I must become stronger! Lin Chuxia clenched her fists and promised herself.

Lin Chuhan felt the impact too.
She had spent a semester at Donghai University, but she hadn’t become a martial warrior yet.
She must hurry when school resumed.

This world functioned on the survival of the strongest.
No one would dare to bully you when you were strong enough.

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