Chapter 390: Who On Earth Are You?

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Mother Lin trembled in anger when she heard the rich lady’s words.
This was a humiliation.

Did they say that she was arrogant because she gave birth to a beautiful daughter?

They were the ones who came to propose marriage.
Why couldn’t she reject them?

Although the Lin family wasn’t wealthy or powerful, they wouldn’t allow others to humiliate them for no reason.
However, before Mother Lin could say anything, Wang Zijin frowned and said, “Mom, calm down.”

Then, he turned and said to Lin Chuhan, “Chuhan, my mom is your elder.
How can you speak to an elder like this?”

Lin Chuhan furrowed her brows even tighter.
Disgust seeped into her heart uncontrollably.

Wang Zijin continued talking, disregarding the expressions of the people around him.
He was so full of himself when he reprimanded Lin Chuhan.

What an irritating person!

After he finished educating Lin Chuhan, he said to Mother Lin, “Aunt, my mom was just angry.
Don’t take it to heart.”

Wang, who had been quiet all this while, spoke up to mediate the dispute.
“Alright, we have been friends for a long time.
Don’t let it harm our relationship.”

One person played the bad guy while the other played the good guy.
Did the Wang family think they were stupid?

Lin Chuhan was rendered speechless.

“Please don’t say that.
We can’t bear your friendship.” Mother Lin didn’t buy his words at all.
She said coldly, “Please leave.”

The rich lady had a lousy temper.
She was used to living comfortably and enjoying others’ flattery.
Her husband and son were both martial warriors, so she was treated with respect wherever she went.
She had never suffered such rejection before.
She erupted in anger and turned to Mr.
“Look, look at what she’s saying.
You shouldn’t have helped her in the past.
They’re taking your kindness for granted—”

Before she could finish, Mother Lin scoffed.
“Since you’re so shameless, I shall put things clearly before you.

“Don’t you know why you helped us in the past? Wang Dong, Old Lin helped you many times before he got crippled, right? He even saved your life once.
Without him, you won’t be where you are today.
Your corpse might be decomposing who knows where.

“You did offer us help in the past, but we have paid everything back.
You didn’t care about our relationship and voluntarily distanced yourself from us.
Weren’t you worried that you would get implicated by us? Don’t think that I don’t know about it.
I’m not an unreasonable person.
Did I ever complain to you?

“We haven’t been in contact for so many years, yet you came today without any warning and want me to hand over my daughter to you.
Should I agree just like that?

“Yes, your family is many times better off than mine.
However, we really can’t afford to make friends with someone in such a high social position.

“If you want me to sell my daughter, I’m sorry.
Although I’m not a capable woman, I won’t do this kind of sinful thing that will make me rot to hell.”

Since they had shed all pretense, Mother Lin didn’t hold back.
She directly dug out all the past affairs and dumped them blatantly on the table.

By right, based on her personality, she wouldn’t have mentioned anything about saving Wang Dong’s life.

Wang Dong’s face turned green and red in anger and embarrassment.
He felt as if his deepest secrets and insecurities were dug out and then shoved in front of everyone.

“You, you…” The rich lady shot to her feet, losing her words due to anger.
Her abrupt jump swept the teacups on the ground.
They shattered into pieces.

“Mom!” Wang Zijin didn’t expect things to reach this stage.
His expression was ugly.

“Hmph!” Wang Dong snorted.
He said ruthlessly, “Since you don’t welcome us, let’s go.
Your temper has gotten worse after so many years.”

“Yeah, let’s go.
I don’t want to stay in this ill-mannered family a second longer.” The rich lady pulled Wang Zijin and rushed to leave.

The Wang family reached the entrance of the living room.
Suddenly, Wang Dong stopped and turned around.
“I remember that Lin Chuhan is studying at Donghai University, right.
I know a few instructors there.
I wonder how her results are? Do you think she can graduate successfully?”

“What do you mean?” Mother Lin and Lin Chuhan’s expressions changed.
They glared at Wang Dong furiously.

How could a person be so unscrupulous? He was threatening them!

“You heard me,” Wang Dong scoffed.
He didn’t plan to talk to the Lin family anymore and turned to walk out of the living room.

At this moment, a calm and emotionless voice came from the entrance of the stairway.

“How arrogant!”

While following Lin Chuxia up, Wang Teng had heard the argument in the living room.
He felt speechless and infuriated at the same time.

He wasn’t just angry at the Wang family’s actions.
He was furious that they wanted to lay their hands on Lin Chuhan.
Did they want to die?

Lin Chuxia pulled Wang Teng upstairs, blocking the other party’s route.

Because of her physical condition, she had always been unsociable ever since she was young.
She could smile in front of her family and Wang Teng, but she was cold towards others.

At this moment, when she saw Mother Lin and her sister getting bullied, her gaze turned sharp, and the poison Force in her body started boiling.
A thick black mist started seeping out from her eyes.
Her gaze was malicious.

Suddenly, a hand landed on her scrawny shoulder, suppressing the poison Force in her body at once.

Lin Chuxia’s eyes turned bright and clear again.
She raised her head and looked at Wang Teng.

“Calm down.
Let me handle it.” Wang Teng smiled at her.

Lin Chuxia looked at his smile and felt warmth spreading over her heart.
The killing intent disappeared, and she regained her composure.
She nodded.

“Who are you?”

A young man around his age appeared in Lin Chuhan’s house, and he even seemed familiar with Lin Chuxia and the Lin family.
Most importantly, this man had outstanding charisma.
His gaze was strong and mighty.
It was hard to stare at him in the eye.

Most, most importantly, this young man was more handsome than him!

A sense of danger appeared in Wang Zijin’s heart.
He couldn’t help but stare at Wang Teng with enmity.

Hey, this young man looked a little familiar.

However, he couldn’t put his finger on it, so he didn’t think too much.

Wang Teng ignored him completely.
He turned to Wang Dong and smirked.
“I heard that you know the instructors of Donghai University? Come, tell me who you know.
Let me see if there are any powerful figures on the list.
Anyway, who are you, really? Your words are so majestic.”

“Damn it, how dare you talk to my father like this?” Wang Zijin got indignant.
The young man had ignored him and even mocked his father.
He couldn’t take it.

“Where did this brat come from? Impudent child.” The rich lady sneered.

“Young man, you should think twice before you speak, or you might offend someone you shouldn’t.” Wang Dong’s gaze turned dangerous.

Wang Teng glanced at Wang Zijin and the rich lady.
Then, he looked at Wang Dong calmly and said nonchalantly.

“You!” Wang Zijin and the rich lady flew off the handle.

Wang Dong was furious too.
He felt humiliated to be looked down on by a young man.

However, he didn’t know who Wang Teng was, so he suppressed his anger and asked with a frown, “Who on earth are you?”

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