Chapter 385: If One Is Not Enough, Use Two!

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Wang Teng’s battle ended within a few minutes.

Fu Tiandao and the 9-star soldier-level martial warrior were dumbfounded.

A 7-star counter killed an 8-star soldier-level martial warrior.
This result was entirely unexpected.

“Useless!” The warrior from the evil clan was bald, looking like a hard-boiled egg.
His expression was grim as he cursed the dead man.

Fu Tiandao laughed.
“Look, this is our talent.
Your evil clan will never be able to wreak any havoc in Donghai.”

“What are you so proud of? I’ll kill you first and then kill him.” The bald man snorted.

Let’s see who will be the one getting killed,” Fu Tiandao bellowed.
He clutched his long sword and slashed an astonishing blade glow in the air.
It shot towards his enemy.

Wang Teng scanned the area and picked up all the attribute bubbles dropped by the 8-star soldier-level martial warrior.

Wood Force*420

Advanced Stage Wood Talent*26

Advanced Stage Arrow Talent*30



He got two kinds of advanced-stage talents that he didn’t have before.
The edge of his lips shot up uncontrollably.

Archery was extremely useful in long-range attacks.
In the past, he only had basic arrow talent, and he didn’t spend much time cultivating his archery either.
Thus, his proficiency was naturally limited.

Now, with this advanced-stage arrow talent, he would have another skill once he picked up an archery-based battle technique.

There were never too many skills.
One day, they would all be put to good use.

He picked up the attribute bubbles in a split second.
Then, he turned to Fu Tiandao and shouted, “Principal Fu, let me help you.”

He started instilling energy into the Fire God Cannon once again.
He also moved as far away as he could from the battlefield.

Come on, that was a fight between 9-star soldier-level martial warriors.
He would be a fool to interfere directly.

If he didn’t have a clear understanding of his power, he would probably get killed without knowing what he did wrong.

The bald man’s face turned green when he noticed that Wang Teng was still able to fuel the Fire God Cannon.
This brat had an endless amount of Force.

A tinge of surprise flashed past Fu Tiandao’s eyes.
He laughed and said, “Alright, bomb him to death.”

“Hmph, if he dares to come over, I’ll kill him first.” The bald man’s expression was hideous.

“With me around, don’t even think about that.” Fu Tiandao swung his large blade at him.

He was a wind element martial warrior.
When he swung his sword, his green blade glow was as long as 40 meters.
It was astonishing.

The blade glow shot out, and the blade aura filled up the air.
The destructive power they had was shocking.
An empty road down below was directly split into two.

The bald man was forced to step back.
However, he wasn’t an easy opponent either.
He held his battle sword and slashed a blue sword glow in the air.
Blade conscious erupted.
It was no weaker than Fu Tiandao’s attack.

Due to the shockwaves of their collision, a residential building under construction collapsed.
Fortunately, there was no one there since it was new year’s eve.
No innocent people were hurt.

But the developer would probably cry if he saw this scene.

This building was halfway through construction, yet it got smashed into ruins from a single blade.
What an unlucky developer.

This was the power of martial warriors.
A casual strike could destroy high-rise buildings instantly.
No wonder the country had to strengthen its supervision of martial warriors.

Blade glow and sword glow intertwined in the air.
The two martial warriors turned into balls of light, one green and one blue.
They slammed into each other continuously, leaving loud explosions in the air.

“Principal Fu, I’m ready.” Wang Teng spoked to Fu Tiandao using voice transmission.
He had finished charging the cannon.

Fu Tiandao nodded and cooperated with Wang Teng.
Wang Teng disappeared on the spot, hiding in the emptiness.

The bald man was afraid of Wang Teng’s Fire God Cannon.
Although he was fighting, he still paid attention to Wang Teng.
Hence, when Wang Teng disappeared, his heart jumped.

“Are you trying to kill me with the same method?” he said in contempt.
Even so, he still searched for Wang Teng frantically.


A loud explosion sounded beside him.

After Fu Tiandao forced the bald man into a blindspot, Wang Teng revealed himself and fired the Fire God Cannon.

Fu Tiandao instantly flew away.

He didn’t dare to experience the power of the Fire God Cannon either.


Force pierced through the bald man’s body, and an earthshaking bang rang through the air.
Before the light disappeared, a voice filled with bitterness and hatred was heard.

“I… want you dead!”

The bald man hadn’t died.
He flew out from the center of the explosion.
His body was covered with blood, and one of his legs was gone.
However, he still charged at Wang Teng.

“Oh my god, you’re not dead? Are you a cockroach?” Wang Teng was bewildered.
Fortunately, he was prepared.
After he fired the first shot, he continued charging the Fire God Cannon just in case.
It was half-charged currently.
He fired another shot.


This shot was aimed at the bald man’s face.

“This is too much!”

The bald man was burning with anger, his face as black as the bottom of a pot.

Once was enough.
Why did you come again!

He was furious, but he didn’t dare to take on the attack forcefully.
He darted back at an amazing speed.
Under the threat of death, his potential seemed to have been ignited.
His retreating speed was spectacular.


At this moment, Fu Tiandao appeared behind him.
He wielded his 40 meters blade glow.


The man didn’t even have the time to cry in pain.

A blood flower blossomed in the air.
The head of the bald man flew into the sky, leaving the incomplete body plummeting down to earth.


Wang Teng let out a huge sigh.
No matter how strong the bald guy’s vitality was, he couldn’t survive this time.

Ha had to admit that the pressure given to him by a 9-star soldier-level martial warrior was intense.
Without Fu Tiandao attracting his attention, Wang Teng wouldn’t challenge this guy head-on.

Wasn’t it better to kill a 5-star or 6-star soldier-level martial warrior?

There was no reason to raise the difficulty level.

Wang Teng shook his head mockingly.
However, he didn’t slow down his speed of picking up attributes.
The attribute bubbles of high-rank martial warriors were rare.

If he was alone, there was no chance that he could kill a 9-star soldier-level martial warrior… unless he was extremely lucky.

These attributes were a pleasant surprise.

Water Force*550

Advanced Stage Water Talent*60



Roaring Nimbus*1

Sky-rank low-class scripture! Wang Teng was startled.
This bald man had a sky-rank scripture!

He had hit the jackpot!

The Roaring Nimbus was a water element sky-rank scripture.
Coincidentally, it was what Wang Teng lacked.

Wang Teng was seriously lucky this time.
This evil clansman belonged to the upper echelons of the Zhenli Clan.
He was a black-robed guardian.
He had saved up many years of contributions before he could exchange it for the Roaring Nimbus.

However, he was killed after practicing it for a few days.
Wang Teng benefited from it instead.

If the bald man knew this was going to happen, he would never have come to Donghai.

Unfortunately, one could never turn back time.

Besides the sky-rank scripture, he received 60 points of advanced-stage water talent.
Wang Teng’s water talent became even more powerful.

All the talents of his five elements had reached the advanced stage.
If anyone knew about these heaven-defying talents, they would turn green with envy.

Huge gain!

A real huge gain!

Wang Teng sighed..
Killing a 9-star soldier-level martial warrior was dangerous, but it was worth it.

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