Chapter 384: You Want to Kill Me? I Will Bomb You!

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The air twisted.

Wang Teng appeared three meters away from his original position.

“How’s that possible!

“What footwork is this?”

An evil clansman holding a bow some distance away was in disbelief.
His expression was ugly.

He was a blue-gowned guardian-level warrior in the Zhenli Clan and had reached the 8-star soldier level.
This was a sneak attack, but he still didn’t manage to kill Wang Teng.

Martial warriors below the general stage had limited sensitivity to the movement of space.
Also, they were a long distance apart, and Wang Teng had only used his space talent within a small range.
Thus, the 8-star soldier-level martial warrior couldn’t sense anything even though his level was higher.

He thought that Wang Teng had executed some strange footwork and evaded the arrow at a speed he couldn’t catch with his naked eyes.

Fu Tiandao, who had reminded Wang Teng, didn’t notice anything amiss either.
A tinge of astonishment appeared in his eyes, though.
Still, he sighed in relief.

No matter what, Wang Teng was safe.

He was a talented young man, someone whom the entire nation had high hopes in, a person who had the hope of achieving the general stage.
Huanghai Military Academy and Jixin Martial House viewed him as their heir.
If he was killed in their base, it would be a huge joke.

Wang Teng remained expressionless, but a sharp glint could be seen in his eyes.
He glared at the evil clansman far away, his killing intent raging.

F**k you, I almost got killed!

No one could remain calm in this situation.

Wang Teng never expected an 8-star soldier-level martial warrior to attack him.
On top of that, he even launched a sneak attack.
How treacherous.

“This person is a blue-gowned guardian of the Zhenli Clan.
He is at the 8-star soldier level.
You can’t beat him with brute force,” Fu Tiandao reminded him gravely.

“Hahaha, Fu Tiandao, take care of yourself first.” A peal of laughter echoed in the air.
Moments later, a 9-star soldier-level clansman attacked Fu Tiandao and stopped him from helping Wang Teng.
“This young man has been very popular lately.
He’s the treasure of Donghai, right? Will you be hurt if we kill him?”

“Imbecile!” Fu Tiandao was furious.
He started fighting with the other party.

The blue-gowned guardian looked at Wang Teng in contempt when he noticed the obvious killing intent in his eyes.
He scoffed, “You want to kill me?”

“I will kill you.” Wang Teng wasn’t afraid, staring directly at the other party.

“Try it!” The blue-gowned guardian smirked.
A 7-star soldier-level martial warrior was saying that he would kill him? This young brat must be daydreaming.

He pulled the massive bow in his hand and aimed it at Wang Teng.

He took some time before he made his move.
This time, he must hit Wang Teng.
He wouldn’t allow him to evade it again.

As a skilled archer, predicting the movements of others was a necessary skill.

Wang Teng immediately felt a chill creeping up his skin.
It was as if all the vital points on his body were locked in.
His routes of escape were completely blocked by his opponent.
It didn’t matter where he hid.
He would still get hit by the arrow.

However, Wang Teng’s expression didn’t change.
His opponent didn’t know that space couldn’t restrain him.
Even if all his paths were blocked, he wouldn’t get hurt by the arrow, no matter how fast it was.
Besides, he was already on guard.

Wang Teng kept Mo Que calmly.

The blue-gowned guardian was stunned.

Did he keep his weapon? Had he given up on deafening because he knew he couldn’t win?

The moment this thought appeared in his mind, he saw Wang Teng taking out a huge cannon from his space ring.

This cannon seemed a little familiar.

The blue-gowned guardian furrowed his brows as he wondered to himself.
Then, he jumped.

What the f**k!

It was the Fire God Cannon!


This is cheating!

The blue-gowned guardian felt depressed.
He didn’t know that Wang Teng had this powerful weapon in his arsenal.

Everyone knew that the power of the Fire God Cannon would increase according to the strength of the person using it.

Of course, there was a limit.

However, judging from the complex runes carved on Wang Teng’s Fire God Cannon, it could kill any martial warrior below the general stage.

Wang Teng was at the 7-star soldier level.
As an 8-star soldier-level martial warrior, he didn’t dare to challenge the might of this cannon.

He disregarded his plan and let loose his arrow at Wang Teng immediately.

He must not let him accumulate energy in the cannon.
Otherwise, he would be blown into the air.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

He felt that one arrow wasn’t enough, so he pulled his bow multiple times within a few seconds and aimed at Wang Teng from all directions.
The arrows were all infused with Force.

Boom, boom, boom!

Force exploded.
All the attacks landed on Wang Teng, swallowing him completely.

“Is he dead?” The blue-gowned guardian stared intently in Wang Teng’s direction.
He frowned uncontrollably.

This was unusually smooth!

So smooth that he found it unreal.

Suddenly, he sensed a movement and turned his head to his right.
Wang Teng had appeared there, with the Fire God Cannon already lit up.
Force congregated at the muzzle aimed at him.

“When?” The blue-gowned guardian squinted.
He didn’t have time to think.
He immediately retreated.

He could sense a lethal threat from the Fire God Cannon in Wang Teng’s hand.

As he darted back, he pulled his bow and shot multiple arrows at Wang Teng.
At the moment, any restraint of his movement was welcomed.

Wang Teng sneered.
He accelerated his speed to his maximum and evaded the arrows easily.
His opponent was just shooting arrows randomly, so he didn’t need to use his space talent this time.

The energy in the Fire God Cannon was almost full.

He didn’t shoot immediately, though.

An 8-star soldier-level martial warrior was quick on his feet.
He wouldn’t just stand there and wait for him to fire.
Hence, he might not be able to hit his opponent if he took his shot without any preparation.

Wang Teng carried the Fire God Cannon and took a step forward.
He disappeared on the spot.

“Damn it!”

The blue-gowned guardian’s face turned black.

This move again!

How did he disappear?

Where would he appear?

Cold sweat poured down his forehead.
He never thought that he would be forced into a dead-end by someone at a lower level than him.
He scanned his surroundings, searching for Wang Teng.
It was to no avail.

“You want to kill me? I will bomb you!” Suddenly, Wang Teng appeared behind him.


The Fire God Cannon spouted flames at the same time.

A terrifying ray of light spurted out from the muzzle of the Fire God Cannon.

The blue-gowned guardian felt goosebumps all over his body.
He tried to turn around, his pupils constricting into needles.

However, there was no time.
He stopped moving at once, and Force gushed out of his body like a volcano.
He formed a shield behind him.

The ray of light exploded the instant he formed his shield.
It smashed onto his back.

A glaring explosion blasted in the night sky.
It was eye-catching to the extreme.

Eruptions echoed in the air.

Then, a blood-curdling scream from the blue-gowned guardian shook the city.
However, it was cut off in a split second.

No one saw the ray of light hidden within the explosion.
The blue-gowned guardian’s heart was penetrated.

Then, it disappeared.

After the light dispersed, the blue-gowned guardian’s body was revealed to everyone.
A frighteningly large hold had appeared on his chest.
His organs were reduced to mush, and one of his arms got destroyed by the explosion.
His appearance was burnt and disheveled.
He looked like an evil spirit.
There was no vitality in him.


The blue-gowned guardian of the Zhenli Clan, an 8-star soldier-level warrior, was killed by Wang Teng.


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